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Week 5-Time Warp Week!

Camp traveled back and forth in time to explore activities for our Time Warp Week! Check out all the amazing fun we had and be sure to ask your camper which future or past event they enjoyed the most! 

Check out our recap of the week below!


Music & Drama

In Music and Drama this week, everyone did a lot of time traveling! All the groups played Slideshow where we went on a vacation through time, taking pictures of our many adventures which the counselors narrated. The Pioneers played One Truth, One Lie (a variation of two truths and a lie). The Ramblers played Two Truths and a Lie as well as Who Moved. The Pathfinders told One Word Stories at the beginning of the week and finished off with a multi-decade dance party. Everyone also learned a new cheer “A Roosta Sha”!

Sports & Games

Camp went back in time this week and so did Sports and Games with activities such as Steal the Dino Eggs and Catapult Dodgeball, as well as beating the heat on Thursday with beach ball relay race with sprinklers! We hope to keep the energy going for the last week of camp!


This week in STEM, we traveled back into time and used our creative engineering minds to create catapults only using popsicle sticks, rubber bands and a spoon. We took down walls, aimed for bullseye’s, and much more! We also made Oobleck! Campers made a great mess while mixing the cornstarch and water!

Arts & Crafts

This week in Arts and Crafts we traveled back in time! The Pioneers created fossil necklaces, as well as beautiful coasters for your tables at home. The Ramblers made recycled robots and time travel pictures using special tissue paper to create a marbled look. The Pathfinders also made their own robots, as well as painted scenes of past and future years.


During Archery, our Ramblers and Pathfinders traveled back to the Medieval Times to slay dragons on the targets! Our Trailblazers earned points for their Ice Cream League teams, and points doubled for slaying the dragons!


This week at Camp Time Warp, our Pioneers read The Knight and The Dragon by Tomie dePaola, Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin and the Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch. Each of our groups also enjoyed creating their own silly stories with MadLibs, while learning about parts of speech! 


Swim lessons started off this session by campers breaking into leveled groups. Some campers learned to scoop their arms like ice cream scoops to learn strokes while others practiced advance strokes like butterfly.  Free swim was the best way to beat the heat this week as campers played basketball with counselors and splashed down the slide. We can’t wait to see the final progress next week!

Epic Adventures

During Epic Adventures this week we had a blast with our time warp theme! On Monday campers enjoyed doing a back to the future themed obstacle course in the gym with matts galore! On Tuesday the campers loved a steal the bacon game with water blasters to stay cool! On Wednesday the campers enjoyed a 45ft tall water slide, a dunk tank and fun with the water inflatables in general! On Thursday the pathfinders and trailblazers had a lot of fun playing capture the flag in the dark! Time Warp Week was a great start to our last session of camp! We are looking forward to week 2 of the third session of camp!


Campers did a fantastic job of tumbling and jumping through time to the past. They crawled up the backs of mats like a dinosaur and rolled off the front into a somersault. They then crawled through a caveman tunnel under the giant parachute. They then traipsed across the balance beam to steal a dinosaur egg out of the giant donut and swing across the ropes in their escape. Campers loved testing out their skills and trying their best to climb high and soar wide. We cannot wait for our final time with Ms. Jennifer next week. 

Dress Up Day

There were a lot of original costumes from all points in time this week!  Camp was filled with retro outfits, historical ensembles, and creative designs. There were 1920’s flappers, 80’s outfits, ancient Egyptians, and astronauts. In the end it was a very close race between Birdie as a Roman Senator, Josh as an old man and Ronan as a soldier. Ultimately Josh and Ronan’s cheers were too close to call and they both won the costume contest! We loved all the fun for costumes and we cannot wait to see campers unique ideas for Character dress up day next week!

Lincoln Live

This was our only Lincoln Live of Session 3 as next week is our camp show. Our setlist was packed with performances from a variety of campers.  We had performances that included lots of dancing, singing, piano and violin playing, and even a few magic tricks! 

