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Week Two in Review

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We had another great week here at Lincoln Summer Camp as our K-5 Campers went wild with Animal week and our 6-9 Campers had their first overnight trip of the season. Check out all the fun we had below.


Sports and Games

This week in sports and games, the Pioneers started off learning some fun facts about their peers in an intense game of categories, then tested their hiding skills in a game of flashlight tag. The Ramblers and Crusaders played World Cup soccer in honor of our women’s national team and capped the week off with a classic game of capture the flag. Finally our Trailbreakers and Trailblazers played a game of tri-ball which went down to the wire for an overtime win earning cookie dough and avocado ice cream league points! Another exciting week for sports and games.  

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts went wild this week building our favorite animals with oven-bake clay! Campers had the opportunity to pick up their creations during the week, and even got to make their sculptures into necklace pendants. Before Lincoln Live, Pioneers had their faces painted like their favorite animals. Ramblers got to create their own original animals by collaging together different animal body parts! The Crusaders learned how to make a pony-bead reptilian keychain this week as well. 

Music and Drama

Music and Drama was wild and zany as we monkeyed around like party animals! Pioneers enjoyed a rousing game of Duck vs. Cow making as many animal noises as they could to find each other. They also tiptoed around each other in a rousing game of Sleeping Lions. Pioneers and Ramblers shared their animal impressions as we had a room full of unicorns, eagles, cats, pythons, and dinosaurs. Both groups worked to create animal puppets and backdrops. There were bunnies, cheetahs, dragons, and unicorns! Crusaders had a riveting relay race between animal sports pictionary and animal job charades. It was a battle to guess the drawings of hippo hockey versus acting out moose waiters. Trailblazers had a dance competition and tried out some dance moves with stop motion videos. We are looking forward to zooming into acting as superheroes next week! 


We had a great second week in STEM, and all groups started off outdoors doing a nature scavenger hunt for Camp Goes Wild week! Groups explored the boardwalk trails and wetlands areas on campus – we saw turtles, frogs, water snakes, and many other exciting creatures! All groups also designed tin foil boats to see whose could hold the most pennies. Campers had many creative designs, and the record was a boat that held 211 pennies! 


This week in archery after learning (or refreshing-for the returnees) basic shooting skills, we played some wacky camp goes wild themed games. For one of the games, every camper was given an animal drawn in two different colors. The two colors corresponded to colors on the target. From there, the campers aimed to shoot at least one of the two colors on their animal. If they hit their color, they were asked an animal trivia question in order to win a sticker! In the next activity, the campers participated in balloon pop. Campers aimed to shoot balloons on their targets. It was a poppin’ good time! We can’t wait to fly into next week’s Supercamp!

Story Time

This week in story we read books with animal characters for camp goes wild week! The first day we read two books, “Dinosaur Kisses” by David Ezra Stein and “I Loathe You” by David Slonim. For our activity we turned into monsters to draw what we loathe each other more than (translated from monster: what we love each other more than), and told our fellow campers with monster teeth! The second day we read the story “Come Along, Daisy!” by Jane Simmons. For our activity, we had to find our missing Daisy ducks! We ended up finding them hiding in the kindness rocks, and brought them back with us to decorate them. We are excited to read some more super books for next week’s Supercamp!

Epic Adventures

This week at Epic Adventures campers got outside under the sun! On Monday we played on some giant inflatables like the slip n’ slide and the big water slide. Campers got the chance to dunk their counselors in a dunk tank too! We also played some dodgeball on slip n’ slides up in Frontier Field. Finally on Wednesday, campers raced on an epic scavenger hunt across campus completing challenges and riddles. Everyone had a blast!


Pioneers at the Discovery Museum

The Pioneers ventured to the Discovery Museum in Acton, MA. They had a blast exploring the treehouse outside, and enjoying all the interactive exhibits inside. Campers loved trying out the giant air machine that sent scarves and balls flying around the room. Everyone experimented in the color room, created interactive sand projects, and splashed in the water tubs. They then made their way outside to play in the interactive treehouse. Campers created beautiful forts to play in and took fast/slow turns on the giant swing. It was a wonderful trip for Pioneers to close out their summer!

