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Week 5 – We Met Spies

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Week 5 took Lincoln Summer Camp undercover as campers took part in all kinds of secret missions across their specials. Here’s what they were up to:

Music and Drama 

Music and Drama secretly made music and acted out skits this week! Pioneers and Ramblers practiced being spies with camouflage skills and secret hand signals. They tried to win by blending into their environment when playing Deer! Ramblers created their own secret agent names and tested out musical codes using the BoomWhacker instruments. Crusaders were sleuth as spies dancing around to find their targets. They acted out skits as Macgyver to save themselves from alien invasions, asteroids, locked rooms and lion’s dens. It was amazing how they managed to escape using only a few objects such as bubble gum, headphones, basketballs, hula hoops and Legos. Crusaders laughed up a storm reading lips during the Whisper Challenge. Trailblazers worked hard to stay still as they filmed their own mannequin challenge. We are looking forward to showcasing dancing and acting skills in our big end of camp variety show next week!

Sports and Games 

This week at Sports and Games campers were involved in fun missions in spirit with the theme of the week, Camp Goes Undercover. Pioneers played iSpy tag, racing against the clock to spot crucial items around camp and go to it. They also played Pulse, another beat the clock game where they had to work together as a team to send a pulse (hand squeeze) and dribble a basketball to a bin before time ran out.

Ramblers and Crusaders also played Pulse, but aimed to get a successful basket in before running to the start of the line and sending the next Pulse. These two groups also played Mafia, but with a spy twist to keep in theme.

Crusaders also got to play softball and Manhunt for Crusaders choice this week. Next week we move on to Camp Hits the Red Carpet!

Arts and Crafts 

ATTENTION: The following information about the projects campers made this week is TOP SECRET!!!!!

The first mission the Pioneers and Ramblers completed this week in art class was to create a secret agent badge with their code name and their thumb print in invisible glow-in-the-dark ink! Their second mission was to make a pair of 3D-like glasses to help them fully go undercover.

The Crusaders began their week with some bracelet making using colored bendy wires. Their second project was pointillism- a painting technique where the artist uses the back of their paint brush to create a picture using only dots of paint, no lines. The end results were very cool and campers enjoyed the artistic challenge.

The Trailblazers got to touch up their heat sensitive mugs from last week. The mugs came out successful this time! Trailblazers who did not get to come to art this week will still have a chance next week to make a mug as well. We also made balloon bowls using yarn and glue.


Week five brought more skills and improvement to Archery. We witnessed many more bullseyes and lots of fun! Our campers played Encore and Duck Duck Goose while waiting for their turn. With our Trailblazers, we lengthened the distance of the shot.  Our campers shot accurately and precisely at 50 yards.


During Story this week we started by reading Secret Agent Splat by Rob Scotton.  This silly story explored mystery and friendship.  Afterwards or campers “defused bombs” by squirting bath bombs with water shooters until they were dissolved. The second half of the week, we read Detective LaRue: Letters From The Investigation by Mark Teague.  This story was a bit longer and our campers guessed along the way about the possible culprits of the canary robberies.  Our campers have become more engaged in our books by commenting and asking questions.


Week 5 was another exciting week in STEM filled with activities and experiments. The Pioneers started Secret Agent week by making drawings using invisible ink. The invisible ink was then revealed through a chemical reaction using grape juice and baking powder. Pioneers also made cloud dough this week, which is a mix of flour and baby oil to create a sticky dough they were able to build and play with!

Ramblers and Crusaders made Oobleck this week, a mix of corn starch and water to create an interesting material that acts as both a solid and a liquid. Both groups also competed in the Marshmallow Challenge, where they used spaghetti, string, and tape to build the tallest tower for their marshmallow.

Trailblazers learned about density this week by creating lava lamps using water bottles, vegetable oil, and water. The two liquids don’t mix due to their different densities, and because of this they become lava lamps!

Epic Adventures 

This week at Epic Adventures campers had a blast cooling off from the heat starting Monday in our slip-n-slide relay race competition. On Tuesday, Ramblers and Pioneers got soaked playing fishy-fishy and a life size version of water balloon Battleship! Thursday was an bonanza of inflatables, with a moon bounce, bungee run, obstacle course and a joust where campers had an epic time racing and dueling with one another!


We had another week of awesome field experiences all over New England. Here’s where our groups went:


This week the Pioneers swam on down to the New England Aquarium!  The Pioneers got to see so many different sea creatures, like Myrtle the Turtle, hammerhead sharks, jellyfish, and lots and lots of fish.  Campers also got to touch stingrays and baby sharks!  The Pioneers got to end their day by enjoying their lunch sitting by the water.  It was a very fun day!


On Wednesday the Ramblers drove up to Methuen to have fun at Jay Gee’s Family Fun Center.  Campers divided into small groups to enjoy all that Jay Gees had to offer.  Campers got to go head-to-head in the bumper cars and practiced to be a part of the Red Sox at the batting cages.  The Ramblers also got to play a full round of mini golf, and had possibly the most fun whizzing around the track in the go karts!  Some of our campers were even tall enough to drive themselves (look out for them on the roads!).  After all this fun, campers were treated to a “small” Jay Gees’ ice cream!  It was the perfect ending to a hot and fun day!


Crusaders traveled west on Wednesday for their most daring trip yet this summer! At Friendly Fire Paintball, they geared up, joined teams and got ready to take the field. Groups bonded together over having a common goal, limited supplies, and only basic knowledge of the course. Strategies abounded for campers as they figured out the best ways to stay safe and help their team win the game. After a full day, tired but happy campers gathered on the bus to travel back to camp.


The Trailblazers began their week at Patriot Place to go on an adventure at 5-Wits. Soe campers were thrust into an investigation to figure out whodunit in a crazy mystery, while others boarded the Nautilus for and adventure 20,000 leagues under the sea.


After the adventure, campers headed next door to Splitsville Lanes for hours of bowling fun. The competition was fierce on some lanes, and camper Josh pulled out an amazing victory with 3 strikes in the 10th frame!

On Wednesday, the Trailblazers set out for Six Flags New England. They had so much fun in the morning riding the big coasters, playing games, and getting into the superhero spirit. The rain did however catch up with us and cut the fun a little shorter than hoped, but the campers still had a great time.

Finally on Friday the Trailblazers also set out to Friendly Fire Paintball in Upton, MA. They spent the day dodging, ducking, dipping, and diving, from flying paintballs on an amazing outdoor course. They played all kinds of games from Elimination Rounds, Redemption Rounds, and Even Apache Hammer Rounds.  They had a safe and awesome time.



Special Events 

Costume Contest 

This week’s dress up theme was Kids’ Choice!  Kids were able to choose whatever they wanted to dress as!  We were treated to a wide array of costumes, from rock stars, to spies, to a half-and-half carton, to dressing as your counselor (with a homemade staff shirt!)!!  CHeck out some pictures below of our costume contest nominees, and our winners Chris (as a Rock Star) and Nick (as counselor David).


Lincoln Live 

Friday was the grand conclusion to our 2017 Lincoln Live performances. We saw a wide array of acts from dancing, singing, gymnastics, martial arts and speed rubik cubing! We even had our very own counselor band perform a beautiful rendition of Counting Stars by One Republic.


We can’t wait for week 6 which will feature our yearly camp show! Stay tuned to the blog for updates on all the fun ahead.

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