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Week 2-It’s a Super Camp!

It’s a bird….it’s a plane…it’s Super Camp! 

We were excited to show off all our super powers at camp during our superhero theme. Even with some rainy weather, our spirits were up all week and we had a blast. Check out what camp was up to this week.


Epic Adventures

Epic Adventures this week kicked off with a giant game of a camp classic – kiddie pool kickball. Campers did their best to kick home runs and help encourage each other to keep running as they slide down the soapy tarps into our water pool bases. We then had our first inflatables day of the summer. Campers love jumping and giving ice cream orders in our Ice Cream House Moon Bounce, conquering their fears pushing themselves down our big slides, and zooming fast down the tropical water slide. We can’t wait to have new inflatables next week!

Arts & Crafts

Arts and Crafts was SUPER this week! We tie dyed our shirts for Color War next week! The Pioneers also made superhero cuffs for their own super powers. The Ramblers and Pathfinders created pop art pictures using words or portraits. All three groups also created superhero comics to finish out the week!

Sports & Games

During our super week of camp at sports and games we started off the Pioneers with a super power tag, as each camper attempted to steal their powerful capes. Ramblers dodged, dipped, ducked, dove, and…. dodged through kryptonite ball and flew through capture the infinity stones! Pathfinders practiced their teamwork skills during handball and ran their way to victory also playing capture the infinity stones and kryptonite ball!


This week campers made their own Captain America shields, complete with handles and designs! The Pioneers planted sunflower seeds and learned about plants, growing, and the germination process. The Ramblers made shields out of cardboard, duct tape, plastic wrap, and some other materials, and spent a lot of time thinking about the best way to create them. Pathfinders A built shields as well, and Pathfinders B began exploring baking soda and vinegar reactions by creating their own volcanoes. At the end of the week, we spent a day inside finishing our shields and building shapes out of straws to take home!


Many campers’ archery skills are improving with each day of practice. We had some real future Hawkeyes this week! Their (Green) Arrows were hitting bullseyes left and right. We also tried to balance water cups. Even when we weren’t successful, that cold cup of water felt great on a hot day!


We had some wonderful stories! We read about learning our superpowers in the book “What’s My Superpower?” by Aviaq Johnston and played superhero freeze tag! We also learned about the “Alphabet Mystery” book by Audrey Wood that helped campers think about how to crack the coded message from this week’s mystery. We also made some silly Mad Libs together.

Music & Drama

This week in Music and Drama flew by and was super awesome! The Pioneers made superhero paper bag puppets and created backgrounds for their hero’s to live and work in. Ramblers tested their own superpowers a few times with a superhero themed Mirror Game and even defeated their counselors in Hero Skits. The Pathfinders played Sit, Stand, and Lay Down with a twist—they just came back from a battle and had to act out what superheroes do while not on duty. At the end of the week, everyone started on their dances for our Camp Show next Wednesday and Lincoln Summer Camp has got the moves!


Ms. Jennifer encouraged all campers to be their own superhero and feel powerful as they practiced gymnastics skills. Campers worked on practicing their cartwheels and backbends on the giant donut. They showed their super speed by zooming into the parachute or driving hyper speed when the parachute turned into the Millenium Falcon. Campers battled it out with pool noodles in duels as they worked on their balancing skills on the beam. Ask your camper about their favorite tumbling activities from this week!

Costume Contest

It wasn’t a bird, it wasn’t a plane, it was super campers filling our camp on Thursday with some incredible superhero costumes! From well known superheroes like Wonder Woman and Spider-Man to unique and creative super heroes like Super Camper, Duct Tape Man, and Coral Woman, our costume contest this week did not disappoint. It was a close competition, and in the end it came down to Max’s Super Camper vs. Nicholas’s Duct Tape Man vs. William’s Poison Dino Man. It came down to the wire, but William the Poison Dino Man was crowned our winner! We can’t wait to see our campers decked out in their color war team colors all week next week!


Campers made progress working on their strokes in swim lessons and practicing while having fun at free swim. Many campers are working hard to improve their swimming skills and many are persevering to pass the swim test. We love to be in the Codman Pool!

LSC Mystery #2

Campers were buzzing with excitement to figure out our mystery this week. As campers approached opening council Monday morning, they found a secret message spray-painted in the grass. Their goal was to figure out who wrote the message and crack the secret code! Many campers put their best decoding skills to the test and ended up with the correct message. They earned clues throughout the activity blocks to learn more about the suspect and the spray paint was a give away that our Arts & Crafts specialist Brianna was the culprit! Brianna’s secret code means that our campers will be earning extra gear for color war in the form of bandanas given out on Monday to kick off our Color War week! We can’t wait to see what color mystery will ensue.

