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Week 3 – All the Colors Were There to See

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What an amazing week it was at Lincoln Summer Camp as our Annual Color War was held. The spirit throughout camp was at an all time high as teams competed in a host events throughout the week all in the quest of the Color War Cup. Here’s what your camper was up to in his or her specials:

Music and Drama

Color War dominated Music and Drama this week! Campers were cheering all week long to rally their team to victory. Pioneers had a dance competition showing off their best energy, cha-cha steps, and kriss kross moves. Ramblers and Crusaders harnessed their creativity to write original lyrics for Color War songs/cheers. Campers were asked to incorporate 5 objects of their color, 4 dance moves, 3 counselor names, 2 special activities, and the words Lincoln Summer Camp. Wow, we were blown away by their originality and team-work! Orange team included a cheer to the tune of Katy Perry’s Roar, Blue brought it in with a rendition of Queen’s We Will Rock You as “We are, we are the Blue team”, campers welcomed the green team to the tunes of Taylor Swift, and Red made their own original poem. Trailblazers earned points by belting out song lyrics in a game of Encore. All their work paid off during our Friday afternoon cheer-off!!



Sports and Games 

This week at Sports and Games campers participated in a Wacky Relay Race! The camper with the fastest recorded time upon completing the relay earned major points for their color war teams. The official record set was an astounding 17 seconds, followed by an impressive 19 seconds.

During the later half of the week Pioneers had the opportunity to beat the heat by having a full on splash battle after completing their relay race. Ramblers and Crusaders finished up the week with a balloon theme. The Ramblers participated in an intense game of Balloon Ball, also earning major points for their teams, while the Crusaders battled it out in Balloon Battle. The team with the last remaining person with a fully intact balloon won the biggest points for their respective color war team.



Arts and Crafts 

This week was COLORIFIC! The campers had a blast competing on color teams in all the specials this week, especially in art! All the groups made team posters for color war and we also tie-dyed shirts. Campers had fun making unique designs with rubber bands on their shirts. On Friday we had a crayon race where we melted crayon wax to see which color dropped to the bottom of the poster first! Color war week 2017 was the best!



Epic Adventures 

This week at Epic Adventures Color War teams faced off in a wide variety of games and challenges. On Monday, teams battled as they rotated through games of Nuke Em’ and Speedball. The Rainbow Run on Tuesday saw an epic race all across campus as kids faced countless challenges like stacking lifesavers blindfolded, creating a tower of cups using only rubber bands and string, and games like tennis bounce and shooting hoops. On Thursday our finale to Color Wars began as teams sparred in relay races with sponges, broken cups and potatoes sacks. Our week ended with a bang as each color presented their team cheers to the entire camp, and a tug of war battle crowned the Green Team victorious!




Another great week of Archery at LSC! With Color War, the stakes were higher and so was the energy.  Everyone worked their hardest to score as many points as they could for their teams.  We added water balloons for bonus points to anyone who could pop one. As we continue reviewing rules and form our campers are gaining more ability and precision in archery.



 Story Time 

This week we dug into our books and got messy! After reading Mouse Paint by Ellen Walsh, we became mice and used our hands and feet to paint a wooden board.  Later in the week we read The Black Book of Colors by Menena Cottin. This book has all black pages and descriptions of colors written in white and in braile.  Our campers closed their eyes to visualize the sensations rather than using their eyes to think of color. After we went on a scavenger hunt to find as many colors on campus as we could.




It was an exciting week in STEM for Color War week! The Ramblers, Crusaders, and Trailblazers competed in an egg drop design contest to score points for their teams. For this competition, each team got a bag of household materials and one egg. The objective was to build an egg carrier to protect their egg from cracking when dropped on the ground. The most creative groups turned sandwich bags into air bags and made parachutes out of brown bags and paper plates. The winning designs for the Trailblazers held up when being dropped off the roof of a building!

All groups also made slime this week – a bit messy but a lot of fun! Pioneers made a form of slime called Oobleck which is a mix of cornstarch and water. Ramblers, Crusaders, and Trailblazers made slime using glue and liquid starch. Campers added food coloring to make the slime match their team colors!



