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Week 6 is done, but there was so much Circus Fun!

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Week 6 capped off another amazing summer for us here at LSC. We had so much fun getting to know, play and laugh with all of your campers, and during week 6 we took them under the big top for a week of circus fun!



We had a fun and exciting final week in STEM. All groups made bottle rockets and we were able to launch them in the Outback! Inside of our rockets we put baking soda and vinegar, which created a chemical reaction and built up pressure inside of the bottle, which caused the rocket to launch!

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All groups also built towers and structures using different building supplies. We had plastic cups, wooden blocks, popsicle sticks, and clothespins to build with. Campers learned about physics and created structures that balanced and were stable. We had many creative designs! It was a great summer – we learned a lot while also having a lot of fun!

Sports and Games 

This week in Sports & Games, camp ended the summer by going under the big top! Pioneers played Lion Tamer and Steal the Keys, two games which require extreme amounts of teamwork. Ramblers played handball and capture the flag, both being voted on to end their summer. Crusaders played a variety of circus games, as well as getting to play their choice of camp favorites: soccer, dodgeball and capture the flag. Thank you to everyone for an incredible experience in sports and games!


This week in archery we did two different circus themed activities for camp goes under the big top. The first activity we did was pop balloons on the archery target. There were many different sizes and if they shot one, they got a star sticker! The second activity we did was a game where all of the campers started out as magicians in training. There were multiple magician hats on each target and some of the hats had bunnies underneath. If a magician in training shoots a hat, they become a real magician and get a star sticker! We had an awesome week at camp and hope to see you again next summer!


This week in story we read multiple performance books for camp goes under the big top. The first book we read was “Moo Moo in a TuTu” by Tim Miller. For our activity we played freeze dance and musical chairs to show our dancing skills like Moo Moo in the story! The next book we read was “Olivia Saves the Circus” by Ian Falconer. For our activity we all became circus performers – we became tattooed campers with fun stickers, we pinned the nose on the clown while blindfolded, and we had a race to see which team could pop balloons by sitting on them the fastest. We had an amazing summer and can’t wait to see everyone next year!

Arts and Crafts 

This week in Arts & Crafts, we went Under the Big Top. Pioneers, Ramblers, and Crusaders made Hollywood Walk of Fame Stars as well as props for the Variety Show. The trailblazers helped make Variety Show posters to decorate the auditorium! Overall, camp was an absolute blast 🙂 Wishing everyone a great rest of the summer and see you next year!

Music and Drama 

Music and Drama this week was a fantastic storm of rehearsals for our variety show. Every group, from the Trailblazers down to the Pioneers, worked tirelessly to rehearse for their time on the stage. From dancing to “Can’t Touch This” to creating a new Ramblers camp song, the campers gave excellent effort. Everyone, including the counselors and directors, were buzzing with excitement. Their hard work paid off Thursday afternoon with a fantastic Variety Show. We hope you came and enjoyed the show-what a way to end the summer!

Epic Adventures 

All week campers journeyed to the gym to push themselves to the limit in our Epic Acrobat Training. Instead of the gym, campers found ropes hanging to get them across the big top. They found a pin field they had to navigate through showing off their agility. There was rolling log they had to control to master the art of balance. And there was so much more – from scooters and buddy walkers to balance beams and trampolines; it was a challenging and exciting adventure for all!



The Pioneers ventured to the Discovery Museum in Acton, MA. They had a blast exploring the treehouse outside, and enjoying all the interactive exhibits inside. Campers loved trying out the giant air machine that sent scarves and balls flying around the room. Everyone experimented in the color room, created interactive sand projects, and splashed in the water tubs. They then made their way outside to play in the interactive treehouse. Campers created beautiful forts to play in and took fast/slow turns on the giant swing. It was a wonderful trip for Pioneers to close out their summer!


This week the Ramblers went to a Lincoln Summer Camp favorite, CoCo Key Water Resort!  Campers got to swim, slide, and play their way through the amazing water park.  Many of the Ramblers spent their time winding through the lazy river, while others faced their fears by going down the 4 2-story water slides!  Others challenged themselves on the water obstacle course, while others played around in the massive water structure, full of sprinklers, slides, and surprise waterfalls!  The Ramblers had a blast splashing around with their friends!


