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Week 2-Camp Goes Wild!

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We had a great time going wild this week at Lincoln Summer Camp! We enjoyed many animal activities that had us journeying through jungle obstacle courses and creating our own animal landscapes and stories. What a great way to close out session 1! Check out our fun week below. 


Music & Drama

This week Music and Drama was as busy as the jungle! The Pioneers made animal paper bag puppets and played other animal themed games like Sleeping Lions and Animal Rhythm Circle. The Ramblers also made paper bag puppets, had a dance party under the safari lights, and an Animal Beat Box Circle. The Pathfinders played a few rounds of Pterodactyl and an animal version of Picto-charades which they were very good at! Each group sang a few animal camp songs like “Tarzan” and “There was a Great Big Moose” too.

Sports & Games

Week 2 meant camp went wild with animal themed activities for Sports and Games! Campers played games such as Monkeyball, and used their speed in Cheetahball. They had fun playing leapfrog in relay races and testing out their hopping skills in potato sack races! Looking forward to next week where we will get our superhero game on!


In STEM, the kids made their own flower pots! They decorated paper cups before we added soil, water, and sunflower seeds. Campers of all ages made pretty and unique cups. We also made crazy marble courses! There were slopes, ramps, bends, and even some loops! We worked together to build the tallest card towers with index cards! Some groups worked so well together they got their tower to over a meter! Each group brought new ideas on how to keep the cards from falling over.

Arts & Crafts

This week, the campers created amazing animal art! The Pathfinders and Ramblers drew pictures of animals and then outlined them in black glue. Once they dried, campers painted them in watercolor to create a stained glass look. Pioneers made butterflies using pipe cleaners, beads, and clothespins. Pioneers also sculpted animals out of air dry clay! These can be painted or colored with markers at home after drying for a few days! Lastly, Pioneers A made some lovely bug jars using ink pads.


During Archery this week, Ramblers focused on improving their aim by trying to hit Bigfoot on the targets for extra points! Our Pathfinders also worked on improving their aim and enjoyed popping balloons on the archery targets. 


This week in Story time, Pioneers learned all about African wildlife while reading Safari, So Good by Bonnie Worth. Our campers also practiced fine motor skills by stringing Cheerios, grapes and popcorn onto pipe cleaners to make their own bird feeders! We practiced hand eye coordination during a ring toss tournament. Pioneers also enjoyed reading Looking for a Moose by Phyllis Root and Peppa Goes to the Zoo


Campers broke into swim level groups to practice their swimming skills. Each group practiced skills at their level from feeling comfortable in the water with a pool noodle to practicing back and breast stroke. Campers ended Session 1 and came home with swim level cards. We cannot wait to see their progress next week! 

Epic Adventures

During Epic Adventures this week we definitely contributed to camp going wild! On Monday we had a blast with a jungle themed obstacle course in the gym! Campers swung on Tarzan’s rope, balanced their way across the crocodile river and more! On Tuesday we played a capture the dinosaur egg game, which included some water blasters for the kids and counselors to enjoy. On Wednesday inflatables day the campers enjoyed a two way slip and slide, a moon house and a giant rainforest water slide- all of which were a hit! On Thursday, some of the Pathfinders and the Trailblazers engaged in an epic blaster battle with Alka-Seltzer tablets! Looking forward to another fun filled week at Epic Adventures!


Campers this week went on a safari adventure to explore all of the gymnastics equipment with Ms. Jennifer. They started off by sliding like a penguin into the parachute mudslide, moving like a bear across the high parallel bars, balancing on the beam to get to ride on the elephant donut, and swinging like monkeys on the vine with the big ropes and pads. Campers also played get to know you games with the parachute to feel more comfortable to take risks in gymnastics. We cannot wait to see what they will do as superheroes next week! 

Lincoln Live

Campers were incredible in their performances this week. We had such a large number of campers who were brave enough to get on stage and perform their acts. There were lots of dancers, singers, and piano players. We had songs from Riptide to We Don’t Talk About Bruno to even a camper original piece. Campers performed with counselors on stage to dances and tumbling routines. Many had instrumental performances on the piano and campers playing their ukeleles. It was impressive to see a few comedy acts and even a magic show. We ended with everyone participating in our camp dance! Please see the video below for a compilation of acts. We are excited to have campers sign up with their counselors next session. 

Costume Contest

It was a full jungle of animals Wednesday as campers came dressed in very creative animal costumes! We had so many varieties that campers designed that it was a tough contest. There were sharks, flamingos, bears, wolves, tigers, and foxes! We also had a bird learning to fly and a full wolf pack! In the end it was Everett the lion versus Owen the T-Rex. We loved all the unique ideas for costumes and cannot wait to see what they come up with for superheroes!

Trips for K-5

Pioneers at The Painting Place

The Pioneers had what they deemed the “Best Day Ever!” (that they shouted) at The Painting Place. They had such a fun time being precise in their creativity by painting a ceramic of their choice. They were very kind in sharing colors and helping each other figure out what colors to paint. We then headed to the park to eat lunch and partake in our free slush! Afterward campers decorated slime houses then made slime using magic foam, magic sprinkles, and a mystical solution that made it all stick together! 

