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Week 6 – Color War Picks

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We had an amazing final week at camp. Here’s what we were up to in specials.

Music and Drama

Everyone was really grooving in music and drama for the last week of camp. All campers created cheers for their color wars teams. Groups enjoyed shadow dancing and creating fun innovative dance moves. They also acted out mystery movies while the audience guessed. Trailblazers acted out shadow charades and played improv games. We also had a color wars dance moves competition, everyone busted out their best dance moves to win!!


For the last week of camp and the dog days of summer, campers in STEM learned how to make homemade bag ice cream. We used salt over ice to lower the freezing point and solidify our creamy mixture into a yummy treat. Many campers asked for the recipe and directions for our experiment. Here you go:


1-sandwich size plastic bag with slide top closure

1-gallon size plastic bag with slide top closure

1- cup of *milk, or half milk / half cream, or rice/almond/soy/coconut milk. We found vanilla rice milk was yummy!

Flavour of your choice, we used vanilla

2-Tbs sugar

2- cups ice

Kosher or Rock salt to pour over ice, we used about half a cup


In the smaller plastic baggie, add milk (or milk substitute), sugar, and flavor. Seal bag. In the gallon bag add ice and salt over ice. Place the sealed milk baggie inside gallon bag, seal the larger bag. And start shaking!! The ice will melt and the bag will get very cold. Have a towel ready to protect hands. After about 8-12 min, mixture should solidify and your treat is ready!

Wow! Camp went by too fast! I had a blast teaching STEM at lincoln for my second summer, a BIG thank you to all the campers for your enthusiasm and curiosity you brought to STEM!

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 Outdoor Education

During Outdoor education this week campers had their last days of archery for the summer! Groups also worked together to complete group challenges that were presented to them with great success!

Sports and Games

This week in sports, the ramblers, crusaders, and trailblazers played tennis baseball and kickball. The pioneers competed in Olympic relays and played Grump Island, a variety of tag.



For our field trip to the Discovery Museums in Acton on Wednesday, we split into two groups. One group joined Monique, Charis, Nick, and Josh at the Children’s Discovery Museum. There, campers explored sand tables, shadows, colors, sound, and underwater. Campers also had some time to play in a pretend kitchen and dress up to act out some pirate and underwater scenes.

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This week the Ramblers splashed around at CoCo Keys.  They got to slide down two-story waterslides, rambled on down the lazy river, and played in the giant water structure.  The campers sure enjoyed all the tropical fun!  It was a great summer here in the Ramblers, and I look forward to another fun year with you all!


This week campers pioneered to the new frontier of Acton to the Discovery museums. Campers enjoyed playing with bubbles, pirate ships, and experimenting with sound. Campers really enjoyed exploring the newly installed Discovery Woods (created by DIY Network’s The Treehouse Guys) where they could swing, climb, slide, and engineer structures with found objects. It was a hands-on and exciting day for everyone.


The Trailblazers began their week with the now famous hike of Mt. Monadnock. This year for the very first time the campers made it to the summit! The trail was not easy and took real determination for campers to push their limits and climb the rock walls that stood in their way.

On Wednesday the Trailblazers were ready for a break, so they set off to Breezy’s Waterslides. The spent the day relaxing by the lake, flying down the 300ft slides, and partaking in a Kan Jam Tournament.

Finally on Friday campers went to the Merrimack Valley Pavilion to play laser tag, mini golf, and climb around the vines ropes course.

Color War

This week was the second annual Color War at Lincoln Summer Camp. Campers split into four teams: red, blue, green, and orange. On Monday, campers met with their captain and counselors for the first time. They got colored bandanas to show their team pride and learned color-themed chants and cheers to show their spirit. Also on Monday they played Bombardment. Each team worked together to save their comrades and vanquish the other team. On Tuesday, campers going into kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade played Zich Ball, Guard the Pin and Seek and Find. They used teamwork to accomplish their tasks. Campers going into 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade headed to the field for dual tournaments: Speed Ball and Nuke’Em. Teams needed communication and strategy to come out on top. On Wednesday, Trailblazers competed in trivia and yard game competitions to help out their color teams. Thursday, spirit exploded out of campers as they battled it out in a crazy cheer off. Then, teams worked in their age groups to show their strength in the tug-of-war competition. Friday saw our Colors War finale with a host of raucous relay races. Campers raced with wet sponges to fill their buckets. Then, they hopped into potato sacks and over hurdles. Third, campers used their friends and their bodies to move a hula-hoop through their connected circles and then pass a ball over their heads and under their legs to cross the field. Finally, campers had to battle broken cups as they attempted to move water from one bucket to another. It was a heated competition and there were several lead changes throughout the week. Ultimately, the GREEN team came out as the victors of Color Wars 2016. All campers had a blast!

Please stay tuned to the blog for videos from the Camp Show and information about Camp for 2017!

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