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Week 5 In Review

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We are wrapping up another great week here at Lincoln Summer Camp. This week, we got wet and wild as we dove into Under the Sea Week.

Check out all the fun we had below!


Music and Drama

Music and Drama went on an under the sea adventure this week. Pioneers made amazing underwater animal shapes in groups, kept their fellow campers guessing underwater noises with instruments, and danced amongst the bubbles. Ramblers honed their acting skills to perform as sea turtles, crabs, sharks, and whales in a riveting round of reverse charades where they performed as a group for one person to guess. They also created some excellent under the sea skits and kept each other safe in a round of People, Shelter, Storm. Crusaders wrote some super creative rhymes for “Which is Better?” rap battles. They battled out pandas vs. koalas, Squirtle vs. Charmander, soccer vs. horseback riding, and video games. Trailblazers competed this week for ice cream league points in Minute to Win It games and a GooseChase scavenger race complete with acting and singing. Check out some video clips below! We look forward to seeing what incredible acts show up as we go live for our annual camp variety show next week! 


We had another exciting week in STEM for Week 5! All groups started the week launching bottle rockets – a camp favorite! The launch is caused by a pressure build up inside the bottle, when baking soda and vinegar are mixed to cause a chemical reaction. Some rockets launched over 100 feet in the air! Pioneers also used baking soda and vinegar reactions to create erupting volcanoes! Ramblers and Crusaders used various building materials to design and create balloon powered cars. Campers raced to see whose cars travelled the furthest. There were many creative and successful designs! 

Sports and Games

This week in Sports and Games, the Pioneers played in the gymnastics equipment and used hiding skills during flashlight tag. They ended the week with four team guard the pin using teamwork and throwing skills to conquer the Arena. The Ramblers and Crusaders started off the week playing four-way dodgeball and ended it by playing guard the pin. This put their awareness, teamwork, and throwing skills to the test as they worked to bring their team to victory. Trailblazers and Trailbreakers played an intense game of mat ball where runs were aplenty and strategy was used during every at bat. They ended the week playing glow in the dark capture the flag in the Arena. It was another great week in Sports and Games playing some classics and some new additions to LSC.  

Arts and Crafts

This week, all campers celebrated under the sea week by creating our own glitter globes!! We filled jars with water, glue, and plenty of glitter, and we got to shake them and watch the waves shimmer. Pioneers were buzzing over their under-the-sea projects! They colored paper plates and stapled billowing streamers to them to make DIY jellyfish. Ramblers got to create their own ocean wishing bottles, filled with colored sand, shells, and a special wish. Crusaders got to try ink water marbling, a coloring technique that involves dipping paper in water, swirled with vibrant ink! There was plenty to see under the arts and crafts see.


We splashed into archery this week with a game of balancing cups of water on our heads while shooting! While few campers completed this task successfully, everyone had fun getting drenched! Later in the week the campers were given two colors to shoot at. If they shot those colors, they got to throw a water balloon at their counselors! We had a great week and we can’t wait to perform in next week’s We Go Live Variety Show!

Story Time

We sailed into story this week with the book “How I Became a Pirate” by Melinda Long. After the story, we went on our own treasure hunt! We searched for the treasure map that eventually lead us to the treasure! We all got a gold coin from the chest as a reward for our adventure! The next story we read was “What Floats in a Moat” by Lynne Berry. For our activity, we made our own boats and tested how many toy sea animals we could float in them before they sank! We had so much fun under the sea and can’t wait to go live next week!

Epic Adventures

This week at Epic Adventures campers got wet and wacky! On Monday we had our huge camp water battle as campers tried to dissolve their counselors (necklaces)! On Tuesday, the slip ‘n slides were out as campers blasted down into kiddie pools to escape the heat. On Wednesday Epic Adventures hosted the annual LSC Carnival as campers competed in endless games to earn tickets and win prizes!

Field Trips

Pioneers at Jump On In

Our Pioneers set out on Friday to Jump On In. Campers tackled American Ninja Warrior style obstacles like the ring climb, zip line swing, the warped wall and more! Campers also enjoyed classic Jump On In favorites like the giant inflatable slides, the bouncy obstacle course, and trampoline basketball. They had a great time!

Ramblers at MVP

Ramblers had an adventure-filled day to Merrimack Valley Pavilion in Tewksbury, MA. Campers conquered the vines ropes on an outdoor course and played a rousing 18 holes of mini-golf. They headed inside to play a full round of lazer-tag in the jungle with stealth code names and then played riding games, skee-ball, and other classic games with tokens at the arcade. They loved cooling down with an ice cream of their choice and cashing in their tickets for prizes at the end of the day. MVP is a Rambler favorite!

