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Week 3 Was Something to See!

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It was another great week here at camp as superheros invaded campus for Super Week!

Here’s all the fun we had!


Arts and Crafts

Campers had the chance to take inspiration from their favorite superhero movie characters and design their own logo! They used magnetic stickers to turn their logos into fridge magnets, which they got to take home during the week.

The Ramblers explored the art of collage using our favorite comic books, and used them to make their own superhero stories on wooden frames!

Crusaders got to craft their own superhero pool noodle popper. Campers designed it with different superhero themed duct tape. We got to use them to have a pom-pom shooting competition outside!

Campers ended the week in art with a chance to have their faces painted like characters from their favorite comic books. Many of them chose to have their faces painted like pop art. Check out some of the photos below. 

Sports and Games

This week in sports and games, the Pioneers started off with an intense game of Superhero Team Tag. Campers teamed up to take over Frontier Field playing as Hulk, Flash, Wonder Woman and many other superheros. They ended the week with an obstacle course in the Arena testing their balance, speed and cooperation skills. Week Three brought a lot of competition to the Arena as the Ramblers played Dr. Dodgeball and Superhero Team Tag. Both games took great cooperation skills and strong strategic planning. The Crusaders began the week playing Sneak Attack, working with their peers to capture all the Infinity Stones. The week ended with Back to Back Soccer which challenged campers to think fast and switch from offense to defense instantly. Finally, the Trailblazers and Trailbreakers had a week full of firsts. We played Matball, Frisbee Golf, and Castleball which tested throwing, kicking, fielding and teamwork. 

Music and Drama

This week in Music and Drama, campers showed off their superhero impressions and participated in a ton of superhero games. The Pioneers were flying like Superman, jumping as Spider-man, and running as fast as The Flash. They played Zip, Zap, Zop! And worked to save people by protecting super-powers from their “villain” counselors. They also worked together as a team to steal the superpower from villains. Ramblers participated in creating their own SAVE skits (Superhero, Action, Villain, Event). We had some being campers being saved by superheroes from sharks, fires, and crazy villains. Crusaders worked to play as a rousing competition of Ffeach (Fast food, electronic appliance, and cartoon hero) to see who could act out the items the fastest. They also created commercials and jingles for their own superheros. Trailblazers honed their skills of deception playing a round of Box of Lies and took on awesome challenges in a game of Musical Truth or Dare.


We had an exciting 3rd week at camp in STEM! Pioneers, Ramblers, and Crusaders started the week by building tower structures using cups, blocks, popsicle sticks, and clothespins. The challenge was to not use any tape, therefore all towers needed to be well-balanced and structurally sound. Trailblazers and Trailbreakers created marble roller coasters, building loops, ramps, and tracks for their marbles. There were many creative designs! All groups also worked with Hexbugs, small robotic bugs that make unexpected moves and turns. Campers built battle arenas, race tracks, mazes, and obstacle courses for their bugs to run through. Campers were encouraged to use creativity to design and build anything they wanted. It was amazing to see all the unique and creative designs that each camper made!


This week in archery we were superheros when we shot at targets to defeat villains! Our first game was to shoot at paper super villains on the targets to defeat them. Our second game was to defeat one of the worst super villains of all – Thanos. To do so, each target had one of Thanos’ Infinity Stones and the campers had to work together to shoot them all! We had so much fun this week and can’t wait to march into Color War next week!

Story Time

This week in story we read some super stories about superheros! The first book we read was “Timothy and the Strong Pajamas” by Viviane Schwarz. Our activity was to make our own patches of power and button of braveness like Timothy had in the book to make him super strong! The second book we read was “Ladybug Girl” by David Soman and Jacky Davis. Our corresponding activity was to make ladybugs out of paper plates! We had so much fun this week and can’t wait to read some colorful stories during Color War next week!


This week in gymnastics campers got to practice their super powers by climbing ropes, tumbling down mats, and crossing balance beams. Be sure to ask your camper what their favorite thing to do in gymnastics is!

Epic Adventures

This week at Epic Adventures we started with some awesome inflatables. Campers jumped around in a bounce house, raced on an obstacle course and some even jousted one another! On Tuesday, campers got some practice in at a classic camp game, Guard the Pin. Then on Wednesday, campers put their knowledge to the test in Lincoln Summer Camp Jeopardy. Did you know the moon launch happened in 1969, that’s exactly 50 years ago! Groups had a blast competing against one another to clear the board.

