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Welcome to Week 4

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Welcome New Families and Welcome Back Returners!

We are so excited to begin our fourth week at Lincoln Summer Camp.  Here is a quick look at everything we have planned this week:

This Week’s Trips

Let’s start with what you need to know about this week’s trips! All Pioneers, Ramblers and Crusaders will go on trips on Friday, July 26th

Campers in the Pioneers, Ramblers and Crusaders are required to wear their orange camp shirts on Friday. If they did not already receive this summer, they will receive one before the trip on Friday. Be on the lookout for it in their backpacks on Monday!

Pioneers – Grades K & 1


On this trip, campers will go on a hayride to see all the different animals at the farmland. They will have the opportunity to feed and play with some of the animals that live throughout the farmland. Campers will have the opportunity to go to the spray park that is on site for some water fun. Learn more at

Please keep in the mind the following for this trip:

  • Please pack your child a disposable lunch.
  • Each camper needs a waiver for the field trip. Look for one to come home with your camper on Monday.
  • Each camper should wear a bathing suit and bring a towel for the spray park.

Ramblers – Grades 2 & 3


On this trip campers will travel to The Kids Place to get creative. They will paint ceramics, plaster, canvas and mine for gems. Find out more at

Please keep in the mind the following for this trip:

  • Please pack your child a disposable lunch.

Crusaders – Grades 4 & 5


On this trip campers will travel to Launch Trampoline park in Watertown, MA to jump, flip, play dodgeball, shoot hoops, all on trampolines. Brave campers might even take a dive off the stunt tower! This year campers will also get to play a game of laser tag in Launch’s new Laser Tag Arena!

Please keep in the mind the following for this trip:

  • Please pack your child a disposable lunch.
  • Campers must wear socks to jump on the trip.
  • Campers must fill out a waiver for the trip. Paper copies will come home on Monday. 

Dismissal for all Pioneer, Ramblers, and Crusaders trips is at our usual 3:00 pm

Trailblazers Grades 6 & 7 and Trailbreakers Grades 8 & 9


Monday, July 22nd  – On this trip Trailbreakers will travel to Mt. Monadnock in Jaffrey, NH to test their endurance as they work to reach the summit. Amazing views and personal victories await campers on this trip as they work as a team to accomplish their goal!

Please keep in mind the following for this trip:

  • Sneakers are a must for hiking the mountain
  • Athletic clothes are preferable
  • Campers should pack a backpack – not a tote bag or drawstring bag – as both make it difficult to climb.
  • Please be sure your camper is wearing sunscreen and bug spray
  • Campers should pack a disposable lunch and 2 water bottles in their bags
  • Pick up will be at 5:00 pm


Tuesday, July 23rd – On this new camp favorite both the Trailblazers and Trailbreakers will embark on a private charter boat to go deep sea fishing out of Gloucester Harbor. We fish areas such as Tillies Ledge, Stellwagen Bank (a National Marine Sanctuary), Jefferies Ledge, Straw Hat as well as a few other “hot spots”. These areas are rich with fish such catch as: Cod, Haddock, Pollack, Cusk, Wolfish, Red Fish, Mud Hake, Conger Eel to name a few! Campers will also enjoy a top deck party with music and hors d’oeuvres while we travel to and from the fishing grounds! For more information visit

Please keep in mind the following for this trip:

  • Old Sneakers are best for this trip
  • Campers should pack a bagged lunch and water bottle (we will have some snacks available to them)
  • Please be sure your camper is wearing sunscreen -hats are also a good idea.
  • Depending on weather – a light jacket/rain jacket might keep them warm and dry.
  • If you think your camper might get sea sick we recommend over the counter anti-motion sickness medication or patches

Camp Overnight- When campers return to camp the fun is just beginning. They will learn how to pitch their own tents, and start their own fires before having a bbq dinner (hopefully including the fish they caught), a Glow in The Dark Capture the Flag game across the campus, and of course S’mores and stories by the campfire.

Please also not the following policy from our Parent Handbook : On our two camp overnights that take place on the Ballfield Road campus, campers must either be picked up when we return from that day’s trip, or must stay for the duration of the overnight. If a camper will be picked up when we return from the trip, please notify Trailblazers/Trailbreaker camp staff at the beginning of the week so that we may plan appropriately. This ensures that all campers are safe and accounted for. We will arrive back from fishing at 5:00 pm.


 Wednesday, July 24th–  On this trip campers experience the Berkshire hills from a new perspective- Zoar Gap Rafting. This full-day rafting trip starts at 10:30am, and takes campers down a ten-mile stretch of class II and III whitewater. We stop for a picnic-style lunch halfway down the river.

Please keep in mind the following for this trip:

  • Campers should wear a bathing suit
  • Campers should wear water shoes or old sneakers while rafting
  • Campers need a signed waiver.

Pick up from ZOAR Outdoor is at 6:30 pm

Below is a full Packing List and Itinerary for the two days. Paper copies will come home on Monday.

