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Week 3-Super Camp!

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s SUPER week at Lincoln Summer Camp! Campers showcased their super powers in many ways this week from teamwork in playing games, to bravery in sliding down the pool slide for the first time, to campers advocating for themselves to ensure our campus stays clean and finally showing off talents at Lincoln Live. 

Check out our fun week below!


Music & Drama

Music and Drama this week was all about Superheroes! The Pioneers pushed Magical Power back and forth. The Ramblers played Mirror Mirror where they acted and copied each other as heroes and villains. The Pathfinders worked on their improve skills with Superhero Skits and performed for each other. Many of the groups had a Superhero Freeze Dance Party under the fun lights and played Superhero Museum where they had to switch poses without getting caught. All groups learned The Llama Cheer this week which we sang as a whole camp at Lincoln Live!

Sports & Games

We closed off Week 3 with Super camp, and in Sports and Games we played some superhero themed games. Campers had to work together to guard their pins from being knocked down in Protect the Infinity Stones, steal each other’s flags in Superhero Cape Tag, and also enjoyed Superman Dodgeball. Get pumped for camp wide Color War next week! 


We celebrated Superhero Week at camp by building our own superhero league towers with cups and other building materials. We worked in groups to help build better teamwork. We also made our own superhero shields! The campers used these shields to defend towers from counselors using ping pong balls to knock the towers over!

Arts & Crafts

This week was SUPER! Pathfinders and Ramblers made superhero figures out of straws, beads, and pipe cleaners. The Pioneers made amazing super hero masks. They could either use a shape provided or create their own shape! All groups also made their own comic strips. Each camper could choose a known superhero or make up their own! 


In archery this week, our Ramblers and Pathfinders defeated evil marvel villains Thanos, Ultron and Loki by aiming their arrows at specific parts of the targets!


This week at Supercamp our Pioneers read The Three Little Superpigs by Claire Evans, Ten Rules of Being a Superhero by Deb Pelutti, and There’s a Superhero in Your Book by Tom Fletcher. They also enjoyed creating, decorating and flying their own paper airplanes!


Campers keep practicing their swimming skills in the Codman Pool. This week they progressed to feeling more comfortable to take risks in the pool by sliding down the slide, jumping off the diving platforms, or immersing their full head in the shallow end. They played games such as What time is it Mr. Fox, Bobbing, and Fishy Fishy Cross my swimming pool. Many campers are showing resilience in trying to pass the swim test every day. 

Epic Adventures

During Epic Adventures this week we had a blast with the super camp theme! On Monday the campers enjoyed indoor stations in the gym such as jumbo bowling, inflatable limbo, darts, and a jousting competition! On Tuesday the campers had fun with a slip and slide game, which included lots of water balloons, splash balls and water blasters. Wednesday was inflatables day! The campers slid down a 2 person water slide, bounced on the moon house, and ran across the inflatable slip and slide! On Thursday the Pathfinders and the Trailblazers had the fun experience of a competitive pony express game. This week was super and we are looking forward to the epic color war week to come!


Campers were encouraged to show off their super powers and be their own super hero as they zoomed around the gymnastics room. They practiced super strength by holding themselves up on the parallel bars and swinging over a pretend city on the ropes.  Campers also got ready to hone their powers by practicing the proper form for somersaults and cartwheels with the help of big tumblers and mats. Ask your camper their favorite gymnastics activity! 

Lincoln Live

This was our only Lincoln Live of Session 2 and wow did the talents show up! We had performances from Tucker doing Karate, to Liam performing cartwheels in his dance, to our Trailblazers performing a dance routine and of course a counselor dance battle.

Check out more performances in the video below!

At the end of the amazing talents, we launched our camp favorite of Color War teams for next week! Color War Counselor Captains were named and each camper went home with a bandana to show off their team. Counselors and Trailblazers then competed in our first competition of the summer by rolling an oreo down their face with no hands. The Orange team was victorious. It is sure to be an epic Color War this year! 

Costume Contest

It was a fleet of superheroes who showed up for the costume contest this week. Camp was filled with Marvel and DC superstars, book heroes, and even some uniquely original super costumes. There were the Incredibles, Herminone Granger, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Spider-man, and Iron! In the end it was Ada as Harley Quinn versus Clara as Magic Bat Girl. The cheers were super loud for both but ultimately Ada won! We loved all the fun for costumes and we cannot wait to see campers go all out for their color teams this week in Color War! 

Trips for K-5

Pioneers at Davis Farmland

The Pioneers traveled out to a camp favorite field trip – Davis Farmland! After a bus ride filled with cheers and even a few rounds of Old McDonald had a Farm to get us ready, we met up with our farmers. They taught us all about the animals at the farmland. We took a fun hayride to learn about some of the endangered animals Davis Farmland cares for. Then we got time to pet and feed so many of the animals – from sheep and goats to alpacas and camels! When our tour was over we had our picnic lunch and then headed over to the splash park! Campers jumped into bubbles, directed water squirters at each other, and ran through other water attractions. It was a refreshing way to end a hot day. Ask your camper about their favorite part of the trip! 

