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Week 6-Camp Tells A Story Week!

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Camp had some amazing stories and characters in our final week of the summer. We had a great time sharing memories and performing in our camp show! 

Check out our recap of the week below!


Music & Drama

We spent all week practicing for the Camp Show in Music and Drama! A big shout out to the counselors who choreographed the dances and helped their campers shine onstage this Thursday. When we were not rehearsing, each group played some of their favorite games from the summer-Freeze Dance with the colorful lights and Slideshow were the most popular. Thank you to all the campers for bringing their energy and for stepping into the spotlight to make this another awesome summer in Music and Drama!

Sports & Games

Camp went back in time this week and so did Sports and Games with activities such as Steal the Dino Eggs and Catapult Dodgeball, as well as beating the heat on Thursday with beach ball relay race with sprinklers! We hope to keep the energy going for the last week of camp!


This week in STEM, we traveled back into time and used our creative engineering minds to create catapults only using popsicle sticks, rubber bands and a spoon. We took down walls, aimed for bullseye’s, and much more! We also made Oobleck! Campers made a great mess while mixing the cornstarch and water!

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts has come to an end! This week all groups enjoyed some free art projects where they could pick between watercolor, free drawing, building with recycled materials, or gimp. Pathfinders and Ramblers also made slime this week! We hope you all have a wonderful rest of your summer!


Our ramblers and pathfinders finished the summer strong by showcasing their archery skills. They played 1v1 games and counted their points up to compare with their friends! Many campers showed great interest in Archery throughout the summer and may have gained a new hobby! 


This week our Pioneers joined their favorite Pup Pals, the PAW Patrol team, on many different adventures! They also commemorated the summer by decorating paper bag memory books. They recounted their favorite camp memories, all the friends they’ve made at camp and their favorite specials! They enjoyed coloring and using stickers on their forever keepsakes to remember LSC 2022. 


Campers loved having their final Swim lessons of the summer at the Codman Pool. They were practicing strokes, learning to be comfortable putting their head underwater to blow bubbles, and enjoying free time going down the slide. We want to thank our Water Swim Instructors for their lessons all summer and the lifeguard staff for keeping us safe at the pool during free swim.  Free swim was the best way to beat the heat and play with counselors and friends alike. Thanks for a great summer at the pool!

Epic Adventures

During Epic Adventures for our final week of camp, we had the best of times with our camp tells a story theme! On Tuesday campers enjoyed a jumbo soapy slip and slide with inflatable flamingos and tubes! On Wednesday the campers bounced on the inflatable moon bounces and raced through a 2 way obstacle course! On Thursday the pathfinders and trailblazers had a lot of fun doing another giant slip and slide! Camp tells a story week was so much fun and a perfect way to end to the best 6 weeks of Lincoln Summer Camp! Thank you for an amazing summer!!


We loved our final gymnastics day with Ms. Jennifer. They loved practicing their rope swings and jumping on to start. They were crossing the balance beam by hanging down below, and loved the support in flipping over the uneven bars. They practiced balance and stamina as they crossed thin mats and pushed over bigger ones. Ms. Jennifer always works hard to make sure every camper feels comfortable moving their body at their level, we cannot wait to see all the amazing gymnastics moves she helps us do next summer! 

Dress Up Day

There were unique characters from all walks of life this week!  Camp was filled with story book characters, original made-up characters, sports heroes, movie stars, and cartoons. We had Buzz lightyear, Little BoPeep, Green Lantern, Tiger Woods, Elsa from Frozen, and many more! Our finalists included Ellery as Fern (with Wilbur of course), Neve as Angelina Ballerina, Christopher as a camp counselor, Daniel as Gandalf, Holden as the Scuba kid and Julia as a fairy. In the end it was a very close race between Neve as Angelina Ballerina and Daniel as Gandalf. Ultimately the cheers were too close to call and they both won the costume contest! We loved all the fun for costumes and all the creativity campers brought this summer! 

Camp Show

Our annual Camp Show for summer 2022 did not disappoint! Each camp group, including the staff, performed a dance onstage to a variety of songs. They worked hard to come together and choreograph and learn a dance in only a week! We loved seeing the smiles on stage and the dedication to teamwork our camp show brings each year. 

We are respecting camper privacy for those who do not have photo permission, if we receive permission for all campers for the show, we will email you your group’s performance. If we do not, we will respect privacy and not share out the videos through email.

Please enjoy the Trailblazer performance and Specialist performance below!

