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Week 4-Color War!

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Red, Green, Orange, Blue, the chants of our annual Color War were heard everywhere this week. Competitions were fun and fierce as campers earned points all through specials and all camp events.

Check out our fun week below!


Music & Drama

Music and Drama was very busy this week with campers earning points for their Color War teams. The Pioneers learned how to cheer loudly for their teams in Awesome Rainbows and played Freeze Dance under the colorful lights to earn points. The Ramblers played a Color War version of a Rock, Paper, Scissor Battle and the Pathfinders had a Stack Cup Competition. Everyone played Guess that Song this week, earning major points for their teams and bonus points for good sportsmanship!

Sports & Games

Camp wide Color War was this week, and campers enjoyed battling off in Sports and Games with their respective teams. In games such as glow in the dark pillow polo in the gym and capture the flag, campers brought their competitive sides out to win points for their team.


We (egg) dropped it like it’s hot! Each color split into their teams and built AMAZING contraptions. Two groups even got all the way to the top of a ladder and their egg still would not break!!! It was amazing! Some groups built the longest paper chains that were over a whole yard! The Trailblazers built catapults and competed to see which team was able to get a ping pong ball into 3 different cups. It was a close battle, but orange came out on top!

Arts & Crafts

Color War was so fun this week in Arts and Crafts! All groups made team colored necklaces and were extremely creative. The Pathfinders made coasters using tissue paper and mod podge. The Ramblers and Pioneers created pictures using special tissue paper that spreads when water is added to it. This creates a tie dye look. In all groups, the most creative project gave them color war points.


Our Ramblers and Pathfinders gained points for their color teams by popping balloons on the archery targets. Each team showed pride in how high their collective points were, showcasing the value of teamwork.


This week our Pioneers read A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon, A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni, and The Serious Goose by Jimmy Kimmel. Each color team was awarded points for good listening skills. They also performed in a mini Lincoln Live talent show under the Book Nook Tent!


Swim lessons this week had campers kicking across the pool using noodles and kickboards and playing games to get across the pool. Free swim remained popular as campers played basketball, played games with each other, and enjoyed swimming with their counselors. We love going to the pool every day! Campers ended Session 2 and came home with swim level cards. We cannot wait to see their progress next session! 

Epic Adventures

During Epic Adventures this week we had a blast in color war! Each day of Epic Adventures the campers were split up into their color war teams and competed for points! On Monday campers enjoyed playing a battleship game with water balloons on the sports court! On Tuesday the campers had fun playing a classic drip drip drop game. On Wednesday the campers had so much fun in a timed obstacle course in the gym! And on Thursday the campers played kiddie pool kickball with a 5ft inflatable beach ball which was such a hit! Color war week was definitely a success and we look forward to the last new session!


We were all excited to see what Ms. Jennifer had up her sleeves for Color War week and of course she did not disappoint. Campers used a springboard to jump and climb mats to practice somersaults and flips! Campers reached the top of the ropes as they climbed in competition with one another.  They even practiced doing pool noodle jousts on the balance beam between color war teams. Campers progressed to standing on the parallel bars from last week’s crawling. Ask your camper about their favorite tumbling activities from this week! 

Color War

Throughout the week, campers got the chance to cheer on their counselors who competed for Color War points each opening council this week. On Monday, counselors competed in a timed hula hoop toss. Tuesday brought counselors competing in a challenge of the brain with answering some difficult trivia questions from the game Wits and Wagers. An example is How many seats are in the biggest NFL stadium? Wednesday showed strength as counselor color teams had to undo and put on a frozen t-shirt- campers cheers so loudly! During Thursday’s competition they tried the classic Human Knot where they jumbled up their arms and needed to untwist themselves. They also competed in the less widely known but camp-classic Electric Hands, where all participants had to use just their two hands to lift the rest of their bodies off the ground. While this one was a little trickier, good communication and a great team plan led the Red team to success again!

In addition to counselor competitions, campers earned points from specials throughout the week with different projects. Each afternoon, campers came together for whole camp color war events. On Monday it was our classic Knockout Competition, an LSC favorite. Campers cheered on their color team counselors as they tried to make each basketball shot they took. It came down to Green team contestants being the last ones standing. Congrats to Trailbreaker Alex Yarov winning it for Green!

Tuesday, campers split up into age groups to compete. Pioneers and some Ramblers searched through the wood chips of the playground to find as many golden coins as they could in our seek and find competition. Then they played Squirrel and Nuts to race to bean bags and showed off their guarding skills in Guard the pin. Pathfinders and some Ramblers played a few rounds of Speedball and Nuk’em on the field and sports court.

Wednesday brought some awesome relay races. Campers dashed back and forth to fill their team’s buckets of water using sponges and broken cups. They also maneuvered like crabs and hopped like kangaroos. They also tested out potato sack races!