The Crusaders set out on a quest to Boda Borg this week where they  found themselves swinging through the jungle, crawling through a battlefield, making their way through a haunted house, and answering quiz show questions among other adventures. It was an awesome experience testing mind, body, and teamwork. Ask your camper how many missions they completed and which one was their favorite!


The Trailblazers began their week at Water Country where they dove down slides, caught waves in the wave pool, held on in the whirpool, and rode rafts all about. It was a great way to cool off in this week’s heat. This trip was a real test of time management skills, as campers needed to figure out when to head back for check ins without the having their devices on them in the water. We are happy to report that almost every group made it back on time for each check in, with a few coming in just a few minutes late. It is wonderful to watch campers grow in their responsibility and take ownership for their actions! 

After Water Country, we headed back to camp to prepare for our camp overnight. Campers pitched their tents and then headed to the pool, while the counselors prepared a dinner of hot dogs, hamburgers, and haddock that the campers caught on their deep sea fishing trip.


After dinner, just as we were preparing to shower up and head into the evening activities, a storm rolled in with lightning lighting up the sky, closing the pool (where we shower) and knocking power out of the school buildings (where we were set to have our America Ninja Warrior Competitions) so it was quickly on to plan B.
Campers headed down to our air conditioned Studio to watch Shrek, while counselors made them real movie theater popcorn and hurried up to their tents to retrieve all of their belongings before the storms rolled in. Meanwhile, the forecast kept getting worse and so another group of counselors headed up to the gym to retrieve mats for indoor sleeping. We were all a little bummed out we could not play our annual game of Flashlight Tag but we moved the fun indoors and had a good old fashioned slumber party instead.

The next morning the weather had cleared so it was bagel breakfast as planned before breaking down our tents and heading to Brownstone Park.


Brownstone Adventure Park in Portland, CT is an old rock quarry that has been transformed into an epic thrill spot, with 14 ziplines that sent campers from the tops of cliffs to the water down below, cliff dives that had campers facing their fears, water slides, giant inflatables, rock climbing, wake boarding and so much more. It was an awesome day with so much do. Check out some pictures below.

The Trailblazers also had a blast on campus this week as the Ice Cream League Competition heated up. In addition to racking up points in their specials, they competed in a host of events for points from Doctor Dodgeball, to Gaga Ball, to musical Encore!


But this week’s biggest competition was America Ninja Warrior. Rescheduled after the rain-out, campers took part in the ultimate challenge course climbing, crawling, and swinging their ways to the fastest times. Congrats to Chris and Kyle who tied for first place with an amazing time of 3 minutes 6 seconds, and congrats to third place finisher Thomas!




Then on Friday it was time for our last trip of the season and the conclusion of Ice Cream League at Boda Borg. At Bodo Borg they found themselves swinging through the jungle, breaking out of prison, on a gameshow, crawling through a battlefield, and making their way through a haunted house, among other adventures. It was an awesome experience testing mind, body, and teamwork and for each mission they completed their earned a stamp and all important Ice Cream League Points. Low Fat Vanilla went into the day with a good lead but Cookie Dough charged back, completing 17 missions as a group, to take the final ice cream of the summer. 

Special Events 

Dress Up Day 

This week’s dress up theme was Kids’ Choice!  Kids were able to choose whatever they wanted to dress as!  We were treated to a wide array of costumes, from princesses, to clowns, to Duct Tape Man!  Check out some pictures below of our costume contest nominees, and our winners Adam, who dressed as his counselor Jennie, and Amayah and Saraiyah’s twin gumball machines! 

Camp Show 

For an extra special last week of camp, campers and counselors hit the stage for our annual Camp Show. This week was jammed packed with tons of creation and practice sessions. After lunch on Thursday, we were ready to hit the stage. Group after group ran up the stage steps to show off all their hard work. We enjoyed having all of the family and friends join us to watch the campers’ stellar performances! 

Thank you all for a remarkable camp season. Again, we loved getting to know all your campers and had so much fun. We hope this summer was full of memories for them that will last a lifetime.

If you are missing something from this camp season our Lost and Found items will remain at the Parks and Recreation office and the Codman Pool until the end of the month, after which all unclaimed items will be donated to charity.

Finally, be on the lookout for a Feedback Survey about camp this year. We want to hear from you about what your campers loved, and what we might improve for next year!

Thanks Again,

Joe, Sarah, and Audrey

Lincoln Summer Camp Directors

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