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Week 3 Look and See

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We had another jammed pack week at Lincoln Summer Camp!


Here’s what we were up to in specials:

Music and Drama

Campers were singing, rapping and acting this week in Music and Drama. Pioneers had a line dance off contest between groups and an epic conga line, both groups danced their hearts out. They also grooved as they practiced shaking to the Princess Pat and Tarzan cheers. Ramblers played cup songs, and showed off their acting skills as they made group shapes in between dance moves in a variation of freeze dance. Crusaders had a “Which is better?” rap battle where Triscuits and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles won over Wheat Thins and Power Rangers. Trailblazers showcased their talents by creating mini-dance routines and practicing their talents for Lincoln Live.

 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math): 

We had an exciting week in STEM! Trailblazers and Crusaders started the week with egg challenge. Xzavyer and Wyatt dominated with their design. Pioneers and Ramblers cooled things off with colored, fizzing ice chalk, sticky ice, and snow in July! (Polymer snow absorbing water via osmosis 😱). What’s inside a strawberry? DNA!! Even Kim and Kanye got into it 😉 Last but not least our butterflies emerged this week. We will be releasing them early next week.

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 Outdoor Education:

It was another excellent week out on Frontier Field at Outdoor Ed! At the beginning of the week, campers built up their teamwork skills by solving challenges that had them work together and overcome obstacles. Their tasks were difficult, but they did great communicating and problem solving. Later in the week, Ramblers, Crusaders, and Trailblazers were back at the archery targets. All campers are showing great progress in their archery form and accuracy – we had multiple bullseyes this week! With the steamy weather on Friday, Pioneers had a chance to beat the heat by playing blaster water tag.



Arts and Crafts: 

It was another fabulous week in arts and crafts! Younger campers put their creative skills to work this week creating salt paintings. They were very colorful and showcased some awesome designs like fireworks and a circus. Older campers used markers and color to make abstract swirl designs. The campers loved mixing colors and patterns. Other campers created “Smiles on a Stick.” They designed silly faces and expressions that made them and their counselors laugh. Campers also had time to explore their favorite art materials during choice time, especially since this week was Kid’s Choice!

Sports and Games: 

This week at sports campers put their athletic skills to the test with a variety of games. Earlier this week, campers played a variation of an old-school favorite, kickball. Our game was ULTIMATE as campers competed in their groups and always had the option to stay safe at a base or run to the next one to try to score a point for their team. We also played Steal the Bacon, where campers have to strategize to either return the “bacon” to their team, or to try to stop their opponent. At the end of the week, campers participated in Glow Pillow Polo Hockey tournaments in the gym. They worked in semi-darkness to pass to others with the same glow color in order to work together to avoid the defense and score!

In addition to all the fun we had in specials we also had another great week of trips.

Our Pioneers set out to Jump On In. Campers tackled American Ninja Warrior style obstacles like the ring climb, zip line swing, the warped wall and more! Campers also enjoyed classic Jump On In favorites like the giant inflatable slides, the bouncy obstacle course, and trampoline basketball. They had a great time!

The Ramblers ventured to Bonkers Funhouse this week. They climbed their way through every level of the play maze inside. Many campers slid down the spiral slides and raced each other and their counselors down the special quadruple slide. They had fun riding the ferris wheel and froggy jump indoor carnival rides. Campers also enjoyed playing the many classic arcade games and competing on the air hockey table. They traded in their tickets for fun prizes!

The Crusaders set out on a quest to Boda Borg this week where they  found themselves swinging through the jungle, crawling through a battlefield, and making their way through a haunted house, among other adventures. It was an awesome experience testing mind, body, and teamwork.

The Trailblazers had 3 more fantastic trips this week. Tuesday they set off Wamesit Lanes  where they got to bowl, dodge lasers, and play classic arcade games.

On Wednesday their trail led them to Friendly Fire Paintball in Upton, MA. They spent the day dodging, ducking, dipping, and diving, from flying paintballs on an amazing outdoor course. They had a safe and awesome time.

Finally on Friday they blazed off to Patriot Place to go on an adventure at 5-Wits. Campers were thrust into an investigation to figure out whodunit in a crazy mystery. After the adventure, some campers went to the Patriot’s Hall of Fame while others spent time in the shops. All of them reported having a great time!

This week also featured several special events!

On Monday campers played a gigantic game of Doctor Dodgeball where they looked for strategies to shield their doctors’ So they could keep saving their players and keep their team in the game! On Tuesday we got wet and wild with a MASSIVE slip and slide. They also had a water balloon battle and played the classic Drip, Drip, Drop.

On Thursday we had the return of our weekly camp variety show: Lincoln Live. Check out the recap video below!

Thursday was also Dress up Day! The Kid’s Choice theme for this weeks dress up day did not disappoint. We had some excellent costumes ranging from pirates to Elsa and Anna from Frozen to a garden to superheroes to Groucho Marx and more! Counselors got into the action too, but since it was kid’s choice, had to dress up in whatever the campers decided for them. It was hard to choose finalists for our weekly costume contest with all of the variety. Eventually we narrowed it down to a Day of the Dead skeleton versus Pikachu for the week’s top prize. Olivia in her Day of the Dead costume wowed the camp and won favorite costume this week.

Finally on Friday we had another crazy carnival. We had slides, obstacle courses, games, and of course face painting. Be sure to ask your camper what his or her favorite part was!

FullSizeRender_4-1.jpg Outside of specials and events our staff spend every moment playing with our campers. Two new favorites at camp our the Team Spider Web Challenge and Gaga Ball. The Crusaders also enjoyed a Kan Jam Tournament this week. Check out the fun in the pictures below.

Camp is a special place for so many campers. If this was your camper’s last week we wish you a great rest of the summer and hope you will join us again next year. If you are joining us again stay tuned for week for. We can’t wait!




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