Thursday’s competition showed how their bodies moved through a hula hoop around their team circle as well as showed off their coordination during an over/under relay. It ended with the all important Cheer Off Competition and Tug-of-War. Campers came with spirit and enthusiasm to the field, ready to prove that their color team deserved to win. During the cheer competitions part 1, teams gave it their all. We heard takes on favorite camp cheers like Tarzan and some Trailblazer originals. In tug-of-war, campers dug deep and pulled with all their might to help their team.

On Friday, we headed to Urban Air adventures for a few last competitions such as counselor balloon jump and skycoaster drop then to do Cheer off 2.0. 

For the first time since 2019, Team Orange was crowned champions of Color War!

Trip for K-5

Pioneers, Ramblers, and Pathfinders at Urban Air Adventures

On Friday, all of the Pioneers, Ramblers, and Pathfinders excitedly loaded our buses to head out to Bellingham to explore Urban Air Adventure Park! We rented out the entire park for just our campers so it was just a Lincoln Summer Camp party! Campers had the run of the place and had every inch of fun they could. From crazy climbing walls and a ropes challenge course to a sky coaster and a ninja warrior course, campers challenged themselves and tried new (and exciting) things. Campers challenged each other and counselors to jousting bouts and trampoline dodgeball games. Some campers scampered up, down, and all around the tubes playground and bounced on the APEX trampolines. There was something for everyone at Urban Air! After a pizza lunch, we held our final competitions of Color War on the APEX trampolines and the sky coaster. It was an awesome day! 

Trailblazers & Trailbreakers


On Monday the Trailblazers started their day on campus making signs and writing cheers for their color war teams. Then it was off to Sports and Games to get the competitions started with a game of glow hockey. Next up was Epic Adventures where campers competed in Water Balloon Battleship and then target practice in archery. 

Meanwhile the Trailbreakers were off to Codman Farm for another day of service. Campers helped maintain the pepper and eggplant beds, removed a potted bed of bok choy, and made sure the flower beds were weed free.  

Then it was back to campus for lunch, free swim, and then Trailblazer/Trailbreaker and Counselor Knockout competition, and camp wide trivia. 


On Tuesday it was time for a much anticipated trip to Six Flags New England. Once there, campers soared on Superman, spun round on the Riddler, and flipped out of the Joker. They flew high in the giant swings, and raced in cars. As campers made their way around the park they had to negotiate with their group members and make compromises to balance their needs and wants with those of their group members. They did a great job navigating these conversations and a great time was had by all! 


On Wednesday the Blazers and Breakers headed out on a brand new field trip to Level 99. There they competed in a series of challenges, from escape rooms, to arena games, to hidden puzzles, there were so many challenges, and so much fun was had. Be sure to ask your camper what their favorite activity was! 


On Thursday the Trailblazers were back on campus for another day of color war competition. The day started out with a naming faces competition hosted by Arts and Crafts Specialists Briana, and then moved on to a cup stacking challenge hosted by Music and Drama specialist Elana. Then it was off to Epic Adventures for Kiddie Pool Kickball and then to STEM for the Egg Drop Challenge. After lunch and free swim the Trailblazers joined the rest of camp for the Annual Color War Tug o’ War and Cheer competition, featuring the cheers many of the campers wrote. 

Meanwhile the Trailbreakers set out for a day on the lake in Hopkinton State Park. There, campers each boarded their own kayak and set out. They explored islands in the lake, stopped by shorelines to skip stones, and floated and paddled the day away. When we returned to land we headed over to the picnic area for a little barbecue before heading back to camp. 


On Friday the campers set out to Canobie Lake Park for a day of fun in the sun. Canobie is one of the largest destinations where we use our buddy system, and campers need to figure out how to manage their time, stay together, and make designated check-ins with counselors in this larger park. We are pleased to report that they did a fantastic job, with no group being more than 3 minutes late for a check in! And of course Canobie was a ton of fun, from the ever popular Boston Tea Party log ride, to the giant Yankee Cannonball roller coaster thrill seekers had plenty to do! For those who wanted to cool off, Canobie now offers a full waterpark called Castaway Island. Many campers spent a lot of time there, riding the lazy river, and slipping down the slides. 

Bus Rides and Ice Cream League

Going into week 2 of the session Ice Cream League heated up, as many of our color war contests contributed to Ice Cream League points. A big congratulations to Alex who beat the entire camp staff in a game of knockout bringing big points home for his team. Throughout the week the competitions heated up on the bus as well with games of Wits and Wagers, Name that Tune Country Cover Edition, Family Feud, and Trivia. When all the points were tallied Mustachio Pistachio came out on top. Congratulations to Hannah, Keira, Camille, Azalea, Alina, Sabrina, Sophie, Adrian, Alex, and Austin!  

See You Next Week

As we said a fond farewell to Session 2, there were lots of hugs and goodbyes. Stay tuned for all the fun we have in store for next session!

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