Check out more performances in the video below! Next week we look forward to every camper participating in our annual end of summer camp show!

Trips for K-5

The Pioneers at Jump On In

The Pioneers had a blast on our annual outing to Jump On In. Campers got to experience two rooms of giant inflatables for hours on end. They went down the full ceiling slides, climbed through the obstacle courses, and played rounds of dodgeball in the twister bounce house. Many campers created structures from the squares in the foam pit, tested out the climbing wall and shot baskets in the hoops center. We had campers running to play air baseball and learning to play air hockey and even try foosball. Some brave campers climbed up the rope wall and came down the fire pole. We had a great time jumping around at Jump On In! 

The Ramblers at In the Game

Rambler Campers were so excited to go on a new trip to In The Game this week. After checking out all of the fun games in the arcade, many campers turned their attention to the attractions available. There was a three sided climbing wall where campers could race to the top. There was a virtual reality game and campers donned headsets to leave In The Game and travel to a new world. Many took part in a round or two of laser tag, making alliances and seeing who could get the most points. A camper favorite was the ropes course. Two different levels and challenging obstacles awaited campers who dared to harness up and give it a try, which nearly everyone did. Later, campers got to spend their tickets on prizes at the redemption center. We all had a blast at In The Game! 

The Pathfinders at Canobie Lake Park

The Pathfinders spent a wonderful day at Canobie Lake Park! They had a blast on many roller coasters including Untamed, Yankee Cannonball, and The Boston Tea Party! Campers also enjoyed other rides like the Turkish Twist, a Sky Ride, and a race-car track. Finally, some groups went to Castaway Island, which was the water part of Canobie. There were many fun water slides and a lazy river! 

Trailblazers & Trailbreakers


On Monday we kicked off Session 3 by meeting new campers and welcoming back our returners. The Trailbreakers quickly set off to Codman Farm for community service while the Trailblazers prepared for a day on campus. 

At the farm the Trailbreakers were tasked with preparing a new section of the garden for a crop of swiss chard. They started by clearing rocks, raking the bed, spreading compost, and spreading fertilizer. Then it was time to run the drip lines to irrigate the crop. While one team worked on irrigation another began preparing the chard plants. Finally it was time to get them in the ground! 

Meanwhile back on campus the Trailblazers set off to Music and Drama to work on the Session 3 Bus Ride Playlist and play a few song games, and then went up to Sports and Games for a game of Capture the Flag. Next up in STEM they built catapults and battled for Ice Cream League points. Then it was time for lunch, an Obstacle Course in Epic Adventures and Free Swim to round out the day. 


On Tuesday the campers set out on one of the most anticipated trips of the summer: deep sea fishing with the Gloucester Fleet. Once we boarded the boat we had about an hour’s journey out to the fishing grounds, so while we enjoyed the beautiful scenery we had a dance party on the roof deck. When we arrived at the fishing ground our helpful mates showed us the in’s and out’s of fishing and we were away! Soon Kiera pulled the first haddock on board and the fishing was on. Throughout the day several types of fish came aboard from haddock and hake, to pollock and cod (which we had to throw back due to conservation efforts). Congratulations to Ari for catching the biggest fish! When the fishing was all done we watched our mates expertly filet the fish as the seagulls swooped in for the leftovers. All and all it was an amazing day on the water! 


On Wednesday the Trailblazers and Trailbreakers were back on dry land and ready for a trip to APEX Entertainment. Once there they enjoyed time in the arcade before a pizza lunch. Then it was off to the lanes for bowling and finally the day ended with laser tag. When we returned to campus some campers elected to stay and join us for a fish tasting! That’s right, we took the fish the campers caught the day before and grilled them up so that campers could enjoy their catch and learn about sustainability! 


On Thursday the Trailbreakers headed off on their exclusive trip of the week, while the Trailblazers enjoyed another day on campus. 

