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Week 1 Fun – The Heroes Are Here!

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It was an amazing first week here at Lincoln Summer Camp. The staff loved catching up with familiar faces and meeting brand new ones as the Lincoln Summer Camp family relaunched for summer 2017.

Even with this short week our campers still did so much in their specials. Here’s what they were up to:

Sports and Games

This week at Sports and Games campers played a variety of games that involved saving camp from super villains! During Superhero Hide and Seek campers tracked down the super villain and chased them to the jailhouse in order to defend the camp. They played Superhero Soccer, playing against a villainous goalie keeper. All members of the Lincoln Superhero League successfully defeated the villains in a glorious victory.

Campers also had the chance to battle it out as honorary members of Marvel and D.C. superhero teams and playing a super version of Rock, Paper, Scissors. For yet another week, justice has prevailed and the citizens of LDC can rest well at night knowing they are in safe hands of the Lincoln Superhero League!

Arts and Crafts  

We had a great first week in arts and crafts! This week the pioneers and ramblers made superhero shields and arms cuffs for superhero week!! They used paint and paper plates and toilet paper rolls.

The crusaders and trailblazers made speakers for their phones and bracelets using beads and safety pins!

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Week one had us off to a great beginning of camp! This week in Archery we discussed the basics of shooting and rules of the range. Campers got to use compound and recurve bows and practice their shots. Each group was full of enthusiasm and brought smiles and laughter to the range.



This week in Storytime our campers read two stories. Our first story Do Superheroes Have Teddy Bears? by Carmela Coyle was all about how heroes can chose to be what they want.  After we finished campers made “birdseed balls” and placed them on surrounding trees.

Our second story this week was “Three Ninja Pigs” by Corey Rosen Schwartz.  This story was a twist on the classic Three Little Pigs, our campers enjoyed it so much we read it a couple of times!  After reading our campers completed an obstacle course as their training to be a team of ninjas. We can’t wait to see what next week brings!


Campers loved our new story special so much that our counselors have been packing books in their bags to read during down times. Here is Nate with Pioneers B.


We had an exciting first week in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Campers planted seeds in our egg carton planters. The most popular seeds were peas, green beans, sunflowers, and cucumbers. We will be watering these plants and watching them grow for the upcoming weeks of camp. A few have even started to sprout already!

The Trailblazers also enjoyed two engineering challenges. The Marshmallow Challenge where they had to build the tallest tower using just spaghetti, tape, a string, and a marshmallow and The Foil Boat Challenge where they raced to build a craft to hold up as many pennies as they could. Atticus’ boat held an amazing 232 pennies!

Epic Adventures 

This week at Epic Adventures we began with a wacky water day in the sun! Under sprinklers we played games like drip drip drop, fishy fishy cross my ocean, and capture the flag. On Thursday we had our annual carnival of the summer! Kids had an awesome time playing games like banana and darts toss, world of sports, and the moonshot. Everyone went home with a variety of prizes including fangs, bouncy balls, and kazoos. Some of biggest winners even managed to leave with giant inflatable crayons, aliens, or penguins!

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Music and Drama 

Welcome back to Music and Drama!  This week campers showed off their superhero impressions and dance moves. The Pioneers were flying like Superman, jumping as Spider-man, and running as fast as The Flash. Ramblers played Zip, Zap, Zop! and worked to save people by protecting super-powers from their “villain” counselors. Crusaders worked as teams on a super hero quest to show off their singing skills, epic dance coordination, and animal impressions. Both Trailblazers and Crusaders showed off their acting skills in an intense competition of Heads Up! charades.

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The Pioneers journeyed to neighboring Waltham to let their inner artists shine through at Plaster Fun Time. Campers first chose their own plaster piece from a wall with over 100 options! Then they settled in to design. After some priming, campers chose from 26 different colors to make their pieces as realistic or abstract as they liked. The pieces were finished with a setting spray of the campers’ choice and then they left – clinging tightly to their new masterpieces.


The Ramblers got wild at the Franklin Park Zoo. They saw giant anteaters, African lions, Red pandas, and hundreds of other exotic creatures. They had amazing time learning about all the different species and seeing creatures they had never seen before! Campers also loved exploring the giant playground structures of animals they visited that day. It was a fun time playing around like animals!


The Crusaders set sail this week on the Schooner Fame. Campers got to experience the ins and outs of sailing a boat. They rotated through 3 stations: knot tying, trimming the sails, and steering the boat. The campers did their best to master these different important skills to become better sailors!

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On Tuesday the Trailblazers traveled to Coco Keys Water Park and had an amazing time splashing around, riding the 3-story water slides, racing in the “lazy” river, and showing off their skills on the lily pads and water basketball courts. Some of the campers even discovered an ARCADE! We are happy to report that all the campers did a great job learning our buddy system and group check in’s. They made ALL of their check in’s on time! We are so glad to be adventuring with such a responsible group of campers. Check out some pictures of the action below!

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On Wednesday Trailblazers made their way to Canobie Lake Park. They had a great day tackling Untamed, The Yankee Cannonball, and The Boston Tea Party. They did a wonderful job supporting each other, while encouraging each other to test their limits and face their fears on some of the parks bigger rides. They also thoroughly enjoyed sinking their teeth into fried dough, slushies, and cotton candy, as they made their way around the park. Check out some pictures of their wild rides below.

On Friday the Trailblazers hit the road again for a trip to Mel’s Funway park. They were supposed to enjoy a day on the go-cart track, along with mini-golf, laser tag, laser maze, batting cages and an arcade but unfortunately the rain kept the cars in the garage and made everything else a little damp. We still made the most of it and got off some great swings in the batting cages and some holes in one on the mini golf course.

Some campers made their way the “Pit Stop Grill” for a fun lunch. We reviewed how to split a check and tip a server before they went in.


We also crowned our first ever Lincoln Summer Camp Ice Cream Leauge Champions. Throughout the week campers have been competing in trivia competitions during their bus rides and earning points for their teams. This week we played Memory Madness, 20 Questions, Name That Tune, Brain Quest Trivia, and Buzzword! Campers also earned points for their teams at Music and Drama class and a King of the Court Tennis Competition. When all the points were tallied up the Mint Chocolate Chips came out on top and received their free ice cream at Mel’s! Congrats, Gemma, Edward, Michael, Stephanie and Andreas.


In their other down time the Trailblazers have been loving the new Trailblazers Lounge, which is filled with games. Check out some pictures of all the fun below.

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 4.57.11 PM.png

Special Events 

Costume Contest 

This week many super heroes arrived at opening council on Thursday. There were costumes galore including Iron-Man, Batman, Spiderwoman, Wonderwoman, Superman and inventive Ninja Ella. It was a tough choice to decide who would become the ultimate super-hero but Iron Man Reagan rose above the rest. We look forward to seeing what crazy and wild animals show up at camp next week!

Lincoln LIVE 

On Friday, Lincoln Summer Camp held its first Lincoln Live event of the summer! The campers performed a wide a variety of acts such as dances, singing, gymnastics, and piano melodies. Prizes were won in a competition to ‘Guess that Superhero’ as themes songs played, and plenty of cheers were sang! Our very own counselors performed an amazing rendition of ‘Breaking Free’ from High School Musical, as well as a comedic skit. Finally, our spontaneous dance party had kids shaking and grooving all across the auditorium to ‘Party in the USA’.

It truly was a great first week at Lincoln Summer Camp. We can’t wait to meet new faces as we slide into week 2!


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