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Lincoln Parks and Recreation – Lincoln, MA

Week 4 – Trailbreakers Fly Solo

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With our K-6 Camp on a one week break between sessions, our Trailbreakers set out on another week of adventures. Here’s what they were up to.


On Monday the Trailbreakers week began with a service trip to Codman Farm. There campers broke into two teams, one heading to the barn to help pack snow peas, snap peas, and onions for sale, and the other heading to the greenhouse to harvest cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, and shishito peppers. When the teams finished those tasks they met up in the flower garden to weed the rows. Finally, when the campers were done with their work they spent some time visiting with the goats and chickens on the farm.

When we returned to camp we had a quick Dodgeball Tournament, before heading to the pool for a swim. Then we ended the day with an epic Speed Ball Tournament.


On Tuesday the Trailbreakers began the day with Minute to Win-It game competitions. It started off with Dizzy Mummy where each team had to cover a member entirely in one roll of toilet paper. They had a blast covering each other and then busting out of their mummy with some dance moves. They then had a mini-scoops challenges to see which partnerships could get 10 catches first and then had a basketball competition to see how many shots each teammate could score in a minute. Next they hit the road to head out to Kimball Farm. There they played Mini-golf, splashed each other in Bumper Boats, flew high on the Screaming Eagle, won big in the Arcade and hit some balls in the batting cages.


On Wednesday we traveled to Tree Top Adventures for a day in the trees. Campers climbed to new heights, setting goals for themselves about which courses they would complete. Congratulations to Dany for conquering the Double Black Diamond Course, and to Austin for completing the Single Black Diamond. Everyone had a great time, especially on the zip lines!


On Thursday it was time to hit the water. The Trailbreakers traveled to Hopkinton State Park for a day of kayaking and swimming. Campers had fun exploring the islands in the middle of the lake, racing kayaks for Ice Cream League points, and swimming after one another. After the a few hours on the lake, we docked our kayaks and headed over to the beach for a bbq and and water football!


On Friday campers headed to Apex Entertainment for a private bowling experience. After a few warm up rounds and a pizza lunch, campers competed in bowling games for all important Ice Cream League points. While team Sour Patch had a big lead heading into the day, at 50 points a game, the other teams were coming for them.

Ice Cream League

It was another week of intense competition in our Ice Cream League. Sour Patch performed well throughout the week, mastering games like Wits and Wagers, I Should Have Known That, and That’s It. However teams Caffee and French Vanilla would not go away quietly with strong performances in Name That Tune, Family Feud, Knockout, and dodgeball. It all game down to bowling on Friday and team Caffee down 70 points going into the day, mounted and enormous comeback skyrocketing them into first place. Congratulations to John, Ben, Alex, Austin, and Clarissa on their victory.

Until Next Time

We can’t wait to welcome back our K-6 campers for the start of Session 2 and to welcome a new group of Trailbreakers for Session 3! Let the fun continue!

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