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Week 3 Was Something to See- Camp Went Wild

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We had another great week here at Lincoln Summer Camp. We went to the jungle this week and had a great time. Read about all our fun below.


Here’s what we were up to specials:


We had another exciting week in STEM!

Pioneers, Ramblers, and Crusaders made Oobleck this week, which is a mix of cornstarch and water, and we added in our favorite colors. The properties of the Oobleck make it a Newtonian fluid, meaning that it acts as both a solid and a liquid. We got to play around with it and get a little messy! Some campers asked for the recipe to make at home, and it is 2 parts cornstarch to 1 part water.

Pioneers, Ramblers, and Crusaders also went on a nature scavenger hunt this week, where campers broke into teams to find a variety of nature items and animals. Some groups saw frogs, turtles, and a water snake. All groups did a great job exploring and finding most of the items on the list!


This week in archery after learning (or refreshing on for the returnees) basic shooting skills, we played camp goes wild themed games. For one of the games, every camper was given an animal drawn in two different colors. The two colors corresponded to colors on the target. From there, the campers aimed to shoot at least one of the two colors on their animal. The next activity the campers participated in was animal balloon pop. Campers aimed to shoot balloons with different animals drawn on them. It was a popping good time! We can’t wait to march into next week’s Color War!


This week in story we read books with animal characters for camp goes wild week! The first day we read two books, “Big Bunny” by Rowboat Watkins and “Those Can Do Pigs” by David McPhail. For our activity we asked the campers “What can you do?” The campers then performed their talents for the group. The second day we also read two books, “Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups” by Tadgh Bentley and “Room on the Broom” by Julia Donaldson. We then drew an animal that we would bring if we had a flying broom. We also played fishy fishy cross my ocean but instead of a shark we would have a dragon saying the words “Animals animals cross my sky.” We are excited to read colorful books next week for Color War!


Music and Drama 

Music and Drama was wild and zany as campers monkeyed around like party animals! Pioneers enjoyed a rousing game of Duck vs. Cow. They split into teams making as many animal noises as they could to find each other. Pioneers and Ramblers shared their animal shapes and impressions as we had a room full of sharks, eagles, octopus, pythons, and dinosaurs. Both groups worked to create animal puppets and backdrops. There were bats, cheetahs, bats, and unicorns! Crusaders worked on “Which is better?” rap battles. They battled out dogs vs. cats, Jay-Gees vs. Boda Borg, tigers vs. alligators, and video games. Super creative rhymes were in full force. We are looking forward to our dance and acting competitions for Color War next week!

Sports and Games 

This week in Sports & Games, camp went wild and showed their animal side! Pioneers played a variation of Fishy-Fishy Cross My Ocean called Safari Hunter as well as a game of Steal the Bacon.

Ramblers also played Steal the Bacon, but continued their hunt for food in a game of Steal the Eggs, a Capture-the-flag-like game with dozens of eggs on each half, as well.

Crusaders showed their inner camels as they took their skills to the Sahara, playing a came of Nukem Knockout. They also got the chance to play handball and dodgeball. Next week, come ready for battle as camp prepares for the historic Color War!

Arts and Crafts 

This week in Arts&Crafts we went wild! All groups made animal ear headbands ranging from elephants to cats to unicorns. The Pioneers and Ramblers made paper plate elephants. The Crusaders made cupcake liner parrots using an array of colors. For Crusaders choice, we decorated sunglasses with rhinestones which was a blast! Have great weekend! See you next week for Color War

Epic Adventures

Despite stormy weather at Epic Adventures this week, campers had an awesome time playing games like hide and go seek in the dark, laser racing, and guard the pin. The kids also had a blast playing pony express while running an obstacle course of our very own! On Wednesday we had an inflatable party where campers had the chance to jump on the bouncy house, play games, race on the obstacle course and battle on a giant joust!

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Special Events

We also held several special events this week.

Lincoln Live 

This week Lincoln Summer Camp was treated to some amazing acts at Lincoln Live!  Campers saw everything from dancing, to singing, to gymnastics, to piano playing.  We had our first ever trumpet soloist and a funny improv skit of putting make up on someone else’s face!  It was great to see many new faces up on stage as well as some old favorites.  We can’t wait for our next Lincoln Live during Week 5!

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Dress Up Day

It was a wild and crazy jungle of animals at opening council this week. We had foxes, tigers, turtles, cats, mice, dinosaurs, and more! It was a difficult decision for a costume winner with finalists of Megan the monarch butterfly, Kai the boxed turtle, and Peter/Teddy as a dog chasing the mouse duo. Ultimately Kai the boxed turtle came out of his shell to win the prize We can’t wait to see all campers decked out in their assigned colors for Color War week. We look forward to a sea of red, orange, blue, and green!



The Pioneers drove west to make their One Stop Fun and what fun it was! They raced through tunnels and slides. They played games of giant ball soccer and dove into the ball pit. Campers challenged themselves on a climbing wall – moving up and down and side to side. They also took part in the perennial camper favorite – hide and seek tag with their counselors. After a picnic lunch in the shade, some campers went back to play in the tunnels, while others jumped into the pool! They splashed around and sped down water slides. The pioneers left happy and tired from their full day of One Stop Fun!


The Ramblers traveled up to Peabody, MA to have a blast at Bonkers Fun House! They climbed their way through every level of the play maze inside. Campers slid down the spiral slides and raced each other and their counselors down the special quadruple slide. They loved seeing the view from the top of the ferris wheel and bouncing on the froggy jump indoor carnival ride. Everyone tested their skills as they played many classic arcade games. They loved trading in their tickets for fun prizes!


The Crusaders drove up to Methuen to have fun at Jay Gee’s Family Fun Center.  Campers divided into small groups to enjoy all that Jay Gees had to offer. Campers got to go head-to-head in the bumper cars and practiced to be a part of the Red Sox at the batting cages.  The Crusaders also got to play a full round of mini golf, and had possibly the most fun whizzing around the track in the go karts! Some of our campers were even tall enough to drive themselves (look out for them on the roads!).  After all this fun, campers were treated to a “small” Jay Gees’ ice cream! It was the perfect ending to a hot and fun day!


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 The Trailblazers had a little different week then expected due to the rains on Tuesday, but it turned into a whole lot of fun with 4 Trips.

On Monday they were on campus for a day of fun and competition. One of our favorites was playing Pony Express with Riley in Epic Adventures. Ask your camper if they made it through!

Then on Tuesday we headed out to Wamesit Lane for impromptu sports and golf simulators, duck pin bowling, and an awesome arcade.

On Wednesday we headed to OSG Paintball for fun filled day. We got to play 4 courses and 8 games. We attacked a pirate ship, hid in downed helicopters, stormed Star Wars AT-AT’s and shot it out in the Wild West. And before we left we had a fun time on the inflatables.

Then on Thursday we headed out to a yearly favorite Six Flags. Campers tested their limits and had an amazing day riding the rides, hanging in the water park, and of course enjoying sweet treats while playing carnival games.

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Finally on Friday we set out to Boundless Adventures to conquer our fears, and test our limits on a high ropes courses.

We also had another intense week of Ice Cream League competitions. We had a blast on the bus playing all kinds of games including our new favorite Wits and Wagers.


We also had a Goosechase a crazy scavenger hunt that had our campers dashing around camp to complete all kinds of tasks.

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After one last bus ride battle of Name That Tune the Cookie Dough team won this weeks competition. Congrats to them on their win!

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