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Week 1 Patriotic Fun

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We had a great first week here at LSC. Staff had a great time catching up with old faces and meeting new ones. Here’s what we were up to throughout the week.


Sports and Games

This week in sports and games the Pioneers got moving playing an assortment of tags games from tunnel tag, knee tag, and cookie monster! The Ramblers and Crusaders started the week playing kickball and ended with a high intensity cooperative game of castle ball where they worked together to bring down the opposing teams empire. Finally the Trailblazers and Trailbreakers had an intense battle for Ice Cream League points playing Dr. Dodgeball in the Arena.

Music and Drama

Welcome back to Music and Drama for summer 2019! Campers showed off their stars and stripes dance moves and awesome cheering skills. Everyone made marching band instruments. The Pioneers made tambourines decorated in glitter stars, flags, and creative designs. We shook to the beat while dancing just like fireworks. Ramblers engineered “strawoboes” and popsicle stick harmonicas that tooted our star spangled celebration.They experimented with the different sounds to see how to change the pitch. Crusaders made their own beats by creating packing tape drums decorated in stars and designed in red and blue stripes. We look forward to romping around as animals as we go wild next week!


During this star spangled week at camp we played some starred and striped archery games. The first game we played was shoot the star, where campers shot at different sized stars for American stickers! The second game we played was shoot the flag, where campers tried to shoot a red, white, and blue ring on the target to make a flag! We had an awesome week and can’t wait to pounce into Camp Goes Wild next week!

Story Time

During this perfectly patriotic week in story we read three star spangled  books: “Enemy Pie” by Derek Munson, “Madam President” by Lane Smith, and “Madeline at the White House” by Bemelmans Marciano. To go along with these stories, we had some exciting activities. We drew vibrant fireworks with scratch off paper for “Madam President”, and had an Easter Egg hunt with special American stickers inside just like Madaline did in “Madeline at the White House”. We had a great week and can’t wait to leap into Camp Goes Wild next week!


We had a great first week at camp for STEM! All groups started the week by building structures using marshmallows, toothpicks, and popsicle sticks. Campers explored balance and stability of their structures and tried to build the tallest structure possible! Crusaders and Ramblers got messy playing with oobleck, a slime type material that is both a solid and a liquid. Trailblazers started the summer by designing and building their own rockets and gliders using pool noodles and other miscellaneous building materials. Campers competed to see whose rocket flew the furthest!

Arts and Crafts

In Arts and Crafts, we celebrated the Fourth of July by making our own red, white, and blue sidewalk chalk! We also had plenty of time left to make some patriotic decorations, including crepe paper candle jars and splatter-paint firework art.

Epic Adventures

This week at Epic Adventures campers had a exciting start to the summer on inflatables like the bouncy house, sports triangle, and 65ft obstacle course! On day two we cooled off from the heat by splashing down some slip n’ slides under the sun. On Wednesday campers had water competitions including water balloon relay races and tosses. Things got wet when we ended with an epic water balloon battle against the counselors!!


Pioneers at Plaster Fun Time

The Pioneers journeyed to neighboring Waltham to let their inner artists shine through at Plaster Fun Time. Campers first chose their own plaster piece from a wall with over 100 options! Then they settled in to design. After some priming, campers chose from 26 different colors to make their pieces as realistic or abstract as they liked. The pieces were finished with a setting spray of the campers’ choice and then they left – clinging tightly to their new masterpieces.

Ramblers at Funtagious

Today the Ramblers rambled on up to Funtagious Fun Center! Campers got to play glow in the dark mini golf, show off their bowling skills, compete against their friends in the Balladium, and test their speed against the clock and their friends in the Time Freak. Campers also got to win some awesome prizes in the arcade. Campers enjoyed playing rounds of Follow the leader and had a dance competition.  It was a great field trip to round out an incredible week in the Ramblers!

Crusaders aboard the Schooner Fame

Today the Crusaders sailed away on the schooner Fame in Salem. Campers got to man the boat for a beautiful 2 hour boat ride through Salem Harbor. They were able to participate in 3 stations. One station had campers tying knots. Campers learned how tie knots such as the 8 knot and the square knot. Another station had campers controlling the sails. They learned how to move the sails and tie them off securely. The last station had campers steering the boat. They learned how to use the tiller and navigate the boat. The Crusaders had an amazing time sailing the seas!

Trailblazers and Trailbreakers

On Tuesday the Trailblazers a went on their first adventure to Altitude Trampoline Park in Marlborough, MA. They jumped, dunked, dodged, and wiped out. Check out some photos from the fun below.

On Wednesday we headed to Water Country where campers dove down slides, caught waves in the wave pool, held on in the whirpool, and rode rafts all about. It was a great way to cool off in this week’s heat. This trip was a real test of time management skills, as campers needed to figure out when to head back for check ins without having their devices on them in the water. We are happy to report that almost every group made it back on time for each check in, with a few coming in just a few minutes late. It is wonderful to watch campers grow in their responsibility and take ownership for their actions! 

On Friday the Trailblazers hit the road again for a trip to Laser Quest. After picking their code names they dodged and ducked and tallied up points as they explored the amazing two-floor arena. Lots of strategies went into play as campers teamed up to earn points for their Ice Cream League Teams.

We also crowned our first Lincoln Summer Camp Ice Cream League Champion of 2019. Throughout the week campers have been competing in trivia competitions during their bus rides and earning points for their teams. This week we played Over Under, 20 Questions, Name That Tune, Name the Tune Disney, Name 5, and That’s It! Campers also earned points for their teams at the specials on Monday. Congratulations to Matthew, David, Matthew, Trinity, Beata and Eliana of team Avocado for winning Week 1 Ice Cream League!

How long is the world’s largest beetle?

C.I.T and Trailbreaker Service

This week our C.I.T’s and Trailbreakers decided to build a bin to hold the balls and equipment that is frequently left out on the Sports Court. They learned how to measure and line up cuts, how to pre-drill holes, how to set posts, and of course how to bolt it all together. Check out their awesome work!

Costume Contest

It was a stars and stripes bonanza at opening council this week. Campers were a sea of red, white, and blue colors. From a homemade firework shirt, sparkle headbands, stars and stripes drums, to USA sunglasses it was a difficult decision. Ultimately Alex won out with his decked out shorts and flag shirt. We can’t wait to seeing a jungle of animals as camp goes wild next week!

We can’t wait to start week 2!

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