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Week 5 – Our Campers Went LIVE!

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It is hard to believe that week 5 has already come to an end! It was an exciting, fun-filled week – check out what we were up to below:

Arts and Crafts

It was a colorful and creative week at Arts and Crafts. The Pioneers worked with water colors and masking tape, creating sharp lines on paper. Ramblers and Crusaders made stamps out of real lemons and other citrus fruits. They cut the fruit in half, painted the dried up fruit and then used their newly minted stamps to create a pattern on their paper. Painting with the fruit came out beautifully textured and different every time. Also, every camper had an opportunity to create what they thought a “Rick-a-Bamboo” looked like (a prop from one of our favorite camp songs, the Princess Pat), whether it was a 3D model or just drawing out on paper. Campers used their creativity and were allowed to use any materials in the art room to create their Rick-a-Bamboo. The materials used ranged from balloons to golf balls and popsicle sticks to pasta. The Rick-a-Bamboos were due Friday and the winner, , was announced at the Camp Show! 

Music and Drama

Music and Drama this week was a fantastic storm of rehearsals for our variety show. Every group from the Trailblazers down to the Pioneers worked tirelessly to rehearse for their time on the stage. From dancing to air guitar jam sessions to testing comedic acting skills, the campers gave excellent effort. Everyone, including the counselors and directors, were buzzing with excitement during rehearsals. Their hardwork paid off Friday afternoon with a fantastic Camp Show – everyone should be proud! 

Outdoor Education

It was another exciting week on the field for Outdoor Education. Throughout the week, Trailblazers, Crusaders, and Ramblers grew their archery skills to new heights! They had the opportunity to work with new combination bows and shooting at targets of varying heights. Pioneers used their teamwork to complete challenges with the parachute. 

Sports and Games

It was such a scorcher this week that we spent a lot of time at Sports trying to keep as cool as we could. We played a variety of water games including Drip-Drip-Drop and Sponge tag. All groups got a second round of navigation excitement through the jungle obstacle course. We also got in a classic camp favorite, dodge ball. 


RAAAAAAARRR! We had a great week in STEM learning about dinosaurs and palaeontology. Campers dug for dinosaur bones, made casts of fossils (the Crusaders even found dino foot prints in the woods!), played t-rex tag,  watercolored dinosaur bones, and we discovered what a t-rex brushed his big teeth with: a foamy endothermic reaction between yeast and hydrogen peroxide! Crusaders and Trailblazers began working on our marble run rollercoasters, putting Newton’s laws of motion to the test.



On Wednesday the Pioneers bussed into Boston to visit the Children’s Museum. After arriving, campers and counselors divided into groups to see all of the exhibits. One favorite exhibit was all about different ways kids can move and be active – campers could climb, dance, shoot some basketballs, and pedal their way around the area. Campers also experimented with bubbles, explored a construction site, dove into Arthur’s and Peep’s worlds, and experienced different cultures. This was a new trip for LSC, but it certainly won’t be the last time Pioneers explore this great, interactive museum! 

On Wednesday the Ramblers drove up to Methuen to have fun at Jay Gees Family Fun Center.  Campers divided into small groups to enjoy all that Jay Gees had to offer.  Campers got to go head-to-head in the bumper cars and practiced to be a part of the Red Sox at the batting cages.  The Ramblers also got to play a full round of mini golf, and had possibly the most fun whizzing around the track in the go karts!  Some of our campers were even tall enough to drive themselves (look out for them on the roads!).  After all this fun, campers were treated to a “small” Jay Gees’ ice cream!  It was the perfect ending to a hot and fun day!  This was an old favorite that returned this year for the Ramblers, and we will definitely be going back in the future!


This week the Crusaders had an amazing adventure around Concord. They were set out on a mission to collect clues and  to find the answers to riddles that had them learning while we raced around town. Some clues took them to the cemetery to find out the curious way Nathan Smith died, while others had them looking for curious stones on buildings. It was a crazy time that ended with ice cream at Helen’s. Congrats to Xzavyer, Matthew, Achol, Alyona, and Lulu for coming in first place.


This week was another special week for the Trailblazers. It began with an Aerial Adventure in Maine. Campers were challenged to work in in teams to complete series of obstacles 20, 30, 40 and even 50ft in the air! Shorter campers had to rely on their taller peers to reach safety lines which really highlighted the collaboration. Check out some pictures of the adventure below.

After the trip we returned to camp to begin our campout. Campers pitched tents, gathered firewood, and had a BBQ dinner.

After dinner they set off for the gym to compete in an American Ninja Warrior competition. Congrats to Dillon, Kyle, and Patrick for their first, second, and  third place positions respectively.  Then the campers got to play Flashlight Tag. As the sun went down they spread out all over campus to hide, as hunters sought to shine their lights on them. After an an hour only a few campers had not been found, and with the sound of the horn returned to the campfire victoriously.

Back at the fire we roasted marshmallows, made s’mores, and of course told some scary stories before heading off to bed.

The next morning campers were treated to freshly baked bagels before heading off to Kimble Farms for another day of fun. At Kimble Farms, campers played mini-golf, bumbed into each other on bumper boats, took some swings at the driving range, and swung for the fences in the batting cages. And as always campers finished off their day with amazing Kimble Ice Cream Creations.

Finally on Thursday the Trailblazers set out for Water Country where they dove down slides, caught waves in the wave pool, held on in the whirpool, and rode rafts all about. It was a great way to cool off after a long week.

 Special Events

This was a different week for us here at Lincoln Summer Camp. Our focus all week was on preparing for the Camp Show. However, we still had an event each afternoon to make our days special!

On Monday afternoon, campers journeyed to the heart of a jungle to push themselves to the limit on a safari adventure. Instead of the gym, campers found rope vines hanging to get them tackle overgrown towers, a mine field they had to navigate through and a rolling log they had to control. Campers also had to avoid water traps and animal eggs in order to safely reach their destination. It was a challenging and exciting adventure for all!

Campers witnessed a time-honored camp tradition on Tuesday afternoon. All counselors new to Lincoln Summer Camp this year were inducted into a special club, known fondly as Unga Bunga. Campers got to take part in the festivities and loved to see what their counselors had to do to be initiated. Since it is a secret club, you will have to ask your camper about the specifics!

Thursday was a returning camper favorite. Campers were decked out in white shirts for our Human Canvas and Chalk Paint Blowout event. Armed with markers, campers signed the shirts of their friends. Everyone had a great time running around avoiding and tossing water balloons filled with colored water to add fun and flair to their formerly plain shirts, having created great keepsakes to remember the summer by.

Friday was our annual camp show. Campers and counselors have worked hard all week creating and practicing their routines and Friday was the crowning achievement of their hard work. We enjoyed having families and friends join us to watch campers grace the stage and put on their excellent performances!

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