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Week Four – We had a Color War!

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It was another amazing week here at LSC as the Orange, Red, Green, and Blue teams battled it out all week to see who would be this year’s champion. Here’s how it all played out. Campers competed all week in competitions in specials and at whole camp events. Let’s start with our specials.


Arts and Crafts

This week in arts and crafts, we got to have plenty of fun with colors to celebrate the Color War!!!

Each group got to make a mixed media banner to show their color team spirit! Pioneers collaged their banners with tissue paper, pom poms, and plenty of glitter. Ramblers got to try out chalk pastels and topped off their banners with glitter glue pens. Finally, the crusaders learned how to create an acrylic paint pour with their team colors and made a vibrant marbled banner. 

We ended the week with a camp Color War tradition: tie-dye! Campers learned different techniques to tie up their t-shirts, and even got to make some fun Color War accessories when they finished. 


Week 4 in STEM included activities for campers to score points for their Color War teams through engineering design competitions! All campers competed in an egg drop design contest with their color war teams. Each group received a raw egg and a bag of miscellaneous building materials. The challenge was to design and build an “egg carrier” that would keep your egg from cracking when dropped from various heights. Groups that survived the highest drop earned points for their teams! Campers also had fun designing and building marble roller coasters. Campers again worked with their color war teams to design tracks and roller coasters for marbles using pipe insulation, cardboard, tape. Roller coasters featured loops, jumps, and many other creative design features! Color war team points were given to groups for having creative and unique designs.

Sports and Games

This week in sports and games, the Pioneers played Color War Tag earning crucial points for their team. The Ramblers played an assortment of classic games, first was Color War Castle Ball which involves defending your teams kingdom well attacking others. The second was Four Way Dodgeball which tested campers agility, awareness, and teamwork. Finally the Crusaders played an exciting game of Multi-Sport Steal the Bacon. While earning points for their Color War team, they tested their skills in multiple sports from basketball, hockey, soccer, and pillow polo. It was another exciting week filled of fun sports and games. 

Music and Drama

Color War dominated this week! Campers were cheering all week long to rally their team to victory. Pioneers had a dance and enthusiasm competition with color war sticks and enjoyed dancing to Awesome Rainbows. They also competed to do the loudest and proudest cheers in practice for the cheer-off. Ramblers competed in rounds of Coconut and Rally rock, paper, scissors to earn points. Crusaders created their own routines in lip sync battle performances. Ramblers and Crusaders both competed in epic musical scavenger hunt and harnessed their creativity to write their own original lyrics for Color War songs/cheers. Campers were asked to incorporate 5 words of encouragement, 4 counselor names, 3 other color war teams, 2 special activities, and the words Lincoln Summer Camp into their cheers/songs. We were blown away by their originality and team-work!  Camper creativity came in handy during their whole camp Cheer Off competition. Next week we look forward to diving Under the Sea in Music and Drama! 


This week in archery we had two vibrant activities. During the first activity we had a blast by popping colorful balloons! In the second activity, the target was split into the four colors of the four color teams. Campers had to shoot their color quadrant to earn points for their teams! We had so much fun and can’t wait to splash into next week’s under the sea!

Story Time

This week in story we read two colorful books followed by vibrant activities. The first book we read was “Art Dog” by Thacher Hurd. For our activity we became art dog and drew chalk graffiti on the sidewalk! The second book we read was “Alice and Greta” by Steven J. Simmons. For our activity we made our own magic wands so we could all be witches! We had a blast and can’t wait to dive into next weeks under the sea!

Color War

On Tuesday camp hosted their first color war activities of the week. Blue, Red, Green and Orange faced off in plenty of competitions to battle for the top spot. Campers played Guard the Pin trying to knock the other teams’ pins down while protecting their own. In Squirrels and Nuts, campers snuck by one another to snag bean bags from opposing teams hoops. Outside we played games of Speedball and Nuke em’ volleyball. We had an awesome start to the color war season!

On Wednesday Lincoln Summer Camp had its annual color war relay race afternoon! Campers dashed back and forth to fill their team’s buckets of water using sponges and broken cups. Campers also hippity hopped back and forth in potato sacks, and in our grand conclusion to the races they snuck through hula hoops and passed a ball along frontier field! Each team put their all into both racing and cheering on their camp-mates!

On several morning this week we held counselor competitions where campers got to cheer on their team. On Tuesday morning we had a basketball Knock Out Competition where the counselors faced off against our Trailblazers and Trailbreakers. It was hard fought but in the end Xzavyer, a rising 7th grader, beat the entire staff and all the other Blazers and Breakers to take home a big win for the Blue Team. Wednesday morning we had counselors face off in their color teams in a battle of the minds during a contest of the game Wits & Wagers. The teams competed to decide who could make the closest estimate for the height of the Eiffel tower, the amount of views on youtube, and many more. The Green team won as they were great estimators! Thursday brought the final competition. Counselors brought the teamwork as they worked in a game called Electric Hands. Everyone on their team could only have two hands touching the ground-nothing else- and had to hold the position for 5 seconds! The Orange team was victorious in their collaboration!

