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Week 6- Finds a Cast of Characters in K-6 Camp and Trailbreakers Come to a Close

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It is hard to believe that we are already 2 weeks down in session 2 for the K-6 camp and only have one week left together at LSC! This week was jam-packed with adventures – just like the characters in our favorite stories experience as we dove into Camp Tells a Story week. We also said goodbye to the Trailbreakers as they completed their sixth and final week of camp this summer. Check out all of the great things we did this week below!


Arts & Crafts

Arts and Crafts had a very creative week! Pioneers created books about themselves and also used pipe cleaners to made crowns, necklaces, and animals. Ramblers made coasters using sharpies that they will be getting back next week. Pathfinders made their own squash booklets that they will also be finishing up next week. All groups had a great time with tie dye too!


For our second week of the session, we began our first building challenge. We designed towers of our own inspired by Rapunzel’s tower, and some even got taller than the counselors! During the rain, we kept working on our towers and observed changes we saw due to the rain. At the end of the week, we worked on a second challenge: designing and flying our own paper airplanes.

Sports & Games

Campers played their way through Sports and Games during story week. Pioneers began with the team game – paper scissors tag. Both groups had a chance to be Bob the Builder as they constructed through “builders and bulldozers.” They finished the week with a session one classic, “trashcan toss!” Ramblers and Pathfinders ducked and dove through free-for-all dodgeball, “pass and run,” and steal the bacon. Ramblers also joined in the Pioneer’s fun playing their own builders and bulldozers, while Pathfinders scored their way to victory in hockey preparing for color war next week!

Music & Drama

This week in Music and Drama we told stories using our words and our bodies. The Pioneers and the Ramblers both did Silent Acting of Fairytales and performed for each other to guess. The Ramblers made finger puppets so they could create their own short skits. The Pathfinders did Fractured Fairy Tales where they twisted an aspect of a story to make it different and funnier. All groups practiced telling stories with their bodies in Character Freeze Dance. We also started rehearsing for the Camp Show next week and everyone brought the moves!!


We aimed for the stars and popped the balloons! We also unlocked the clue for who stole the book with the help of the archery version of Blues Clues! Campers are aiming high to improve their skills and hit the bullseye.


Before snack, we read a very relatable book in The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Pioneers loved making sure that they did not let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! As always, we loved playing games together after we were done reading.

Epic Adventures

Epic Adventures had us sliding and sledding all over the place this week! We dove into water activities with the second rendition this summer of our giant slip n’ slide. Campers went down the slide as fast as they could to race to the bottom. Many did races with style points as they tried to pose on their way down. They enjoyed testing out the giant flamingo tubes for some fun summer sledding down the hill. We ended the week with a full set of water inflatables that included a mega water slide, slip n’ slide rainbows, and a dunk tank. Campers loved watching the water drop on their counselors and racing down the slide with a big splash at the bottom.


Ms. Jennifer had all sorts of characters wandering around the arena tent practicing their gymnastic skills this week. Campers practiced a “droid” balance walk across mats, battled different characters on the balance beam, and practiced the feel of somersaults in the big donut mat. Campers ran as their characters and jumped to do supported flips, some campers even made it on their own! Everyone enjoyed parachute games and calling out fun names with Ms. Jennifer.


Campers are showing such improvement in strokes, kicks, and feeling comfortable in the water. Swim lessons this week had campers kicking across the pool using noodles and kickboards, testing out new strokes, and playing games to get across the pool. Free swim remained popular as campers played basketball, played games with each other, and enjoyed swimming with their counselors. We love going in the pool every day!

LSC Mystery #5

This week’s mystery had campers discovering who stole a story! The directors got ready to read a story to camp, only to find out the story had disappeared. Campers earned clues all week to discover who had the story and the name of the story. Turns out it was our Music & Drama specialist Elana! She made it up to campers by telling a fractured fairytale of Goldilocks and the 4 Bears in a fashion show to announce the 4 Color War Team Counselor Captains. Campers are very excited to start Color War next week, thanks to Elana for making it a fun start. 

Costume Contest

We had all sorts of characters walking around in the rain Thursday. Campers brought out awesome costumes of characters of all kinds. From book characters like Fern in Charlotte’s Web, to movie characters like the Joker, campers enjoyed showing off their best costumes. The finalists for our contest found Nicholas dressed as a red M&M, Tucker as a cow, Lexie as a Magical Rainbow Unicorn, Roselani as Elsa, Emma as Bellatrix Lestrange, Josh as Zelda, and Zech as Men in Black. In the end, the loudest cheers went to Zech looking sharp in his Men in Black suit. What a great way to end our costume contests this summer!



Monday the Trailbreakers kicked off their day with another service trip to Codman Farm. This summer campers have completed nearly 100 hours of service at the farm. Letters documenting each camper’s individual hours will be emailed to parents and guardians this coming week. For our final trip of the summer we had a monster task ahead of us because it was onion harvest day on the farm. Campers were tasked with picking an entire patch on onions, then transporting them to the greenhouse, and laying them out for drying. It was an all hands on deck effort, and the campers worked so collaboratively to complete this large task in record time!

When we returned to campus it was time to cool off with some rides down our giant slip and slide and a dip in the pool. We closed the day with a Corn Hole Competition that saw team Purple Cow pull off the top 2 spots.


On Tuesday the Trailbreakers hit the road again heading out to College Rock in Hopkinton, MA for a day of actual rock climbing with our guides from Vertical World Adventures. While many of our campers have experience climbing “rock walls” indoors, hanging off actual rock faces is a entirely different experience. Each campers was encouraged to take on their level of challenge, whether that was simply putting on a harness, climbing 5ft off the ground, or trying to navigate the challenging “Crack” run. As they climbed campers supported one another by participating in ground belay teams, that helped coach climbers and managed their safety lines.


On Wednesday the Trailbreakers set out for Breezy’s Waterslides and Picnic Grounds. At Breezy’s they had a blast sliding down the 3 giant waterslides, playing football in the lake, and participating in our Kan Jam Tournament. They also enjoyed snacks from the snack shack, and classic card games like UNO!


On Thursday campers were supposed to head out to Hopkinton State Park for Kayaking but mother nature had different plans. The rain forced the campers inside with a trip to Launch Trampoline Park in Framingham. There they jumped on trampolines, flew on the ziplines, battled on the battle beam, played rousing games of dodgeball, and even explored the building zone! Then after a pizza lunch it was time for laser tag and arcade!


On Friday we closed out summer 2021 with a trip to Paradise Mini Golf. There, campers competed in the final Ice Cream League competition on week with the championship on the line! Each match was filled with drama as the lead shifted back and forth. Congratulations to Harry, Jahkeme, and Dany for winning their matches.

We are so glad we were able to bring back our Trailbreakers program this summer and safely travel to 24 destinations. We want to wish our rising 9th graders good luck in high school and thank them for years and years of fun a LSC. We hope they will consider coming back as counselors! As for our rising 7th and 8th graders we hope you enjoyed this summer and will join us again next year when hopefully Trailbreakers returns to full strength with more attractions and the return of our ever popular overnights!

Until Next Time

As we say goodbye to our Trailbreakers and head into our final week of Summer 21′ we want to thank all of you for sharing your campers with us, and helping us bring back the fun that was so missed this past year. But it’s not over yet! K-6 is going to have a blast with our upcoming Color War and Camp Show this week. Stay tuned for reminders about our last week.

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