Lincoln Summer Camp Overnight Packing List
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Pillow
  • Old Sneakers or Swim Shoes (No Crocs or Flip Flops) to wear at fishing and while rafting on day 2 – These will get wet
  • A second pair of dry sneakers to wear during overnight games and to wear home after rafting
  • A bagged lunch for day 1 (Fishing Trip)
  • Swimsuit (ZOAR asks that you do not wear cotton, as it will keep you cold and wet throughout the trip. Guests are not allowed to wear jeans on the river. Swim shirts are fine)
  • Flip Flops (Optional-for showering)
  • Bug Spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Clothes
    • PJ’s
    • T-Shirt
    • Shorts
    • Socks
    • Underwear
    • Sweatshirt/Jacket
  • Towel
  • Deodorant
  • Shampoo
  • Soap
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Flashlight (Optional)
  • Personal Medications (if applicable)
  • Glasses or Contacts (if applicable)
  • 1 Signed Waiver for ZOAR Outdoor

Please keep your packing to one bag and one backpack that your camper can carry independently

The approximate itinerary below includes notes about the foods served. Please read them and let us know if there is any dietary or allergy issue we need to be aware of for your camper.

Lincoln Summer Camp Week 4 Overnight Itinerary

Tuesday, July 23rd

9:00 am- Arrive at Camp

9:45 am – Depart Camp for Gloucester Fleet Deep Sea Fishing

10:45 am- Arrive at Gloucester Fleet

11:00 am – 3:30 pm – Fishing Trip

3:45 pm- Board Buses

5:00 pm – Arrive Back at Camp

5:10 pm – Tent Pitching/ Wood Collecting

5:30 pm – Pool Time

6:30- Dinner (hot dogs, hamburgers, veggie burgers, fish (we hope), chips, salads and drinks)

7:00-Showers, Changing, Board/Card Games

8:00 pm- Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag

9:00 pm- Campfire S’mores and Stories at the campfire

9:30 pm- In tents

10:00 pm- Lights Out

Wednesday, July 24th

6:45 am- Breakfast (We will provide bagels, fixings, fruit, juice, milk and cereal)

7:15 am- Break down tents and get ready for day

7:30 am – Board Buses for ZOAR Outdoor

10:00 Arrive at ZOAR Outdoor

11:00 – 4:00 Rafting on Deerfield River

Lunch- there is a complimentary picnic-style lunch break halfway through the water rafting trip provided by ZOAR Outdoor (because it would be impossible for campers to bring lunch with them). The lunch includes cold cuts, rolls, vegetables and condiments, chips and salsa, drinks, and desserts.

4:15 Board Busses for Camp

6:30 pm- Dismissal from Camp


 Friday, July 26th On this trip campers will  travel to Breezy’s Waterslides in Douglas, MA. Breezy’s features three 300 ft water slides as well as a lake for swimming.

Please keep in the mind the following for this trip:

  • Campers need a bathing suit and towel
  • Campers should wear sunscreen
  • Campers should pack a disposable lunch and water bottle

Pick up from Breezy’s is at 3:00 pm

Other Important Reminders

  • This week is Camp Color War. Throughout the week, campers will be competing in Color Wars competitions where they will be broken up in four color teams: the Red Team, Blue Team, Orange Team, and the Green Team. The teams will compete in a host of competitions throughout the week to earn points for their team. On Friday, after all the points are tallied, a winner will be announced.
  • To help campers look more like a team, they will have a chance to tie dye a team shirt in the color of their team. If your camper would like to make a shirt please send him or her in with a white t-shirt inside a ziplock bag. Please write your camper’s name on both the collar of the shirt and on the bag.
    Screen shot 2014-07-21 at 8.24.03 PM
  •  Throughout the week your camper is encouraged to dress in the their team color which they will find out on Monday. On Thursday campers can wear their Tie-Dye shirts for the final day of the Color War. For a full calendar of events visit the home page.  
  • All campers should come to camp prepared to swim daily! This means wearing or packing a bathing suit and towel.
  • We will spend a great deal of time outdoors, so sunscreen is a must! Please have your camper come to camp with sunscreen already applied and more sunscreen packed in their backpack for reapplication. Remember, if you would like counselors to be able to assist your camper, you will have needed to indicate that on
  • Campers need to be able to carry their belongings throughout the day. Please keep this in mind when selecting and packing their bag.
  • There is time for a morning snack and lunch at camp. These are NOT provided. Please pack your child with nonperishable items; we eat a picnic-style lunch.
  • Campers should arrive at camp with a full water bottle that can be refilled throughout the day.
  • We want to remind you that we have two options for K-5 arrival and dismissal. You may enter the drop off/pick up line and staff will help your child in and out of the car. If you need to get out of your vehicle for any reason including getting bags out of your car, helping a child get buckled into a car seat, or just to give your little one an extra hug goodbye, we ask that you please park in the lot next to the gym and walk you camper over. This means that many of our Pioneer Parents will probably need to park to ensure their campers can get strapped in and out of the car. This helps us keep our pickup and drop off line moving and prevents dangerous maneuvers from taking place in the line. A full description of our arrival and dismissal procedures can be read in the parent handbook. Do note that Trailblazer and Trailbreaker Camps have a different drop off and pick up location.
  • Wednesday and Thursday are also Pizza Day! Forget the hassle of packing a lunch and grab a slice from us. Pizza will be on sale for $2 for 1 slice and $3 for 2 slices.

Make sure you check the blog frequently throughout the summer for updates on our field trips, special events, and all the fun we are having at camp! You can follow the blog by entering your email on the sidebar and clicking “follow”  – it is a great way to stay informed!

Additional information about camp can be found in the Parent Handbook for K-5 , Parent Handbook 6-9, and on the Frequently Asked Questions page. We encourage you to review these resources and feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

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