Color War came to an epic conclusion under the sun on Thursday afternoon. As always, Color War climaxed in a grand cheer off and tug of war battle. We heard color cheer adaptations of the Spongebob theme, Princess Pat, Ooh A Milkshake, and plenty of other songs. Congratulations to the Red, Blue, and Green teams for making Color War one of the closest competitions in Lincoln Summer Camp history.

Orange team was crowned our 2019 Champions winning by just a six point margin!


Pioneers at Davis Farmland

Pioneers ventured out to Davis Farmland in Sterling, MA.  The Pioneers got to go on a hayride where they saw numerous animals like goats, sheep, cows, and horses.  They then got to pet some baby animals like chicks and baby goats. They enjoyed hanging out with the llamas and alpacas. After a quick stop for lunch, the Pioneers cooled down at the spray park and frolicked in the bubbles. Some campers got a chance to slide down the giant slides and scoot around the Adventureland park. We had a fun-filled day at Davis Farmland!

Ramblers at Wamesit Lanes

In a last minute switch due to issues at the Kid’s Place Facility, the Ramblers set out to Wamesit Lanes. Campers had a jam packed day of bowling games and an arcade. They competed with each other and their counselors to win multiple bowling games. Campers loved testing all the arcade games and redeeming their tickets for awesome prizes.

Crusaders at Launch

The Crusaders ended their week by heading to Launch Trampoline Park in Watertown.  Campers got to spend 2 whole hours jumping around on trampolines, doing tricks into a large foam pit, and channeling their inner Michael Jordan by performing epic dunks.  A highlight was the trampoline dodgeball.  The Crusaders went up against another camp for round after round, and all involved had so much fun.  The day wrapped up with a couple fun games of laser tag!  It was a great and fun way for the Crusaders to wrap up another amazing Color War week!

Trailblazers and Trailbreakers

Trailbreakers at Mt. Monadnock

The Trailbreakers began their week with the now famous hike of Mt. Monadnock. The trail was not easy and took real determination for campers to push their limits and climb the rock walls that stood in their way. Just as we were about to make the final push to the summit the rain began to fall. Campers did not want to give up so they braved their way to the top. Every single Breaker summited, and after a quick moment to take in the views, carefully began their decent. The most impressive part was to see the support and care that the campers had for each other. Every time a fellow camper stumbled or felt too exhausted to go on, another camper was always there to check on them, offering encouraging words and support. Check out some photos below.

Unexpected Tuesday

On Tuesday the Trailblazers and Trailbreakers were supposed to head to Gloucester for deep sea fishing, but mother nature had other ideas in mind. So instead of fishing the Blazers and Breakers headed to camp favorite Laser Quest to compete in competitions for all important Color War points. Congrats to Cam, Greyson, Rocco, and Kyle for being the top scoring campers of the day!

After Laser Quest the fun was just getting started as the campers headed to Showcase Cinema for a viewing of the just released Lion King movie. Everyone enjoyed seeing this classic reimagined in live action.

After the movie it was back to camp to pitch tents for our overnight. When tents were up we enjoyed some time at the pool before we had a BBQ dinner and prepared for a full campus game of Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag. The campus was divided in half and each team was given a glowing orb to hide in their territory. Each camper also had a glowing bracelet showing what team they were on. When the rounds began they had to sneak on to the other team’s side, locate the orb, and bring it back to their side without being tagged. It was an awesome battle with the Blue and Red teams coming out on top, but with tons of fun had by all.

Then it was back to the campfire for s’mores and stories before heading to bed.

Zoar Outdoor

On Wednesday we packed up all our things and headed to Zoar Outdoor. It was an early morning, but we arrived on time for the dam release and had an awesome day on the water. Campers got to make their rafts surf, hop out for swims in the river, make their rafts do wheelies, and even play games of who can stay standing on the raft longest while it spins! Sorry there are no pictures yet as we don’t bring camera in the rafts, we will post them when they come in!

Deep Sea Fishing

On Thursday the Trailbreakers and Trailblazers were able to make up their missed trip from Tuesday and head out on the Gloucester Fleet’s Lady Sea for a day of deep sea fishing. It was a beautiful day on the water, and we were lucky enough to catch 16 keepers. Congratulations to Aluel and Sebastiano for the biggest fish awards and to Niko for most unusual catch with a sea robin!

The fish will be cooked up for our next camp overnight week 6! Check out some pictures below of our trek into the Atlantic. It was a memorable day for so many campers who caught their first fish and had a brand new experience.

Breezy’s Waterslides

Finally on Friday the campers were ready for a break, so they set off to Breezy’s Waterslides. The spent the day relaxing by the lake, flying down the 300 ft slides, and partaking in a Kan Jam Tournament for Color War points. They splashed around in the lake ending what was the first 5 trip week in LSC history.

We are looking forward to another great week next week as Lincoln Summer Camp goes under the sea!

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