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Week 7-A Fond Farewell at LSC

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We had such an incredible final week in the K-6 camp as we closed out the summer with a Camp Show, Color War, and our final goodbyes. For some of our campers, it was the close to their sixth week of camp as they shared hugs and memories with their friends, old and new, and their counselors. We would like to thank the staff of the camp and pool and all our amazing families for making this summer feel as close to normal as possible; it truly was a fun and fantastic experience!


Sports & Games

Welcome to color war! This week was filled to the brim with fun, action-packed team games! While the Pioneers were running around playing steal the dino eggs, Ramblers and Pathfinders started the week with classic capture the flag! Next, Pioneers bowled their way to victory as they played 4-way protect the pins. Ramblers and Pathfinders competed in soccer and dodgeball to finish camp for the summer! This session has been so much fun and we hope you all have a great school year!


Our last week of camp was spent diving into color war challenges! We started with mini-challenges like building shoe towers or designing paper airplanes. Groups also played math bingo, and then built structures  with marshmallows and toothpicks. For the last STEM session of the summer, we made homemade ice cream!!


We put our skills to the test and competed to see which team would come out supreme. We aimed at water balloons full of color war colors and had different competitions. We all did an amazing job and so many of the games were close! It was wonderful to watch campers improve their archery skills over the course of the summer.


For story we finished the summer with “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” and we read “What Wonderful Things You’ll Be”.  It was bittersweet playing our final games of the summer but we loved reminiscing about our favorite things from camp.

Music & Drama

Music and Drama was so fun this week as everyone practiced for the Camp Show! The counselors choreographed the dances and everyone was impressed to see their skills. It was a very successful Wednesday afternoon where everyone danced their hearts out and had a blast cheering on their fellow campers. On Thursday, everyone earned points for their Color War teams in many games. The Pioneers sang camp cheers to earn spirit points. The Ramblers tested their knowledge in Guess That Tune, while the Pathfinders stretched their minds with the Camp Song Shuffle. Thank you to all the campers for bringing their energy and stepping into the spotlight during Music and Drama this summer!

Arts & Crafts

What a wonderful summer we had in Arts and Crafts! We finished our camp with necklaces for color war, some tinfoil painting and marble art for the Pathfinders. The Ramblers and Pioneers used some materials to make an art project of their choice. The Pioneers also made little color war people to help cheer on their team!

Epic Adventures

Epic adventures was filled with water blaster battles this week! Campers played a variety of games using the blasters. They worked on teams to get their counselors drenched in Pop, Fizz. Counselors wore a necklace with an Alka-Seltzer tablet and campers had to try to dissolve it. They also played steal the bacon with water blasters in color war teams. Teams competed to get to the blaster and shoot first. Ramblers also enjoyed running in their color war teams to collect (and steal) bean bags in our game of Squirrels and Nuts up on Frontier Field. At the end of the week, we celebrated the end of color war with inflatables! Campers slid down for a big splash on the giant water slide, ran across the giant slip n’ slide, and raced cars through an inflatable course. We ended the summer with delicious sno-cones!


Campers enjoyed their final week with Ms. Jennifer. They loved practicing their handstands against a tall mat and using markers to help them do a headstand. They were flipping over bars, doing back handsprings with mat supports of different sizes. Ms. Jennifer always works hard to make sure every camper feels comfortable moving their body at their level; we cannot wait to see all the amazing gymnastics moves she helps us do next summer!


Campers ended their summer at the peak of their swimming abilities. Campers practiced the breast stroke, backstroke, and butterfly in the pool. They used kickboards and noodles to improve their kicking and floating abilities. Some of the campers even worked on diving! We are so grateful for our WSI’s (Water Safety Instructors) and thank them for a wonderful summer. As always, campers beat the heat by jumping in the pool during free swim and spending time splashing around with friends and counselors.

LSC Mystery #6

Our final mystery of the summer was a stumper for color war. Each day of color war, the captain for the team in the lead gets to wear the golden outfit. On Tuesday, many parts of the outfit went missing and campers had to figure out where they went. It ended up that there were multiple suspects this week and campers worked hard to earn clues from specialists. They ultimately discovered that all 3 directors took parts of the outfit!

Camp Show

We had a spectacular camp show for session 2! Camp families, please check your email for links to your child’s group performance. Everyone truly enjoyed getting up to perform, including our WSI/Lifeguards.

Color War

We were so excited to have the opportunity to have a second color war this summer! Campers loved bonding with their color teammates and competing to earn points for their team through specials and by showing hard work and kindness.

Counselors helped out their teams by participating in competitions during opening council each morning. We started off the week by having counselors compete in a throwing competition. Each counselor had to aim their best to throw bean bags at a cone that was quite far away. On Tuesday, counselors competed in a trivia contest that asked them to estimate how many stairs are in the statue of liberty and how many televisions were in every home in the United States in 2013? It was tricky but they managed to come up with some very close answers. On Wednesday they competed in a balloon contest to see which team could run up the hill fast enough to pop 5 balloons by sitting on them. Thursday brought counselor color groups together to race up and down the hill with Over/Under where they had to move a gator ball as fast as possible alternating over and under counselor’s heads. Rainbow Rangers then referred and campers cheered loudly for our camp classic counselor game of knockout! It was close this time around between finalists from the red and blue team but ultimately it was a blue victory for counselors Meredith and Andrew!

With the counselor competitions out of the way and with earned points from specials throughout the week, campers were ready to turn to a day of color war competitions on Friday. Campers rotated through stations to compete in our classic Rainbow Run. They completed different challenges such as finding the most gold coins on the playground, balancing on one foot without falling, jumping rope, hitting baskets on the sports court, and playing Pictionary. The Ramblers and Pathfinders even had to complete a puzzle to end their run. 

Up on Frontier field all groups competed in some awesome relay races. Campers dashed back and forth to fill their team’s buckets of water using sponges and broken cups. They kept cool as they ran under the giant sprinkler! 

After a much needed refreshing dip in the pool for free swim, we were ready for the Color War conclusion – the all important Cheer Off Competition and Tug-of-War. Campers came with spirit and enthusiasm to the shaded Arena. During the cheer competitions, teams gave it all their energy. We heard takes on favorite camp cheers like Princess Pat, Tarzan, and the Milk cheer (replaced with orange juice from the Orange team). We also heard original cheers led by campers from the Blue team. The Rainbow Rangers were blown away by the creativity and power that came from each team and had to make the very difficult decision of crowning a winner. After much debate, the blue team, with their awesome energy, pushed them to the top. In tug-of-war, campers dug deep and pulled with all their might to help their team. They truly used all their strength to pull back and forth more than we’ve ever seen!  

While it looked like Red or Orange may win the whole competition throughout the week, Blue surged back on Friday to ensure they were the reigning champions. Turns out it’s a blue winning summer as the Blue team was crowned champions of Color War for the second time. We cannot wait to see if they can hang on to their streak next summer!

Until Next Time…

We want to say thank you again to our amazing camp families for a wonderful summer. Campers had a great time over the past 7 weeks and we look forward to another awesome summer next year.

Families, you should have received an email with a link to our end of summer survey. We greatly appreciate you taking a few minutes to fill it out to help us with future planning.

Have a wonderful school year,

Sarah, Erin, and Joe

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