Ramblers at Launch

The Ramblers enjoyed a fun filled day at Launch Trampoline Park! There were many different trampoline choices, including a basketball court, a dodgeball court, and a battle beam! There was also an obstacle ropes course and a warped wall that everyone got to try out. After lunch, they were able to play Laser Tag and arcade games. 

Pathfinders at Tree Top Adventures

 The Pathfinders found their way to the canopy as they explored the high ropes courses at Tree Top Adventures. Many campers took big risks to try out some of the difficult elements on the courses and showed such bravery! They ventured through the Yellow run, traipsed over the Green, and used their upper body strength to course through the Blue. There were over 10 different trails, be sure to ask your camper which one was their favorite. This trip showed the empathy and camaraderie between campers as they encouraged each other to face challenges and their fears. They even encouraged counselors when they had to brave an element or got stuck on a course! 

Trailblazers & Trailbreakers


On Monday we kicked off our week by meeting all the new campers who joined us for session 2, and welcomed back our returners from session 1. Our Trailblazers stayed on campus to add to our bus ride playlist in Music and Drama, and then to compete in Guard the Pin in Sports and Games as well as STEM Jeopardy. 

The Trailbreakers headed off campus to do community service with half of the group going to work with the Lincoln Land Conservation Trust in their pollinator meadow, and the other half returning to Codman farm to work in the market gardens. There was lots of work to be done this week from planting, to watering, to staking out flower beds, and the Trailblazers did a phenomenal job helping the ecosystems of Lincoln thrive. 

When the Breakers returned to campus they joined up with the Trailblazers for Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag, Free Swim, and ended the day with a briefing on the weeks’ trips!


On Tuesday we headed out to Breezy’s Waterslides in Douglas, MA for a day by the lake. Campers had so much fun swimming, playing water football, and of course sliding down Breezy’s 3 giant slides. The day also featured a Kan Jam Tournament. Congratulations to John, Santiago, Sophie, and Emma on winning first and second place and bringing in big points for their Ice Cream League team. A highlight of the trip was how well campers did with our buddy system. Every group came back to all the check ins on time, and they managed their time extremely well! 


On Wednesday everyone was up early for our annual whitewater rafting trip with Zoar outdoor. We headed out west to the Deerfield River where class I, II, and III rapids awaited us. Upon arriving at Zoar we did a safety briefing, got our gear, and boarded another bus to take us to the top of the river. Once there we launched our rafts and the fun began as we quickly arrived at a “surf spot” where raft teams worked to maneuver their boats into a rapid so that it would fill with water and “surf” on the rocks. It was a wet but fun start. The trip continued down river as boats spun through rapids, slammed into rocks, and when calmer waters appeared campers had water splash battles with each other! When the water got deeper, campers even had the chance to jump out of the boat and swim in the river. Right before lunch, the boats made their way to Zoar Gap, the largest rapid of the day, and every boat safely made it through. Then we pulled our boats to the side of the river, hiked up a trail, and had a wonderful lunch of sandwiches, wraps, pasta salad, chips and salsa, and even fresh baked cookies for dessert. Then it was back in the boats for more fun! All and all it was an amazing day on the river. 


On Thursday the Trailbreakers headed out on their Trailbreaker exclusive trip to Paradise Mini Golf and the Trailblazers had another day of fun on campus. The Trailblazers day started out with a STEM Snap Circuit Challenge where teams tried to create the most interesting machines and devices. Then it was off to Epic Adventures for Water Balloon and Blaster Pony Express and then to Sports and Games for dodgeball. After the Trailblazers headed to The Range for Archery, and an impromptu story time! Finally after lunch and Free Swim it was time for Lincoln Live where several campers performed, and the whole Trailblazer Group got on stage to welcome their color war teams, and compete in the first Color War competition of the summer, the OREO drop! 

Meanwhile the Trailbreakers were battling it out of the links at Paradise where they played a practice round for fun, and then a second round for all important Ice Cream League Points. Congratulations to Austin, John, and Clarissa for their top 3 finishes! After golf it was time for lunch, and ice cream, before heading back to camp.  


On Friday it was off to Boundless Adventures for a day in the trees. Campers took on the challenge of the unique elements on the Boundless high ropes courses and the heat, to accomplish some awesome goals. They were tremendously supportive of one another, taking everyone’s needs into consideration in order to plan the best day for them and their buddies. 

Bus Rides and Ice Cream League

This session’s Ice Cream League has four teams competing: Vanilla Soft Serve, Mustachio Pistachio, Sour Patch Kids, and Mint Chocolate Chip. This week, in addition to the competitions mentioned above, campers competed in a series of bus ride competitions such as Wits and Wagers, Eat It, Name That Tune, and That’s It! Right now Mustachio Pistachio and Mint Chip are close at the top of standings, but who knows what next week will bring! 

See You Next Week

We kicked off Color War with an announcements of teams this week and we are very excited to see all their team work next week to ultimately crown a new Color War champion! Please remind your camper to wear their team colors all week.

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