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Week 4 – Color War!

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We had an amazing week here at camp as the Green, Blue, Red and Orange teams battle it out to see who would be the color war champions!


Here’s how the competitions played out in specials.

Sports and Games 

This week in Sports & Games, Camp kicked off the 4th Annual Color War! Pioneers played a serious of beat the clock games, competing in Flip the Stick and Blob Tag. Ramblers worked together to play a game of Balloon Stomp, attempting to pop the balloons tied around the ankles of other teams. Crusaders also played Balloon Stomp. As we all know, Color War would not be complete without a game of Knockout, so the Crusaders played that as well. Next week, camp blasts off to outer space!

Arts and Crafts 

This week LSC hosted the 4th annual Color War! During Arts and Crafts we tie dyed shirts depending on Color War teams and made awesome banners. The red team came in the lead for the first time ever! Next week Camp blasts off to outer space so get ready for some intergalactic artwork. Have a great weekend!


This week in archery after learning (or refreshing on for the returners) basic shooting skills, we played games that would rack up points for our color war teams. One of the games we played was balloon shoot. Campers would shoot different sized balloons for different points–big balloons were worth two points each and small balloons were six. We also played a game where two of the colored rings on the target were named and the campers had to shoot at those two colors. For every arrow that hit the color given, the camper would earn two points for their color team. The last game we played was shoot your color quarter. The target was split into four quarters, each quarter corresponded to a team in color war. Campers tried to shoot the quarter with their color, and every arrow they hit on their color quarter, they gained two points for their team. We had a lot of fun and scored a lot of points for our color teams!



This week in story we read many color filled books for color war week! The first book we read was “A Bad Case of Stripes” by David Shannon. For our activity, the campers had help camilla get rid of her stripes by completing different tasks. Half of these tasks were worked on in separate color teams and the campers with the most energy and enthusiasm won points for their color team. The second book we read was “Alice and Greta” by Steven J. Simmons. After the story, campers created wands out of paper and decorated them with markers and glitter. We are excited to blast off into new stories for outer space week!

Music and Drama

Color War dominated Music and Drama this week! Campers were cheering all week long to rally their team to victory. Pioneers had a dance competition with color war sticks and enjoyed dancing to Awesome Rainbows. Ramblers competed in epic charades battle and Crusaders drew their way to victory in Pop Pictionary. Ramblers and Crusaders harnessed their creativity to write their own original lyrics for Color War songs/cheers. Campers were asked to incorporate 5 objects of their color, 4 words of encouragement, 3 other color war teams, 2 special activities, and the words Lincoln Summer Camp. We were blown away by their originality and team-work. Camper creativity came in handy during their whole camp Cheer Off competition. Next week camp will be out of this world!


We had another exciting week in STEM! Pioneers and Ramblers used mini marshmallows and toothpicks to build all different kinds of structures. Campers built bridges, houses, trains, rockets, and many other creative designs!

We also had two engineering design competitions in STEM this week where teams could compete for Color War team points! Crusaders competed in a balloon-powered car race. Campers used water bottles, cardboard, straws, and balloons to design their cars. When we finished building we got to race for Color War points!

All groups also competed in an Egg Drop design contest. Groups are given a random set of building supplies, and their goal is to create a carrier to keep their egg safe from a drop. After building, we went outside and used a ladder to test our designs. One Ramblers group created a design that kept their egg safe from a drop off the roof! All teams worked great together and were able to score points to help their team in Color War.

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Color War

This week camp hosted our fourth annual week of color war! Campers across all ages were divided amongst four teams, Blue, Green, Red, and Orange. Campers had the chance to earn their team points as they attended specials like arts and crafts, sports, music and drama, stem, and archery. On Tuesday the kindergartners, first, and second graders came together to play games like guard the pin and zich ball. Campers going into third, fourth and fifth grade competed for their colors in games like nuke’em and speedball. On Wednesday campers of all ages came together to face off in various relays races. Finally, on Thursday each team participated in an epic cheer off and tug of war contest.

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The Pioneers trooped on out to Davis Farmland in Sterling, MA.  The Pioneers got to see go on a hayride where they saw numerous animals like goats, sheep, cows, and horses.  They then got to pet some baby animals like llamas and baby goats. After a quick stop for lunch, the Pioneers cooled down at the splash park and rode down the slides at the Adventure Park.  The Pioneers enjoyed all the fun things that David Farmland has to offer and it was a great week to end our color war week!


To end their colorful week, Ramblers made their way to Needham to visit The Kid’s Place. Campers first chose a plaster piece to paint however they would like. Around the room, kittens, race cars, Cookie Monsters and more came to life! Campers also got a chance to mine for gems. They cleaned dirt from them to reveal crystals and gems in every hue of the rainbow. Campers also visited a spectacular playground with giant slides, swings, and a multitude of places to climb and explore. After enjoying a picnic lunch, campers were treated to colorful slushees to complete a great day and an even better week at camp!


The Crusaders ended their week by heading to Launch Trampoline Park in Watertown.  Campers got to spend 2 whole hours jumping around on trampolines, doing tricks into a large foam pit, and channeling their inner Michael Jordan by performing epic dunks.  A highlight was the trampoline dodgeball.  The Crusaders went up against another camp for round after round, and all involved had so much fun.  The day wrapped up with a couple fun games of laser tag!  It was a great and fun way for the Crusaders to wrap up another amazing Color War week!


The Trailblazers had a different then expected week because of all the humid and rainy weather but they still had a blast.

On Tuesday they traveled back to Laser Quest for a day of laser tag – the difference is this week they were competing for all important Color War points. They had a great time navigating the two story arena, hunting down members from the other teams. Congrats to Isaiah, Kyle, and Zoe for being our top 3 scorers of the day!


Following their day at Laser Quest Campers headed into the first on campus overnight of the season. They began with pitching their tents.

Then had a BBQ dinner and prepared for a full campus game of Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag. The campus was dived in half and each team was given a glowing orb to hide in their territory. Each camper also had a glowing bracelet showing what team they were on. When the rounds began they had to sneak on to the other team’s side, locate the orb, and bring it back to their side without being tagged. It was an awesome battle with the Blue and Red teams coming out on top, but with tons of fun had by all.

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Then it was back to the campfire for s’mores and stories.

On Wednesday campers awoke to freshly baked bagels and after breakfast broke down their tents.


Then it was off to CoCo Key’s Water Park for a day of waterslides, lazy rivers, and splashing around.

Finally, on Friday the campers headed out on the Gloucester Fleet’s Lady Sea for a day of deep sea fishing. It was a remarkable day, as even the captain of the ship was shocked at the 56 fish campers pulled over the rail! The fish will be cooked up for our next camp overnight week 6! Check out some pictures below of our trek into the Atlantic. It was a memorable day for so many campers who caught their first fish and had a brand new experience.

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