Ramblers at Legoland

This week, the Ramblers headed down to Legoland.  There, campers got to experience all the wonders that Legos have to offer!  The Ramblers got to go on rides, play in the giant Lego play structure, act like a knight and fight spiders and skeletons, and see a bunch of 4-D movies. On top of all that fun, they got to play with thousands of Legos!  Campers were also amazed by the replica of Boston made entirely of Legos. A relaxing lunch in the park capped off a fun-filled day. It is clear why Legoland remains a favorite at Lincoln Summer Camp!

Crusaders at Water Country

This week the Crusaders made their way up to Portsmouth, New Hampshire to visit Water Country! After arrival and a quick pause for snacks and sunscreen, groups split up with their counselors to dare their way through the watery landscape. While some “relaxed” on the Lazy River, others tested their courage on the The Patriot body slide. Crusaders slipped, splashed, and raced their way through the park to jam in as much fun and water as they had time for!

Trailblazers and Trailbreakers

The Trailblazers and Trailbreakers started their week with a great day on campus. We played some of our favorite games like Sports Court Steal the Bacon and Flashlight Tag.

Jiminy Peak

On Tuesday the Trailblazers set out for the Berkshires to Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort. On Day One we hit the Arial Adventure Park for challenges in the trees, and ziplines back to base camp. Check it out!

Later in Day One, we had dinner and then headed to the pool for some fun!

Then it was back to our bunks to bake the cookies we made earlier in the week. We slept well then it was on to day 2, the Mountain Adventure Park. At the Park campers rode the Mountain Coaster, Alpine Slide, Soaring Eagle, and Giant Swing. They also jumped on trampolines, showing off all the tricks they have been working on back at camp. Check out some pictures from all the fun below.

Boating in Boston at Hopkinton State Park

On Thursday our Trailbreakers headed out on their much anticipated 4th trip to Hopkinton State Park. There they kayaked out to islands, raced for Ice Cream League points, had a barbeque, swam in the lake, and built rock structures. It was a great day and we got away just as the skies opened up.

Thursday Trailblazers on Campus

The Trailblazers spent their Thursday on campus taking part in another day of choice schedule. They had some great choices like photo collage making, magic class, and gymnastics!

Coco Keys

On Friday the Trailblazers traveled to Coco Keys Water Park and had an amazing time splashing around, riding the 3-story water slides, and showing off their skills on the lily pads and in water basketball courts. We are happy to report that all the campers did a great job learning our buddy system and making group check ins. They made 99% of their check ins on time! We are so glad to be adventuring with such a responsible group of campers. Check out some pictures of the action below!

Ice Cream League

Throughout the week campers have been competing in trivia competitions during their bus rides and earning points for their teams. This week we played Wits and Wagers, Rocking Bingo, Name That Tune, Buzzword, Outburst and Tribond! Campers also earned points for their teams at the Cup Stacking Challenge. When all the points were tallied up the Skittles came out on top and received their free ice cream. Congratulations to Kyle, Greyson, Dylan, Dorie, Ella and Achol for winning Week 2 Ice Cream League!

Special Events

Lincoln Live

We’ve officially kicked off our first Lincoln Live of the 2019 summer! We had singing, dancing, gymnastics, and more. One group delivered some hilarious stand up and another camper showed us the proper technique of karate. We had an original song performed and some beautiful ballet. Campers showed us all their spectacular talents and Lincoln Live got off to a great start!

Greta and Klaudia sing from the Greatest Showman

Costume Contest

Campers got extra wild for Thursday’s costume contest. We had giraffes, zebras, cats, bunnies, and so much more. The competition was tight and the winner was hotly debated by the judges. In the end, Gabe the monkey climbed his way to the top! We can’t wait to see who is around to save the day next Thursday during Superhero dress up day!

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