Ramblers at Mini Mel’s Funway

The Ramblers enjoyed an exciting day at Mini Mel’s Funway! There were bumper boats, huge inflatables and Go-Karts. Campers also enjoyed mining for their own Gems! Mini golf was a huge hit as well. At the end of our day, each camper was able to get an ice cream or slush of their choice! 

Pathfinders at Water Country

This week the Pathfinders made their way up to Portsmouth, New Hampshire to visit Water Country! After arrival and a quick pause for snacks and sunscreen, groups split up with their counselors to dare their way through the watery landscape. While some “relaxed” on the Lazy River, others tested their courage on the The Patriot body slide. Pathfinders slipped, splashed, and raced their way through the park to jam in as much fun and water as they had time for! Ask your camper about their favorite rides (expect to hear about Dr. Von Dark’s, the Dragon Den, and lots of slides only known by their color)!

Trailblazers & Trailbreakers


The Trailblazers and Trailbreakers started their week with a day on campus, but the Trailbreakers didn’t hang around long as they set out on a hike to Codman Farm to complete community service. One there they helped weed the onion beds, removed a rotting crop of lettuce, and helped prepare the squash beds. It was hard work, but very rewarding to see all that we accomplished.

The Blazers hung back on campus and started the day with Archery, learning all the rules, safety procedures, and proper form. Then it was on to Music and Drama for a game of charades for all important Ice Cream League points. Then it was up to the fields for a game of Speedball before heading to STEM for planting and snap circuits. After lunch the Trailbreakers returned and joined the Trailblazers for an Epic Obstacle course challenge in the gym. Then it was off to free swim before ending the day with a Lawn Games Tournament! There was Kan Jam, Corn Hole, Yard Pong, and Knockout. Be sure to ask your camper which event they competed in for their team. 


On Tuesday we were off to APEX Entertainment for a day of fun! We started in an 8 lane private bowling room, where our Ice Cream League teams faced off in a bowling duel. The teams went back and forth and Ari came in strong for team Americone Dream. Then we were treated to a pizza lunch before heading over to the Arcade for unlimited games for 60 minutes. APEX was closed to the public during our trip so campers had full run of the place! After the arcade it was time for Laser Tag, where again Ice Cream points were on the line. John and Darraugh had strong showing but no one could beat our director Joe! After Laser Tag it was up to the third floor of APEX for Blacklight Mini-Golf. Ask your camper what their favorite part was! 


On Wednesday it was off to Water Country for a day of wet and wild fun! Campers had so much fun riding all the slides, forming chains in the lazy river, and dodging waves in the wave pool. They also did an amazing job with the Buddy System, staying with their buddies and arriving at each and every check in with counselors on time. We are so proud of how they were able to manage their time and grow their personal responsibility all while having a great time! 


On Thursday the Trailbreakers headed out on their Trailbreaker exclusive trip while the Trailblazers spent their day on campus. The Trailbreakers headed to Breakout Games to complete escape rooms. One group tackled Undercover Ally while the other was locked inside a Casino. Both teams worked so well together and ALMOST broke out but were just a few minutes short! Back on campus the Trailblazers started their day with an Index Card Challenge in STEM seeing which Ice Cream League team could build the largest tower! Then it was off to Epic Adventures for Fizz Fiasco. In this game, one player from each Ice Cream League team was given a necklace with an Alka-Seltzer tablet attached to it. The players from the other teams then used water blasters to try to dissolve the tablet, while also defending their wearer. It was great fun! Next it was a classic game of dodgeball and then gymnastics, where we held a rope climbing contest, all before lunch. After lunch some campers chose to go to Lincoln Live to perform or just to enjoy the show. Shout out to Jiawei, Keira, and Gemma for performing for the whole camp. Campers who did not want to go to the show, met up with our Trailbreakers who returned from the trip and enjoyed some more lawn games! 


On Friday we set back out on the road to New Hampshire for a visit to Mel’s Funway. There campers got to race in go-carts, smash into each other in bumper boats, play mini-golf, swing in the batting cages, and tackle the laser maze and laser tag arena. It was a fun filled way to end the session. 

Bus Rides and Ice Cream League

Throughout the second week of session 1 the competition intensified. After jumping out to a big lead, Americone Dream was the team to beat. The other 3 teams started to chip away at their lead as the week progressed. In addition to our on campus and trip competitions mentioned above, we had another round of bus ride games including 80’s Name that Tune, Buzzword, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader, 20 Questions, and Name that Movie based on hearing the score. Heading into our last competition, team Vanilla had come on strong, stealing the lead from Americone Dream, but Americone struck back and pulled out a mere 6 point victory! Congratulations to Ari, Asad, Liam, Gemma, Hannah, Keira, John and Clarissa on their big win! 

See You Next Week

As we bid a fond farewell to Session 1, we are looking forward to a super week with our campers to start Session 2! Be on the lookout for a reminder email on Sunday for the week ahead. 

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