Trips for K-5

The Pioneers at the Stone Zoo

For their final journey of the summer, the Pioneers headed to Stoneham, MA to visit the animals at the Stone Zoo! Campers split into small groups to travel around the zoo with their counselors. We saw flamingos, iguanas, and macaws in the Caribbean Coast. There was a black bear, a bald eagle, and porcupines in the Yukon Creek. Cougars, Gila monsters, jaguars, and bats were highlights of the Treasures of the Sierra Madre. There were snow leopards and yaks in the Himalayan Highlands and a nearby pack of Mexican gray wolves. Also, around the zoo giant Lego structures of octopus, Venus fly traps, and more. The Pioneers had a great time exploring all the Stone Zoo had to offer! 

The Ramblers at Merrimack Valley Pavilion (MVP)

The Ramblers enjoyed a fun filled day at Merrimack Valley Pavilion! They were able to rotate between mini golf, laser tag, and the arcade! Many campers got some prizes from the arcade as well! We finished out our day with a huge game of capture the flag and ice cream for all! What a successful last trip of the summer!

The Pathfinders at Boda Borg

The Pathfinder set out on a quest to Boda Borg this week where they found themselves swinging through the jungle, crawling through a battlefield, making their way through a haunted house, and answering quiz show questions among other adventures. The Pathfinders also got to go on this trip with the Trailblazers and Trailbreakers, trying out what it is like to use the buddy system where campers form their own groups and go around with them, with staff overseeing but not directly attached to each group. They did a fantastic job taking on the responsibility that comes with this freedom. Overall Boda Borg was an awesome experience testing mind, body, and teamwork. Ask your camper how many missions they completed and which one was their favorite! Sorry there aren’t many pictures, it’s hard to catch them in the rooms.

Trailblazers & Trailbreakers


On Tuesday the Trailblazers and Trailbreakers set out for Brownstone Park in Portland Connecticut. Brownstone, as its name suggests is an old rock quarry that has been filled in with water and transformed into the ultimate water park. There campers had the chance to ride 13 ziplines from the top of the quarry into the water. They also could cliff jump, rock climb, ride the giant slide, swing on the trapeze, and fly high on the blob. It was an awesome day beating the heat in the water! 


On Wednesday it was off to Great Wolf Lodge for a day in their giant indoor water park. Campers had a great time trying out all 6 giant slides from the Howlin’ Tornado to the River Canyon Run, and of course the Wolf Tail drop slide. They also enjoyed time in the wave pool, laser river, and water basketball courts. Overall a great day was had by all! 


On Thursday the Trailbreakers headed out to Hopkinton State Park for a day of kayaking and hanging at the beach, while the Trailblazers had their last day on campus. 

The Trailbreakers had a great time exploring the pond at Hopkinton State Park, paddling out to islands, inlets, and fallen trees to explore. The pond was open again to swimming so campers loved jumping out of their kayaks and swimming. After kayaking we headed over to the beach for a hot dog BBQ and more swimming. It was a relaxing and fun day!

Meanwhile back on campus the Trailblazers started their day with STEM where they too worked to create awesome mini-golf courses. Then it was off to Epic Adventures for giant slip and slide before Archery, Free Swim, and the Camp Show. Congratulations to Keira, Hannah Orly, Grace, and Azalea for representing the Trailblazers so well in the show! 


On Friday it was time for our last trip of the season and the conclusion of Ice Cream League at Boda Borg. At Boda Borg they found themselves swinging through the jungle, breaking out of prison, on a gameshow, crawling through a battlefield, and making their way through a haunted house, among other adventures. It was an awesome experience testing mind, body, and teamwork. (sorry it is hard to get pictures at Boda Borg!) 

Bus Rides and Ice Cream League

We had a tremendous final week of competition in Ice Cream League with old favorites and new bus games such as Finish Line, where campers were challenged to finish famous lines, phrases, and song lyrics. It was back and forth all week, but the Strawberry Shortcakes maintained their lead going into the final day of competition at Boda Borg. However the other teams were ready to attempt a comeback with big points on the line for every stamp collected from a Boda Borg Challenge. Team Americone Dream led by rising 9th grader John, banded together and collected over 200 points catapulting them into first place! Congratulations to John, Darragh, Pasha, Daishon, Charlie, Zech and Zack on their win! 

A Final Goodbye

We want to thank all of you for being a part of our camp season and entrusting us with your wonderful campers every day. We also want to shout-out a huge thank you to our staff who were dedicated and worked hard to provide our campers with fun and smiles all summer long.

We hope to see you all for Summer 2023! To help us plan for next year we would appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to fill out our Feedback Form. Thanks so much!

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