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Week Four Games, Trips, Shows, and more!

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Week 4 was another amazing week full of fun at Lincoln Summer Camp.

Here’s what we were up to in specials:

Arts and Crafts

Campers continued to explore their artistic side at Arts and Crafts.  The Crusaders, Ramblers, and Trailblazers learned about contrasting colors and patterns through weaving.  Campers picked two pieces of paper with either contrasting colors or patterns and weaved one through the other.  These groups created some amazing works of art!  The Pioneers created drawings called “Five Things I Like About Me.”  Campers traced their hands and wrote something they liked about themselves on each finger.  This was a great way for the Pioneers to create happy memories here at Lincoln Summer Camp.


Music and Drama

Music and Drama this week had campers rocking to beat and rolling with animal theme week. Pioneers practiced their roars and moos while acting as animals. There were cheetahs, flamingos, dogs, and deer moving all around the music room. They also used their beautiful singing voices in a game to keep a group of lions sleeping.  Ramblers put their awesome team building skills to work to create and act out movements for multi-person animals. They were very creative with their animal ideas making snails, eagles, giraffes and even a dragon. Crusaders danced their hearts out to create mini-music videos some of which were showcased in Lincoln live this week. They also put their critical thinking skills to use to improvise and act out rescue missions from life threatening situations as MacGyvers. One team utilized a hula-hoop, bag of marbles and basketball to rescue us all from an alien invasion. Trailblazers enjoyed playing charades and creating dance routines to their favorite songs. We can’t wait to see their dancing skills next week in the big variety show!

Outdoor Education
This week in Outdoor Education, the Ramblers and Crusaders continued to improve on their accuracy and distance in Archery.  They had the added challenge of not only hitting the targets, but also popping water balloons on the targets!  Campers were so excited when they succeeded in popping the balloons!  Our younger Pioneers played games to get to know each other better!  Counselors called out a category, such as favorite movie or snack, and campers found others that shared the same interest!  The Pioneers definitely became closer and better friends after these games!
Sports and Games

This was an exciting week in sports and games!  All campers got to play one of camp’s favorite games: Kiddie Pool Kick Ball!!  The field was made up of a tarp, four kiddie pools as bases, and lots and lots of sprinklers!  Campers kicked a beach ball and ran and slid around the bases.  It was the perfect activity to have fun and cool off at the same time!  Campers also got to play other favorite and classic camp games, such as dodgeball, tag, and nuke’em.



Messy week in STEM and it was a blast! We made slime. Was it a solid? Was it was liquid? By mixing different amounts of our starch solution, campers were able to make their slime more solid and bouncy or more fluid and sticky! *Gasp* It was finally time to say Au Revoir to our butterfly friends, Pioneers released our beautiful friends on sunny Tuesday morning. Crusaders took charge with their STEM activities: snapped the circuits to make cool sound machines, solved the puzzle of how to make a gas blow up a balloon using a plastic bottle, baking soda, vinegar, and a balloon. Rounding the week off on a HOT day, we chilled out with our homemade ice chalk.


On Wednesday the Pioneers headed into Boston to go to the New England Aquarium. Campers took off in groups to see everything they could. They were delighted by the gigantic circular ocean tank that was filled with sea turtles, sharks, eels, and schools of different kinds of fish. They got up close and personal with some sea creatures in the touch tanks around the aquarium, including rays, sharks, starfish, sea anemones, scallops, and horseshoe crabs. There was a seal and sealion show and a penguin feeding that we got to witness as well as a jellyfish exhibit that mesmerized us all. There was even a sea turtle hospital where campers took turns being marine veterinarians for model turtles; they identified what was wrong with each and tried to get the turtle healthy again. Remember to ask your camper what their favorite part of the day was!

This week the Ramblers got creative at The Kids Place in Needham.  Campers painted everything from cats, to dogs, to boxes, to cupcakes, to even Darth Vader!  Campers also got the opportunity to mine for gems.  They sifted through sand to find gold, diamonds, and rare stones!  Campers also got to play with the newest feature at The Kids Place, the Selfie Booth!  Campers got to dress up in masks, hats, and costumes and take silly pictures with their friends.  A few of the many photos they took are pictured below.  After a fun trip over to the local playground, campers got to eat slushies!  They were the perfect treat to end a great field trip on a hot summer day!

The Crusaders set off for Kimble Farms. They had a great time playing mini-golf and bumping around in the bumper boats.  Then they had a chance to cool off with some of Kimble’s famous ice cream.


Finally the Trailblazers had another amazing week of field experiences. The week began with our much awaited trip to Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort. You can read all about our first day of fun here. It featured a high ropes course, dinner, pool time, and of course phone free bunk time where campers played good-old fashioned sleepover games! On day two we hit the Mountain Adventure Course where campers rode the Mountain Coaster, Alpine Slide, Soaring Eagle, and Giant Swing. They also jumped on trampolines, showing off all the tricks they have been working on back at camp. Check out some pictures from all the fun below.

We also had a great week back at camp, where the Trailblazers conquered the Spider Web Challenge and played some crazy slip and sliding games.


There week ended with a trip to Launch Trampoline park, where they flew high, jumped off the stunt tower, played dodgeball, and even got inside orbs for some bumping fun. Check out some pictures below.

As always, our week was filled with special events!

On Monday, campers journeyed up to Frontier Field for a rousing game of capture the flag. It was so hot that everyone enjoyed the addition of sprinklers to the courts. Campers came up with great strategies to both keep their flag safe and to capture their opponents.

Tuesday was another water-soaked day as campers and counselors faced off in a Fizz Fiasco. Many counselors wore fizzy tablets as necklaces and campers were armed with water blasters. The campers objectives were to dissolve the tablets as quickly as they could for the largest number of counselors. Everyone had a great time hiding from one another and getting drenched!

Dress up day Thursday was full of lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!) for our Animal theme. Even the Trailblazers got in on the fun and had 100% participation – they got a special prize in return! Campers came dressed to impress as bunnies, unicorns, dragons, peacocks, and even a road runner. The costume contest was one of the closest ever as we needed several rounds to determine our winner when it came down to a bunny and a peacock. Though the vote was extremely close, Chris, dressed as the bunny, was our winner!


The Trailblazers won the group prize with nearly 100% participation! They celebrated with an ice cream cake a Launch!

Also on Thursday was our third and final Lincoln Live! We were treated to amazing dancing, singing, piano playing, and animal trivia. All of the campers who performed in our Lincoln Live shows these three weeks were incredible and very talented. We can’t wait for next week’s camp show where everyone will take a turn in the spotlight!

Friday was our final carnival of the summer! We had a great big water slide, that was a huge hit! Campers also enjoyed some seriously stunning face painting as well as a bounce castle, complete with a slide inside. Additionally, campers had their pick of classic games such as knockout, Kan Jam, corn hole, beanbag toss, and tally hoops. It was a wonderful way to end an epic week.

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