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We also had another great week of field experiences. Here’s where we went in our travels.


The Pioneers trooped on out to Davis Farmland in Sterling, MA.  The Pioneers got to see go on a hayride where they saw numerous animals like goats, sheep, cows, and horses.  They then got to pet some baby animals like chicks and baby goats.  After a quick stop for lunch, the Pioneers cooled down at the splash park.  Once again, the Pioneers enjoyed all the fun things that David Farmland has to offer!



The Ramblers traveled up to Peabody, MA to have a blast at Bonkers Fun House! They climbed their way through every level of the play maze inside. Campers slid down the spiral slides and raced each other and their counselors down the special quadruple slide. They loved seeing the view from the top of the ferris wheel and bouncing on the froggy jump indoor carnival ride. Everyone tested their skills as they played many classic arcade games. They loved trading in their tickets for fun prizes!



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The Crusaders set out on a quest to Boda Borg this week where they  found themselves swinging through the jungle, crawling through a battlefield, making their way through a haunted house, and answered quiz show questions among other adventures. It was an awesome experience testing mind, body, and teamwork. After the adventure they headed off to a local park for a picnic lunch.



The Trailblazers began their week with the now famous hike of Mt. Monadnock. The trail was not easy and took real determination for campers to push their limits and climb the rock walls that stood in their way. A handful of campers managed to reach the summit securing points for their color war teams, and every camper pushed his or her individual limits while making their way up the trail. The most impressive part was to see the support and care that the campers had for each other. Every time a fellow camper stumbled or felt too exhausted to go on, another camper was always there to check on them, offering encouraging words and support. The campers who summited even discovered pools of tadpoles high a top the mountain peak. Check out some photos below. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On Wednesday the Trailblazers were ready for a break, so they set off to Breezy’s Waterslides. The spent the day relaxing by the lake, flying down the 300ft slides, and partaking in a Kan Jam Tournament for color war points. Perhaps the greatest fun of the day came from lake football games that had campers diving splashing and chasing after balls for some good old fashion fun in the sun. 


Finally on Thursday the Trailblazers set out for Water Country where they dove down slides, caught waves in the wave pool, held on in the whirpool, and rode rafts all about. It was a great way to cool off after a long week. Most impressive was that even without watches the Trailblazers managed to make every check in on time. In fact we have gone 3 weeks with not one single partnership or camper missing a check in time. We are so glad to be adventuring with such responsible campers this year!

Special Events

Color War

This week was the third annual Color War at Lincoln Summer Camp. Campers split into four teams: red, blue, green, and orange. On Monday, campers met with their captain and counselors for the first time. They got colored bandanas to show their team pride and learned color-themed chants and cheers to show their spirit. Also on Monday all Pioneers and Ramblers played Zich Ball, Guard the Pin and Seek and Find. They used teamwork to accomplish their tasks. Crusaders and Trailblazers headed to the field for dual tournaments: Speed Ball and Nuke’Em. Teams needed communication and strategy to come out on top.

On Tuesday, campers participated in the Rainbow Run.  Campers worked as a team to travel through different stations where they faced different challenges, such as solving puzzles, finding tokens buried in the sand, moving ping pong balls with a spoon in their mouths, and other fun activities.  On Wednesday, Trailblazers competed in trivia and yard game competitions to help out their color teams. Thursday competition began with a counselor and Trailblazer Knock out contest. Congrats to Kyle for being the last camper standing and almost beating every single counselor at camp.


The day continued with a host of raucous relay races. Campers raced with wet sponges to fill their buckets. Then, they hopped into potato sacks and over hurdles. Third, campers used their friends and their bodies to pass a ball over their heads and under their legs to cross the field. Finally, campers had to battle broken cups as they attempted to move water from one bucket to another.

Friday saw our Color War finale as spirit exploded out of campers as they battled it out in a crazy cheer off. Then, teams worked in their age groups to show their strength in the tug-of-war competition.It was a heated competition and there were several lead changes throughout the week. Ultimately, the GREEN team came out as the victors of Color Wars 2017. All campers had a blast!




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