Crusaders at Canobie Lake Park

The Crusaders jumped on the bus to make their way up to New Hampshire to have a great day at a camp favorite – Canobie Lake Park. After a quick snack, campers and counselors split up to explore the park. Throughout the day campers tested their limits on crazy coasters like the Yankee Cannonball, Untamed, and the Corkscrew. They cooled down on water rides like the Log Flume and the Boston Tea Party. Some tried their luck at the arcade, while others still braved the Haunted Mine. It was a day filled with flips, spins, ups-downs-and-round-and-rounds – all in all, an awesome day to top off our week!

Trailblazers and Trailbreakers

The Trailblazers and Trailbreakers were supposed to begin their week with a trip to OSG Paintball, but Mother Nature had other plans. With the extreme heat, we decided to head into the air conditioning as the layers required to play paintball safely would have been too much in the heat. So it was off to Dave and Busters in Natick for another day of VIP Treatment: $40 game cards, unlimited video games, and a deluxe buffet. Campers had a great time and took home a lot of impressive prizes.

On Wednesday, the Trailbreakers set out on their weekly solo trip. They set course for Wayland Town Beach where our friends at Wayland Parks and Rec hosted us for a day of fun in the sun. There was swimming, games of Marco Polo, kayaking, pedal-boating, paddle boarding, and even some games of Horse on the basketball court. It was a relaxing and fun day!

Then on Thursday it was time to embark on their epic 2 day trip to Club Getaway in Kent, CT.

On day one, campers began their experience by warming up on the bungie trampoline, and then it was off to ABC Zipline: the longest and fastest at the camp to fly down the mountain.

After zipping, it was off to Adventure Woods for team building on the low ropes course. We made our way off sinking ships, balanced a whale watch platform, solved the box puzzle and removed the giant’s ring from its 10 ft high finger. Communication and teamwork were key to all of these elements, and a big shout out David for his leadership during these exercises.

Then it was back to our cabins to move in and get ready for the waterfront!

At the Waterfront, campers had a blast being pulled behind a boat in a giant raft, kayaking and canoeing out on the lake, swimming on the giant inflatables, and of course the massive staff vs. campers water volleyball and Nukem games. Sorry there aren’t too many pictures – trying to keep those phones dry!

After the Waterfront it was time for showers before heading to dinner. After dinner, our evening programming began as our camp competed in a Game Show versus two other camps. The Game Show consisted of several wacky relay challenges. Check out the fun below:

Next up on the evening plan was Karaoke. We got to head over to a private lounge for an hour of singing, dancing, and silliness.

When we were all sung out, we headed over to the campfire for, you guessed it, more songs, and games before we enjoyed some S’mores.

Then it was back to our cabins for games out on the front porch before bedtime. It was an awesome first day with much more to come when we woke up!

Day 2 started with packing and breakfast before heading down to the Pine Climb. Here campers had to make their way all the way to the top of 3 giant pines using the oars, boats and rafts that were hanging from the trees. Congrats to all who made it to the top, and all who pushed their personal limits.

From the giant pines, we set course for the Giant Swing, where campers had to work together to pull each other to the top before releasing them on a wild ride.

After the Giant Swing, it was off to joust for all important Ice Cream League points. Of course there were some other fun things to do while waiting for your joust to start!

Finally, it was time to head back for one more delicious meal in the white tent, where all our meals were DJ’d and a ton of fun!

Then it was down to the basketball and volleyball courts for some friendly games as we waited for our bus. It was an amazing two day experience where campers supported each other, grew a little closer, and had a blast with all Club Getaway had to offer.

On the bus ride back the Ice Cream League Champions were crowned as Team Blue fought off a late surge by Unicorn to capture this week’s title. Congrats to David, Azzure, Mary, Narai, Alexander and Xzavyer on their well-deserved win. In addition to performing well in our bus ride Rockin’ Bingo, Name That Tune, Over Under, and competitions on campus, this team earned bonus points throughout the week for leadership and enthusiasm that took them to their 13-point victory.

Special Events

Lincoln Live

It’s Lincoln Live Week Five! Campers sang, danced, and did gymnastics to their hearts delight! Our final Lincoln Live of 2019 even had a special Tae Kwon Do demonstration. Campers crushed it this year showing off their endless creativity and unique talents. It was an unforgettable summer for both the captivated audience members and the brave performers!

Costume Contest

There were creatures galore filling the camp ocean this morning. From mermaids to sharks and yellow submarines to beachgoers, choosing finalists for our weekly costume contest was a real challenge. In the end, it came down to jellyfish Mira versus sea turtle Megan. With our traditional loudest cheers win, sea turtle Megan came out on top. We can’t wait to see what the campers cook up for Camper’s Choice Dress Up Day (Wednesday) next week!

CIT and Trailbreaker Service

On Monday the Trailbreakers and C.I.T.s headed off campus to complete another service project. This week they were off to the Codman Farm to help out again. They helped weed out several beds in the vegetable gardens. At the end of their time at the farm, they were able to visit the chickens in their coops. Next week they will journey back to the farm to help with egg collection!

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