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Week 1-Camp Starts Under the Sea!

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We were so happy to be back for Summer 2021 at Lincoln Summer Camp! Staff had a great time catching up with old faces and meeting new ones. It felt incredible to be back in the swing of things. Here’s what we were up to throughout our water-themed week.


Music & Drama

Music and Drama went under the sea this week and did some team building activities. The Pioneers went on a pirate themed scavenger hunt early in the week and even learned a dance to the song “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid. The Ramblers this week worked on their improv skills with a One Word Story game set at the beach and had many sea themed dance parties. Finally, the Pathfinders had a blast playing Captain Want a Corner and Pass the Clap (one group did it in 3 seconds!!). All the groups got right back into the camp spirit singing and learning cheers too.

Sports & Games

To start the summer off with Sports and Games, the Pioneers channeled their inner sea monster by playing octopus tag and an ocean animal themed relay race! The Ramblers tried to sink each other’s ships with cannonball bowling and chased around playing shark-fish-crab tag. The Pathfinders visited treasure island as they tried to capture all the different colored gems and every group had a chance to play the classic sharks and minnows!


This week in STEM, we dove right in to camp activities! All the groups began with chalk drawings of a sea creature they designed, and we got really creative. The Pioneers made slime later in the week, and then had a scavenger hunt for some missing candy on Friday. The Ramblers designed boats and then had a float test, where they got to see if their boats floated in the water! Some Ramblers groups also made slime. Finally, the Pathfinders designed and tested their boats, and then planted sunflower seeds on Friday as the start of our growing project.

Arts & Crafts

Arts and Crafts started off with a splash during our under the sea themed week! The Pioneers and Ramblers created a crayon and watercolor under the sea painting. The Pathfinders chose a sea animal and created a picture using watercolor and sharpie to look like stain glass. To finish out the week, the Ramblers and Pioneers created an underwater spy scene with a gallon bag and sharpies and also created sea animals out of pipe cleaners.


As you can SEA, our campers are amazing archers already! WAVES of campers are already hitting bullseyes! The campers are really enjoying archery and they can’t wait for more!


Pioneers got to enjoy story time in the Book Nook tent this week. We read What Are Your Words? to learn about ways we can describe ourselves with adjectives and pronouns. Next, we read Detective LaRue: Letters from the Investigation to become better detectives ourselves. We ended the week by reading The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor to learn about animals in the deep blue ocean! These stellar starfish really enjoyed the first week of camp!


With the heat this week, we were all feeling grateful for the Codman Pool! Between swim lessons and free swim, we got to spend lots of time jumping in, splashing around, and swimming until we had to leave. Check out some of the pool fun we had!

Epic Adventures

This week at Epic Adventures campers had an exciting start to the summer swooshing down a giant slip n’ slide! Campers enjoyed sliding down one at a time to see if they could make it to the bottom. Some campers tested out the inflatable snow tubes to sled down fast. Campers cooled off from the heat by having water competitions with water balloons and water blasters. It really helped us cool down to have an epic battle with the counselors!!


We are happy to say that Ms. Jennifer, gymnastic teacher extraordinaire, is back at Lincoln Summer Camp this year! She sees all Pioneers and Ramblers groups twice each week out under our Arena tent. This week, campers showed off their skills by dipping their feet off the balance beam as they walked across and using mats to practice cartwheels. They “swam” through parachutes and dove in the somersault mats. Ask your camper about their favorite tumbling activities from this week!

LSC Mystery #1

As you may have heard, we had a bit of a mystery on our hands this week. After surviving a very hot first day of camp, we wanted to surprise campers with some freeze pops, but when we went to hand them out, they had been stolen! Luckily for us, the thief left behind some clues to figure out their identity. After earning clues during their activity blocks, all campers suspected Tim, our Archery and Story specialist, of taking the freeze pops. As it turns out, we have a camp full of detectives because this morning Tim confessed! As a reward, campers received the freeze pops they were promised earlier in the week and Tim got a bucket of water on his head. 

Costume Contest

There were creatures galore filling the camp ocean this week. From mermaids to jellyfish and yellow submarines to lobsters, choosing finalists for our weekly costume contest was a real challenge. In the end, it came down to oyster Charlotte versus pirate ship Nicholas. With our traditional loudest cheers win, oyster Charlotte came out on top. We can’t wait to see what the campers creativity shows next week for Superhero Dress-up Week next Thursday!



On Monday Trailbreakers began with their community service project trip to Codman Farm where they helped harvest snap peas and currants, and removed buds from flowers to encourage more growth. It was hot, hard work, but it gave them great appreciation for the effort that goes into putting fresh food on the table. After the hike back to camp, they cooled down in the pool with some free swim time and enjoyed careening down our epicly giant slip n’ slide! They ended the day with a rousing game of Castle Ball for all important Ice Cream League points!


Trailbreakers started off their week of trips at Paradise Golf. They enjoyed friendly competitions on the mini-golf course and exploring all the different attractions. There was even one hole that had campers shooting into a river that carried their ball into a secret tube that landed them inches from the cup! Lunch on the pirate ship with ice cream was a great relief from the heat. 


Before we left for our trip today, we had Knockout Basketball competition for Ice Cream League points. Team Oreo put on a strong showing which helped them climb up the standings. Then we ventured to show-off our creativity by traveling to the Painting Place. At the Painting Place campers got to create real ceramic plates, dishes, and bowls, that, once fired in the kiln, are both microwave and dishwasher safe (we will be picking these up next week to return to campers). With their creations finished we set out for a nearby park for lunch and had a fun time competing in a Kan-Jam competition. Again, team Oreo came on strong with a first and second place finish. Then we headed back to the Painting Place for an ice cold slushie before getting back on the bus.


On Thursday we set out on our first high flying adventure of the year to Boundless Adventures. Once there and harnessed up, campers worked their way from yellow, to green, to blue courses, and a few campers even dared to tackle the black course. A big congratulations to Paul and Dany for completing the black course twice. Everyone pushed their individual limits and had a great time zipping through the air.


On Friday Trailbreakers headed north to La Vida Adventure Park at Gordon College. Once there, they hiked through wetlands to find their adventure site for the day. There they played a host of team building games that challenged them to improve their communication skills. The favorite by far was Swat Tag! Campers also worked to together to cross a rope portal and to balance a 360 degree titled spaceship. After lunch it was time to climb. Campers belayed each other as they climbed ladders and trees to cross the Slippery Log, Burma Bridge, and scale the Fallen Tree. Each camper pushed themselves out their own personal comfort zone and to the growth/challenge zone and accomplished so amazing things.

Bus Rides and Ice Cream League

Ice Cream League, our session-long competition, is back with teams Ice Cream, Oreo, Twinkies, and Rocky Mountain, all competing for the coveted pints of ice cream that await the winners. This week teams Ice Cream and Twinkies started out strong but Oreo and Rocky Mountain came back later in the week. We had some great bus ride competitions playing Wits and Wagers, Family Feud, Buzz Word, That’s It, Over Under, 20 Questions, Brain Quest, Name That Tune, and Name That Tune Movie Addition. Right now the scores are close as we head into the second week of the competition.

See You Next Week

Be on the lookout for an email from us on Tuesday with reminders for the upcoming week! We cannot wait to continue session one with the campers next week! (Remember there is no camp Monday in observance of July 4th.)

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