Lincoln Summer Camp

Lincoln Parks and Recreation – Lincoln, MA

Family Handbook In Focus – Camp Basics

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  • Drop off at camp begins at 8:45 am daily. Bus pick up is at 7:45 am at Franklin Park Zoo. Please refer to this post for more detail. Pick up begins at 2:50 pm and the bus arrives back at Franklin Park Zoo at 4:00 pm.

  • sunscreen-clipart-sunscreen-bottle.pngCampers will spend a great deal of time outdoors – therefore you should send your child to camp with sunscreen already applied in the morning. Counselors will instruct campers to reapply periodically throughout the day so please pack extra in their bags.

  • Spray Can CartoonWhile most of our outdoor play occurs in fields – hikes, nature walks, and our proximity to wooded areas make regularly applying bug spray a good idea. We also recommend light colored clothing and high socks and daily tick checks at home.

  • water-bottle-clipart-Sports_Bottle.pngPlease send your camper with a water bottle everyday that can be refilled throughout day.

  • late-clipart-eTMdAXGXc.pngPlease call the Parks & Recreation Office (781) 259-0784 if your camper will be absent or late!

  • Towel_002_Blue_White_Fish_Red.pngPlease send your child with a bathing suit and towel daily.

  • Gym-shoe-clipart.jpegPlease send your child to camp with sneakers or closed-toed shoes with backs. Closed-toed shoes provide the safety necessary to participate in athletic activities and are required for such participation.

  • imgres.pngDo not send your child with cell phones*, toys, radios, or similar items! This includes card games (playing, fantasy, trading or others). *Due to the nature of the Trailblazers and Trailbreaker Camp, cell phones may be permitted on some trips- see the Family Handbook for more details.

  • 494978188.jpgPlease label all your child’s belonging so that we can return them in the event they get lost or misplaced.

  • pizza-slice.pngEach day please provide your child with a snack and a lunch. On trip days please be sure that both are in a disposable bag – lunch is not provided on field trips unless otherwise noted. We do not provide refrigeration or a microwave at camp and we eat picnic style so please consider that while packing. We provide pizza on Tuesdays and Thursdays for $2 per slice or 2 slices for $3. The concession stand is also open at the pool during free swim. Do note there will not be pizza on the first day of camp .

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