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Week 5 was Out of this World!

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Campers had an awesome experience this week as we blasted off to outer space!


Here’s how we orbited around camp.


It was another great week in STEM! All groups made Marble Roller Coasters using pieces of pipe insulation, toilet paper rolls, cardboard, and of course lots of tape. Groups had many creative ideas, and roller coasters included loops, bridges, tunnels, and jumps! Groups were able to design and redesign until their track worked, see videos below!

Ramblers, Crusaders, and Trailblazers also made slime this week, which was a little too messy to get pictures of. Our slime was made by mixing Elmer’s glue with liquid starch and mixing until slime formed. Campers were also able to add in their favorite colors!

Pioneers played with Tangrams, which are colorful geometric blocks. Campers explored different shapes and geometric patterns while playing with the blocks. There were some very creative shapes and designs!

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Sports and Games 

This week in Sports & Games, Camp blasted off to outer space! Pioneers and Ramblers played a flag tag variation known as Aliens vs. Predators. They also played Steal the Moonrocks, a capture-the-flag-esque game with astronauts protecting their rocks from the aliens.

Crusaders played Glow-in-the-dark hockey with glow bracelets and pillow polo sticks. They also played Spaceball, a variation of the classic game of kickball. Next week, camp concludes by going under the big top, so come prepared for acrobat training!

Arts and Crafts 

This week we traveled to outer space during Arts&Crafts! Pioneers, ramblers, and crusaders made astronaut I.D. badges with stamps, stickers, and card stock. We also made alien spaceships out of paper plates. For trailblazers choice we made a splatter paint banner to be hung up in the trailblazers treehouse. Next week Camp Goes Under the Big Top!

Music and Drama  

Music and Drama blasted off during our outer space week! Pioneers filled the room with aliens, robots, and worked to find the alien leader. Ramblers also played an acting game called Gibberish where they had to make-up lines for the characters in a scene. They also worked to save camp from an alien invasion using only 3 everyday objects. All campers honed their acting skills in a mirror activity as they taught aliens how to get ready in the morning, enjoy a day at camp, going on a camp field trip, and-of course- dance. Crusaders created time lapse video skits where they taught an alien a new skill of their choice. Crusader’s choice this week also participated in a rousing round of the Whisper Challenge. All campers did out of this world shadow dancing this week! Trailblazers had a blast in a musical goose chase at camp. They had the challenge of wearing ridiculous costumes, acting out Disney scenes, performing dance moves, acting out classic games/sports, and singing songs. Check out some samples below! Next week will be filled with musical acts in our annual Variety Show!

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This week in archery we were all stars at games for camp blasts off to outer space week! The first activity we did was there were 8 planets on each of the 8 targets. The targets were arranged closer and farther depending on their distance away from the sun. Each arrow was a space ship, and campers tried to send as many space ships they could to each planet! The next game we played was half of the campers were aliens and half were astronauts (which was indicated by a green or silver star sticker). They competed to see which team could get their spaceship (arrow) closest to the center of their planet (target). We had so much fun and can’t wait to go under the big top next week!


This week in story we blasted off into two great books. The first book we read was “We’re all Wonders” by R.J Palacio. We then drew pictures of things that made us wonders – what made us unique and special. Then we shared with the rest of the group. The second story we read was “The Magic School Bus Lost In The Solar System” by Jonna Cole. For our activity we made planets out of model magic. We had a great week and we are so excited to preform in next weeks camp goes under the big top!

Epic Adventures

This week at Epic Adventures campers had fun both outside and in! On Monday campers had a chance to zoom down a giant slip n slide and chase their counselors with water balloons. On Tuesday, campers had an enormous water battle where they tried to dissolve their counselors Alka-Seltzer necklaces. Nobody was safe from the splash of water blasters! Finally on Wednesday campers moved inside for our camp carnival. Kids had a chance to earn tickets and win prizes at games like World of Sports, Carnival Midway, and the Moonshot.

Special Events

Costume Contest

We were blown out of this world by all the outer space costumes this week. It was a difficult decision for a costume winner with homemade space robots, Rey from Star Wars, NASA astronauts,, a duo planet team holding the rings of Saturn, and a few creative aliens. Ultimately Amelia’s rendition of Rey won the prize. We can’t wait to see the unique costumes campers choose to wear for Kid’s Choice next week!

Lincoln Live!

On ThursdayLincoln Summer Camp held its final Lincoln Live event of the summer. The campers performed a wide a variety of acts such as dances, songs, ballet, gymnastics, and one camper even executed some martial arts to chop up wood! Our very own counselors performed an amazing rendition of ‘Cooler Than Me’ to end the summer of Lincoln Live for 2018.



Our Pioneers set out to Jump On In. Campers tackled American Ninja Warrior style obstacles like the ring climb, zip line swing, the warped wall and more! Campers also enjoyed classic Jump On In favorites like the giant inflatable slides, the bouncy obstacle course, and trampoline basketball. They had a great time!


Ramblers traveled on a fun-filled day to Merrimack Valley Pavillon in Tewksbury, MA. Campers conquered the vines ropes course outside and played a rousing 18 holes of mini-golf. They headed inside to play a full round of Lazer-tag in the Jungle with stealth code names and then playing riding games, skee-ball, and classic games with tokens at the arcade. They loved cooling down with an ice cream of their choice and cashing in their tickets for prizes at the end of the day.


The Crusaders jumped on the bus to journey up to New Hampshire to have a great day at a camp favorite – Canobie Lake Park. After a quick snack, campers and counselors split up to explore the park. Throughout the day campers tested their limits on crazy coasters like the Yankee Cannonball, Untamed, and the Corkscrew. They cooled down on water rides like the Log Flume and the Boston Tea Party. Some tried their luck at the arcade, while others still braved the Haunted Mine. It was a day filled with flips, spins, ups-downs-and-round-and-rounds – all in all, a great day!

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This week began with a full day of fun on campus. In addition to going to their choice of specials the Trailblazers also had time to compete for Ice Cream League points in a crazy game of 4 Way Guard the Pin. It was an intense competition. Later instead of competing against each other, all campers were challenged to work together to “Cross the Pit”, where they had to get a rope, swing across a mat pit and land on the other side without touching the ground. If they touched the whole group had to start again. Round 1 was a breeze for the campers but in round two when the pit grew larger they had to push, pull, catch, save, and cheer each other on as every camper crossed the pit and successfully landed on the other side without knocking any other campers off.

Then on Tuesday it was off to OSG paintball for a day of competition on the fields. We hit our favorites like Western Town, LZ, and Pirate ship, and tried out some new fields like the Halo Woods and Castle.

It was quite the day! Check out some pictures below.

Then it was back on campus Wednesday to prepare for their overnight trip to Zoar Outdoor. During the day they had a chance to make their own muffins that they would later eat for breakfast on Friday.

On Thursday we packed up all our things and headed to Zoar Outdoor. It was an early morning, but we arrived on time for the dam release and had an awesome day on the water. Sorry there are no pictures yet as we don’t bring camera in the rafts!

Then we headed back to camp for a night of fun that began with our annual horseshoe tournament.


Unfortunately some rains moved in an caused us to have to change our dinner plans from hot dogs on the open fire to pizza. But it was a great meal nevertheless.



When we got back to camp the rains subsided and we got to finish our horseshoe tournament, congrats to Kyle and Javi for their win, and got to play games before s’mores and stories by campfire.

Then we went to bed in our cabin tents before breakfast the next morning.

Then it was off to Zip lining.

Finally, after a 3 hour tour of the trees it was time to head home.

We can’t wait for next week!

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