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Week 5- Trailbreakers start their last session as K-6 camp goes back in time

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We were so happy to be back in the swing of things for Session 2 of K-6 Camp and Session 3 of Trailbreakers Camp!  Lincoln Summer Camp time traveled around this week to discover a lot of awesome activities. Many campers enjoyed meeting new faces and getting to create a new group dynamic while Trailbreakers traveled to a few exciting places. Here’s what we were up to throughout our time at camp.


Epic Adventures

Epic Adventures this week brought back a camper favorite in Kiddie Pool Kickball. Campers played many rounds of kickball which had them slip-sliding down the bases to land with a big splash into a filled kiddie pool. We also had fun playing in teams in rounds of Nuk’em, a volleyball like game that involves throwing the ball over the net. Later in the week we broke out the water blasters to “steal the bacon”. On Friday, our inflatables returned to camp! Campers loved practicing their throwing, kicking, and batting skills in the World of Sports. They also had fun playing games in the giant bouncy castle and racing each other through the obstacle courses.

Music & Drama

Music and Drama this week went back in time through our dance moves and acting skills. The Pioneers danced their way through the decades with a move assigned to each one. The Ramblers acted out their reactions to being thrown back in time and into the future through the Slideshow game. Both the Pioneers and the Ramblers stretched their imagination in Lie About How You Got Here by jumping through time portals and getting stuck in many time periods before arriving safely to camp. The Pathfinders created their own prehistoric jungles making different noises in Soundscape. They also tried to make each other laugh with the game Pterodactyl. Everyone spent the week learning Camp Cheers so they are ready to sing for the rest of the summer!

Sports & Games

Welcoming campers to Session 2, Sports and Games began the week traveling back in time to the age of the dinosaurs! Every group protected and captured their own dino eggs! Jumping forward in time, the Ramblers and Pathfinders sieged their way to victory in castleball and free-for-all dodgeball. Traveling through both time and space, the Pioneers played team space tag! We can’t wait for more fun and games next week!


 We traveled to the past and learned the old ways of archery. New campers got to experience archery for the first time this session and returning campers helped remind their peers of the rules. With the arrows dino-sauring through the air campers hit bullseye’s left and right.


In story, we introduced What Are Your Words? so new campers could learn about ways we can describe ourselves with adjectives and pronouns. Then we read about how to be a sneaky spy with the book Spy Guy: the Not So Secret Agent by Jessica Young and answered some very perplexing “Would you Rather” questions written by Dr. Seuss. We then played a bunch of games trying to sneak and tag counselors.


Our first week of the second session started with a travel back in time where all groups swapped “TTYL” and “BRB” for different codes used throughout history. Next, we tried old-fashioned methods to make a homemade bouncy ball! We spent our last days of the week working in groups to come up with different color codes, and made necklaces and bracelets spelling out our names in color code.

Arts and Crafts

We had some fun traveling through time in Arts and Crafts this week! All groups learned about a type of art called Pointillism and were challenged to create a scene from the past or the future. The Ramblers and the Pioneers also created fossil pictures using fun shaped pasta. Finally the Pioneers used model magic to make fossil necklaces.


Let’s get ready to tumble! This week, Ms. Jennifer, our gymnastics expert, helped campers complete back bends, cartwheels, and strengthen their balancing skills. Using mats to help support, campers were able to feel accomplished in doing back bends and practiced their skills in time battle competitions on the beam using pool noodles. Campers also got to participate in a parachute time machine game to teach coordination.


Camp enjoyed the sunny days by cooling down in the pool. Each camper enjoyed participating in swim lessons each day and working on their skills. While some practiced strokes in the lap lanes, others got to try out life vests, even while going down the slide. Others played games to help them get familiar with treading water. Our ever popular free swim had campers cooling down after lunch and splashing around with their friends.

LSC Mystery #4

Each week at camp, we’ve had a mystery to solve. This week the mystery was quite secretive! Campers were only given the hint that a person at camp had something to give and their mission was to figure out who. At each activity during the week, campers earned clues from the specialists that helped them figure out the mysterious person. This week campers were quick to find out it was our STEM specialist Kiran who had a time lesson about the Big Bang to give in addition to Starbursts for each of the campers. We can’t wait to see what the mystery will be next week!

