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Week 6 – Camp Went Live and We Said Goodbye

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We had an amazing last week of Lincoln Summer Camp.

Here’s what we were up to in specials:



This week in archery we did two different performance themed activities for we go live. The first activity we did was trying to shoot and pop balloons! The second activity we did was a game where all of the campers started out as magicians in training. There were multiple magician hats on each target and some of the hats had bunnies underneath. If a magician in training shoots a hat with a bunny inside, they completed their magic trick and they become a real magician and get a star sticker! We had an awesome summer at camp and we hope to see you again next year!


This week in story we read multiple performance books for camp goes live. The first book we read was “The Cranky Ballerina” by Élise Gravel. In the story, Ada finds that her true talent is not ballet, it is actually karate! We then drew and shared our own talents with our fellow campers. The second book we read was “Worst in Show” by William Bee. For our activity we made our own pet monsters out of model magic, markers, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes! We had an amazing summer and can’t wait to see everyone next year!

Music and Drama

Music and Drama this week was a fantastic storm of rehearsals for our variety show. Every group, from the Trailblazers down to the Pioneers, worked tirelessly to rehearse for their time on the stage. From dancing to “Beep Beep I’m a Sheep” to creating a Ramblers camp skit, the campers gave excellent effort. Everyone, including the counselors and directors, were buzzing with excitement. Their hard work paid off Thursday afternoon with a fantastic Variety Show and surprise flash mob dance in honor of director Audrey. We hope you came and enjoyed the show-what a way to end the summer!!

Sports and Games

In our final week of the summer, sports and games started off with the Pioneers playing pillow-polo guard the pin which tested hockey skills and precision shooting. They ended the week playing pac-man tag and dodgeball teaming up to take over the sports court. The Ramblers and Crusaders started off week six with 4-goal street hockey and ended with an intense game of dodgeball which tested our dodge, duck, dip and dive ability. The Trailblazers and breakers played a classic game of street hockey on the sports court earning ice cream league points, then ended the week on the clay courts playing tennis. It has been an exciting and fun summer for sports and games, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the awesome campers. 


We wrapped up another awesome summer here in STEM at Lincoln Summer Camp. At the beginning of the week we brought back a camper favorite: SLIME! Campers of all ages got to mix and color their very own slime to take home. Our Trailblazers and Trailbreakers got the opportunity to make their very own ice cream in a bag. At the end of the week, campers built their own boats. We tested the buoyancy and structural integrity of the boats by placing them in water and seeing how many pennies they could hold. Thanks for another great summer! 

Arts and Crafts

To celebrate the last week of camp, Arts and Crafts had plenty of campers choice blocks! We made tons of jewelry with rainbow loom and beads, and we learned to make our own beaded keychains. Campers also got to make their own crayons by breaking up pieces of old crayons and melting them together in the oven! 

We also learned how to make our own rainbow scratch paper. We colored in sheets with vibrant pastels, then painted them black. Campers got to test out and take home their papers once they dried!

Epic Adventures

Here at Lincoln Summer Camp, our Epic Adventures always have a grand ending. For week six, campers tested their agility, strength and speed in our classic American Ninja Warrior Challenge. The gym was converted into a course filled with climbing obstacles, balance beams, ropes swings and more! Campers raced around improving their time everyday. Epic Adventures was a blast this summer, and we’re so thankful for all the campers bringing their energy and excitement everyday!

This Week’s Trips

Pioneers at Boston Children’s Museum

For their final outing of the summer, the Pioneers journeyed into Boston to explore and play at the Children’s Museum! Campers and counselors divided into small groups to travel through all the museum had to offer. Pioneers got to experience working on a construction site, being in a Boston neighborhood, and imagining what it would be like to walk with dinosaurs! They also interacted with exhibits that had them adventuring up rock walls, shooting hoops, climbing several stories, and making kid-sized bubbles! It was a super fun and interactive day for all! 

Ramblers at CoCo Keys

Today the Ramblers cruised on up to CoCo Keys for some water park fun! They got to splash around the play structure and zip around the numerous waterslides. Campers enjoyed yet another fun day at CoCo Keys. It was the perfect traditional way to end the summer for the Ramblers!