Field Trips

Pioneers at One Stop Fun

The Pioneers drove west to make their One Stop Fun and what fun it was! They raced through tunnels and slides. They played games with the giant soccer ball and dove into the ball pit. Campers challenged themselves on a climbing wall – moving up and down and side to side. They also took part in the perennial camper favorite – hide and seek with their counselors. We had a wonderful picnic lunch in the shade and then jumped into the pool! They splashed around and sped down water slides. The Pioneers left happy and tired from their full day of One Stop Fun!

Ramblers at Fun World

The Ramblers beat the heat today at Fun World! During this exciting field trip, campers climbed, tightroped, slid and jumped through a three story playground. With slides, tunnels, ball pits, and more, it was nonstop fun! After a tasty pizza lunch, it was time for even more thrills on rides and in the arcade. Tired and happy campers filled the bus on the way back to camp with the prizes they earned.

The Crusaders at Tree Top Adventures

The Crusaders braved the heat today as they climbed and swung their way around Tree Top Adventures. Campers began by learning the ins and outs of climbing and zip lining by practicing hooking themselves in and out on the wires. Then they were off! 4th graders could complete the yellow courses alone and the green courses with an adult. The 5th graders could complete the yellow and green courses alone and the blue courses with an adult.  Campers braved heights and climbed over shaky bridges, tunnels, and tightropes. A definite highlight was zipping down the different zip lines. It was amazing to see all the Crusaders work together to complete each course. 

Trailblazers and Trailbreakers

The Trailbreakers and Trailbreakers started their trips this week with a trip to camp favorite – OSG Paintball. They got to play 5 courses: we attacked a pirate ship, hid in downed helicopters, stormed Halo Village, went through abandoned Urban Town, and shot it out in the Wild West. Campers worked hard to come up with attack plans to gain all important points for their Ice Cream League Teams.

Then on Wednesday, the Trailbreakers headed out on their exclusive trip to Purgatory Chasm. At the chasm they climbed rock faces, hung on to boulders, explored caves, and marveled at the beauty of this geological wonder. Campers learned how to test their limits, but to make wise choices and only chose routes they feel comfortable with. We also had a relaxing bbq lunch and enjoyed the state park’s playgrounds.

On Thursday the Trailblazers and Breakers were supposed to head to Six Flags but the weather forecast in Springfield did not look good so we moved to plan b: a V.I.P experience at the brand new Dave and Busters in Natick. Campers were treated to a private room with a deluxe buffet filled with mac n’ cheese, french fries, sliders, mini pizzas, and chicken fingers. Campers were given game cards loaded with an incredible $40 of credits and access to unlimited video games. It was an epic day, filled with epic prizes.

Then on Friday the Blazers and Breakers headed back outdoors to conquer their fears, and test their limits on the high ropes courses at Boundless Adventures. The staff at Boundless was so impressed with how our campers supported one another and how respectful they were of their staff. Way to go Trailblazers and Trailbreakers!

Finally we had another great week of Ice Cream League competition both on campus and on the bus. We played all sorts of games from Name that Tune to Wits and Wagers, That’s It, Name 5, and it all came down to an epic game of Family Feud where team Red came from third place to first, winning on the final question. Congratulations to Ryder, Aubie, Alexander, Allison, Georgia, Chris, and Ella for winning Week 3 Ice Cream League!

Special Events

Lincoln Live

Week Three’s show has begun! We had singing, dancing, gymnastics, comedy skits, and even some live instrumentals. A magician wowed us, and in a Lincoln Summer Camp first, a speed artist drew us a dinosaur. Campers got extra creative to show off a wide variety of natural talents and honed skills this week. Lincoln Live is on a roll this summer!

Costume Contest

This week we had another thrilling costume contest. The Arena was full of Spiderman costumes, Flashes zooming, Batmans and Wonder Women. It was a difficult choice to see who was going to be the ultimate superhero. Campers cheered super loud for costumes from Peter Pan and Dr. Robot to Batman, Harley Quinn, and Wonder Woman. We had a first during this summer and had a tie vote! Prince as Black Panther and Owen as a Super Banana both won the contest. We look forward to all the campers wearing their team colors of either orange, red, green, or blue for Color War next week. Remember to bring a white shirt to tie dye next week!

C.I.T and Trailbreaker Service

This week the Trailbreakers and C.I.T’s completed two more service projects. The first project was on campus where they helped organize Snap Circuits for our S.T.E.M. program.

The second service project was a trip to Codman Farm where they helped weed out vegetable beds. As a reward for their hard work, they got to spend a little time with the sheep and goats on the farm.

Week three marks our halfway point of of the summer and we have had such a blast with your campers so far this year! We are excited for our Camp tradition – Color War – next week to see what team raises the trophy. Stay tuned to the blog for more information about Week 4 – Color War!!

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