Costume Contest

The costume contest this week had us all in a time warp! We had campers that dressed up as the distant past and very far future. Camp was filled with dinosaurs, cave people, 18th century figures, 80’s rockers, 60’s hippies, and future astronauts. Our costume contest had a creative final 5 with Riza from the 70’s, Isla as Pac-man, Elsi as a Rubix Cube, Audrey as a cave woman, Sophia as an 18th century person, Kathryn as the famous astronaut Sally Ride, and Nicholas as a lost time traveler. It was a close final 3 between Riza, Nicholas, and Elsi. Ultimately, Nicholas’ lost time traveler complete with his viking hat, toga, and walkman took the prize. We can’t wait to see what creative characters campers dress up as next week!



On Monday we welcomed some new campers to Trailbreakers for the start of Session 3! We jumped right into the action with a game of bodyguard where campers looked to protect each other from a fast moving ball whipping around our group circle. After this fun start it was time to head to Codman farm for our weekly service. This week at the farm we broke into 3 teams. Team 1 went to the flower garden to cut fresh blooms. Team 2 went to harvest cherry tomatoes and Team 3 headed to the greenhouse to pick shishito and jalapeno peppers. Later the teams joined together to harvest some cucumbers, summer squash, and to do a little weeding. Our time at the farm ended with a visit to the heritage breed pigs that just arrived on the farm. 

When we returned to campus it was time for some Kiddie Pool Kickball before heading to the big pool for some free swim. Then we headed over to the tennis courts to learn and play Pickleball! 


This week the Trailbreakers began their travels with a trip to Urban Air Adventure Park. There they jumped on trampolines, battled on the balance beams, completed ninja warrior courses, and climbed rock walls. There were also pretty epic games of tag played inside the massive indoor playground. The most adventurous campers took rides on the indoor Skyrider which sent them flying across the ceiling of the park. Campers also enjoyed a delicious pizza lunch before heading back to camp to enjoy some time in the pool! 


On Wednesday the Trailbreakers set out for a day at the beach at Houghton’s Pond. However, despite what the forecast predicted, when we arrived we were greeted by a sudden rain shower. The campers didn’t let this ruin their fun, heading into the water for football games. However, with all rain we’ve had this summer, and the clouds overhead, the mosquitos around the pond were out in full force so we decided to cut our trip short and head back to camp for our planned Nuk’em Style Volleyball Tournament. Campers battled it out on the sport court with team Lemon coming out on top. After Nuk’em, we headed over to The Range for Archery! Big Ice Cream League Points were on the line as campers shot for the bulleyes. 


Thursday began with some great games of Capture the Flag before we headed out on our field trip. This week the theme in our K-6 Camp was the LSC Time Machine which made our Thursday trip fit right in, as we traveled to Roller Kingdom! There you can still feel the disco vibe while skating to current music, and laser lights. Once campers got their skating feet under them, it was time for a roller derby. Skaters raced around the rink with taggers chasing after them with pool noodles. Congratulations to Matthew for eluding tags the longest! After some more skating it was time for a pizza lunch and then Laser Tag. Congratulations to Austin, Dany, and Harry for finishing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in Laser Tag! When we got back to campus the rain started again, so we headed inside for a wild and wacky Pictionary Tournament. As the rain subsided we headed back outside for some Knockout Basketball games to end the day. 


On Friday we set out on a high flying adventure to Boundless Adventures. Once there and harnessed up, campers worked their way from yellow, to green, to blue courses, and a few campers even dared to tackle the black course. A big thank you to Trailbreaker Counselor Mike who took many campers on the Black Course! Everyone pushed their individual limits and had a great time zipping through the air.

Until Next Time

We can’t wait to start our final week of Trailbreakers Camp and Week 2 of K-6 Session 2! After a year of distance, it has been so wonderful to be back together, having fun under the summer sun!

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