Crusaders at Boda Borg

The Crusaders set out on a quest to Boda Borg this week where they found themselves swinging through the jungle, crawling through a battlefield, making their way through a haunted house, and answering quiz show questions among other adventures. It was an awesome experience testing mind, body, and teamwork. Ask your camper how many missions they completed and which one was their favorite! Sorry there aren’t many pictures, it’s hard to catch them in the rooms, but here is everyone enjoying lunch.

Trailblazers and Trailbreakers

Brownstone Adventure Park – The Trailblazers and Trailbreakers had another week of exciting field trips starting with a trip Brownstone Adventure Park in Portland, CT. Brownstone is an old rock quarry that has been transformed into an epic thrill spot, with 14 ziplines that sent campers from the tops of cliffs to the water down below, cliff dives that had campers facing their fears, water slides, giant inflatables, rock climbing, wake boarding and so much more. It was an awesome day with so much do. Check out some pictures below.

After Brownstone, we headed back to camp to prepare for our camp overnight. Campers pitched their tents and then headed to the pool, while the counselors prepared a dinner of hot dogs, hamburgers, and haddock that the campers caught on their deep sea fishing trip.

Next it was time for the games to begin. First, we headed to the Arena for our American Ninja Warrior Finals. Congratulations to Chris for coming in first place, and Austin and Kyle coming in second!

After America Ninja Warrior it was time for Flashlight Tag. Campers got their maps, got their flashlights, and then spread out across the campus to hide. In no time at all the specialists and counselors were searching for them. Ask your camper if they were found and became a seeker, or if they made it to the end.

Then it was back to the campfire for s’mores and stories before bed!

The next morning we were up early for breakfast and then it was off to Urban Air Adventures in place of our rained out trip to Canobie Lake Park.

Urban Air Adventures: At Urban Air campers got to do a plethora of activities. There were climbing walls, trapeze, a sky rider coaster, a ropes course, battle beam, a warrior obstacle course, flying trapeze, a tubes playground and trampolines.

Breakout Boston at APEX: On Thursday the Trailbreakers headed off on their exclusive trip to Breakout Boston to do an escape room. One group headed into the Casino to solve the mystery of the missing agent James Bond and one group headed to a Museum to figure out who stole the art work. Then it was off to the Pitstop Tavern for a pizza lunch before campers got to set off to do whatever they wanted within the APEX center. Some campers headed for the arcade while many headed to our week 1 favorite Altitude Trampoline Park.

Boda Borg: On Friday it was time for our last trip of the season and the conclusion of Ice Cream League at Boda Borg. At Boda Borg they found themselves swinging through the jungle, breaking out of prison, on a gameshow, crawling through a battlefield, and making their way through a haunted house, among other adventures. It was an awesome experience testing mind, body, and teamwork and for each mission they completed their earned a stamp and all important Ice Cream League Points. Oreo went into the day with a good lead but Avocado charged back, completing 10 missions as a group, to take the final ice cream of the summer. Congratulations to David, Azzure, Alexander, Aubie, Narai, Xzavyer, Marissa and Emma!

Special Events

Costume Contest

This week’s dress up theme was Kids’ Choice!  Kids were able to choose whatever they wanted to dress up in for the week.  We were treated to a wide array of costumes, from princesses, to dragons, to a chef, to dressing as a fossil!! Congrats to Myles who won the competition dressed as Mario’s brother Luigi! 

Camp Show

As we drew this summer to a close, campers readied themselves for a stage performance at our annual variety show. All week long, campers prepared and practiced for their time in the spotlight. Campers hit the stage Thursday afternoon to perform for a packed auditorium filled with camp friends and families. From dance mashups to skits and cheers and more – extraordinary talent delighted the audience. Campers also learned a special flash mob dance to surprise Director Audrey for her last summer here at Lincoln Summer Camp! Check out some of the acts below! 


Thank you all for a remarkable camp season. Again, we loved getting to know all your campers and had so much fun. We hope this summer was full of memories for them that will last a lifetime.

If you are missing something from this camp season our Lost and Found items will remain at the Parks and Recreation office and the Codman Pool until the end of the month, after which all unclaimed items will be donated to charity.

Also be on the lookout for a Feedback Survey about camp this year. We want to hear from you about what your camper(s) loved, and what we might improve for next year!

Finally, we hope you will join us in wishing Audrey well as she retires from LSC.

One last time we will sign off as,

Sarah, Audrey, and Joe


Lincoln Summer Camp

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