Originally the Trailbreakers were supposed to head to Mt. Monadnock in New Hampshire for our annual hike. Unfortunately the excessive heat made the hike too unsafe to undertake so we set out for Breezy’s Waterslides and Picnic Grounds in Douglas,MA where the campers enjoyed a day at the lake. 

The Trailblazers started their day with a Name That Animal STEM challenge before heading off to Epic Adventures for Glow in the Dark and Capture the Flag. Then it was time for target practice at the Range before lunch and an extended Free Swim to beat the heat. 


On Friday the Trailblazers and Trailbreakers finished off their week with a trip to Urban Air Adventure Park. There they jumped on trampolines, dunked on hoops, played dodgeball, scaled rock walls, traversed the ropes course, and of course flew on the Sky Coaster. All and all it was a cool way to end the week. 

Bus Rides and Ice Cream League

This session’s Ice Cream League competition featured the return of Americone Dream, taking on Cookie Monster, Creameteers, and Strawberry Shortcake. Points started flying early in the week with bus games like That’s It and Name that TV show based off the theme music. There were also lots of points given out on our fishing trip from most fish caught, to biggest fish. Other bus ride competitions included Family Feud, I Should Have Known That Trivia and classic name that tune! Right now Strawberry Shortcake is in the lead with Americone close behind, but it’s still anyone’s game heading into week 2! 

See You Next Week

We look forward to our final week of camp-be on the look out for updates soon!

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Week 4-Color War!

Red, Green, Orange, Blue, the chants of our annual Color War were heard everywhere this week. Competitions were fun and fierce as campers earned points all through specials and all camp events.

Check out our fun week below!


Music & Drama

Music and Drama was very busy this week with campers earning points for their Color War teams. The Pioneers learned how to cheer loudly for their teams in Awesome Rainbows and played Freeze Dance under the colorful lights to earn points. The Ramblers played a Color War version of a Rock, Paper, Scissor Battle and the Pathfinders had a Stack Cup Competition. Everyone played Guess that Song this week, earning major points for their teams and bonus points for good sportsmanship!

Sports & Games

Camp wide Color War was this week, and campers enjoyed battling off in Sports and Games with their respective teams. In games such as glow in the dark pillow polo in the gym and capture the flag, campers brought their competitive sides out to win points for their team.


We (egg) dropped it like it’s hot! Each color split into their teams and built AMAZING contraptions. Two groups even got all the way to the top of a ladder and their egg still would not break!!! It was amazing! Some groups built the longest paper chains that were over a whole yard! The Trailblazers built catapults and competed to see which team was able to get a ping pong ball into 3 different cups. It was a close battle, but orange came out on top!

Arts & Crafts

Color War was so fun this week in Arts and Crafts! All groups made team colored necklaces and were extremely creative. The Pathfinders made coasters using tissue paper and mod podge. The Ramblers and Pioneers created pictures using special tissue paper that spreads when water is added to it. This creates a tie dye look. In all groups, the most creative project gave them color war points.


Our Ramblers and Pathfinders gained points for their color teams by popping balloons on the archery targets. Each team showed pride in how high their collective points were, showcasing the value of teamwork.


This week our Pioneers read A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon, A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni, and The Serious Goose by Jimmy Kimmel. Each color team was awarded points for good listening skills. They also performed in a mini Lincoln Live talent show under the Book Nook Tent!


Swim lessons this week had campers kicking across the pool using noodles and kickboards and playing games to get across the pool. Free swim remained popular as campers played basketball, played games with each other, and enjoyed swimming with their counselors. We love going to the pool every day! Campers ended Session 2 and came home with swim level cards. We cannot wait to see their progress next session! 

Epic Adventures

During Epic Adventures this week we had a blast in color war! Each day of Epic Adventures the campers were split up into their color war teams and competed for points! On Monday campers enjoyed playing a battleship game with water balloons on the sports court! On Tuesday the campers had fun playing a classic drip drip drop game. On Wednesday the campers had so much fun in a timed obstacle course in the gym! And on Thursday the campers played kiddie pool kickball with a 5ft inflatable beach ball which was such a hit! Color war week was definitely a success and we look forward to the last new session!


We were all excited to see what Ms. Jennifer had up her sleeves for Color War week and of course she did not disappoint. Campers used a springboard to jump and climb mats to practice somersaults and flips! Campers reached the top of the ropes as they climbed in competition with one another.  They even practiced doing pool noodle jousts on the balance beam between color war teams. Campers progressed to standing on the parallel bars from last week’s crawling. Ask your camper about their favorite tumbling activities from this week! 

Color War

Throughout the week, campers got the chance to cheer on their counselors who competed for Color War points each opening council this week. On Monday, counselors competed in a timed hula hoop toss. Tuesday brought counselors competing in a challenge of the brain with answering some difficult trivia questions from the game Wits and Wagers. An example is How many seats are in the biggest NFL stadium? Wednesday showed strength as counselor color teams had to undo and put on a frozen t-shirt- campers cheers so loudly! During Thursday’s competition they tried the classic Human Knot where they jumbled up their arms and needed to untwist themselves. They also competed in the less widely known but camp-classic Electric Hands, where all participants had to use just their two hands to lift the rest of their bodies off the ground. While this one was a little trickier, good communication and a great team plan led the Red team to success again!

In addition to counselor competitions, campers earned points from specials throughout the week with different projects. Each afternoon, campers came together for whole camp color war events. On Monday it was our classic Knockout Competition, an LSC favorite. Campers cheered on their color team counselors as they tried to make each basketball shot they took. It came down to Green team contestants being the last ones standing. Congrats to Trailbreaker Alex Yarov winning it for Green!

Tuesday, campers split up into age groups to compete. Pioneers and some Ramblers searched through the wood chips of the playground to find as many golden coins as they could in our seek and find competition. Then they played Squirrel and Nuts to race to bean bags and showed off their guarding skills in Guard the pin. Pathfinders and some Ramblers played a few rounds of Speedball and Nuk’em on the field and sports court.

Wednesday brought some awesome relay races. Campers dashed back and forth to fill their team’s buckets of water using sponges and broken cups. They also maneuvered like crabs and hopped like kangaroos. They also tested out potato sack races!

Thursday’s competition showed how their bodies moved through a hula hoop around their team circle as well as showed off their coordination during an over/under relay. It ended with the all important Cheer Off Competition and Tug-of-War. Campers came with spirit and enthusiasm to the field, ready to prove that their color team deserved to win. During the cheer competitions part 1, teams gave it their all. We heard takes on favorite camp cheers like Tarzan and some Trailblazer originals. In tug-of-war, campers dug deep and pulled with all their might to help their team.

On Friday, we headed to Urban Air adventures for a few last competitions such as counselor balloon jump and skycoaster drop then to do Cheer off 2.0. 

For the first time since 2019, Team Orange was crowned champions of Color War!

Trip for K-5

Pioneers, Ramblers, and Pathfinders at Urban Air Adventures

On Friday, all of the Pioneers, Ramblers, and Pathfinders excitedly loaded our buses to head out to Bellingham to explore Urban Air Adventure Park! We rented out the entire park for just our campers so it was just a Lincoln Summer Camp party! Campers had the run of the place and had every inch of fun they could. From crazy climbing walls and a ropes challenge course to a sky coaster and a ninja warrior course, campers challenged themselves and tried new (and exciting) things. Campers challenged each other and counselors to jousting bouts and trampoline dodgeball games. Some campers scampered up, down, and all around the tubes playground and bounced on the APEX trampolines. There was something for everyone at Urban Air! After a pizza lunch, we held our final competitions of Color War on the APEX trampolines and the sky coaster. It was an awesome day! 

Trailblazers & Trailbreakers


On Monday the Trailblazers started their day on campus making signs and writing cheers for their color war teams. Then it was off to Sports and Games to get the competitions started with a game of glow hockey. Next up was Epic Adventures where campers competed in Water Balloon Battleship and then target practice in archery.