Color War Preview

As we tried to hold back Hurricaine Elsa with our super powers, we kicked off our annual Color War! Campers loved competing in a series of Minute to Win It competitions, Rockin’ Bingo, and a LSC Camp Game Show. They loved getting to know their color teammates and cheering together for their counselors in mini-competitions. Counselors showed dedication to camper color teams by competing in a frozen t-shirt contest and a dizzy mummy challenge. 

Campers are pumped and ready to bring all their enthusiasm to Color War next week!



This week the Trailbreakers began their travels with a trip to Urban Air Adventure Park. There they jumped on trampolines, battled on the balance beams, completed ninja warrior courses, and climbed rock walls. The most adventurous campers took rides on the indoor Skyrider which sent them flying across the ceiling of the park. They also enjoyed a delicious pizza lunch before heading back to camp to play Bombardment for all important Ice Cream League Points.


On Wednesday the Trailbreakers set out on an adventure that our camp has never tried before, real rock climbing. With our experienced guides from Vertical World Adventures, campers learned how to navigate chimneys, flat face, and weeping rocks and how to belay each other. With 5 different climbs set, campers faced challenge after challenge as they made their way up the College Rock. They all showed amazing teamwork as they supported each other literally, and figuratively, through each challenge. 


On Thursday it was back to the air for our Trailbreakers with a trip to Tree Top Adventures. Campers harnessed and made their way to some of the most difficult courses Tree Top had to offer. Along the way they challenged each other to tackle harder and harder elements and were always willing to offer advice on how to complete an element to someone going after them. Be sure to ask your camper what their favorite course was! 


On Friday the Trailbreakers were supposed to be hitting the lake for a day of kayaking but mother nature had other plans, so it was off to camper favorite Dave and Busters for an all out day of fun and games. Campers showed their knack for games with many earning literally 1,000’s of tickets and taking home some fantastic prizes. They also had an amazing lunch with burgers, fries, pizza bites, chicken tenders, and mac n’ cheese. With their unlimited video game card, campers got to keep playing until the day was done! 

Ice Cream League

This week was the final week of Trailbreakers Session 1 and time to see who would be crowned the first Ice Cream League champion in 2 years. The teams battled it out in games of Wits and Wagers, Over and Under, Name 5, Family Feud, Name that Tune, Name that Movie, and the Last Word. Additional points were earned for teams for acts of kindness and voluntarily cleaning up the campsite. It was a tight competition early in the week but by week’s end the Twinkies pulled solidly into first place. Congratulations to Paul, Teddy, Austin, and Hallie on their win. We hope they enjoyed their ice cream! 

A look ahead

Next week starts Session 2 of Trailbreakers and is the last week of Session 1 for Pioneers, Ramblers, and Pathfinders. Be on the lookout for an email from us on Sunday with everything you need to know about next week. Our K-6 campers are in store for a thrilling week of Color War.

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Getting Ready for Week 2 of Session 1!

Hello Camp Families!

We hope you had a great long weekend and your camper is ready for another awesome week at Lincoln Summer Camp! 

This Week In Focus:

This week we will begin preparations for Color War! During Arts and Crafts, campers will tie-dye a shirt in their team color. We ask you to please send in a white t-shirt with your camper’s name written on the tag on Tuesday. We also ask (if you can) that you send the shirt in, in a gallon-sized zip-lock bag with your camper’s name and group name on it.

Wednesday and Friday are Pizza Days! Pizza is on sale for $2 for one slice and $3 for two slices. Please make sure your camper knows where their pizza money is if they want to order! Please note Trailbreakers are not on campus for Pizza Day.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Lincoln Summer Camp filling with Super Heroes! This Thursday is Super Hero Dress Up Day! Campers can choose a favorite Super Hero or create one of their own! We can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with for this dress up day! 

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Remember to wear sunscreen and bug spray daily. Campers should come with both already applied and have more in their bags to reapply throughout the day. We will spend almost 100% of our time outdoors so this is crucial! 
  • Please make sure that you pack multiple masks/face coverings for your camper daily. While most of our days will be spent outdoors where masks/face coverings are not required, if the weather necessitates a move indoors, masks are required for all campers. 
  • All campers must come to camp prepared to swim and for water games daily! This means either wearing or packing a bathing suit and towel. 
  • Campers need to carry their own personal belongings throughout the day. Please keep this in mind when selecting and packing their bag. 
  • There is time for a morning snack and lunch at camp. These are not provided. Please pack your child with nonperishable items; we eat a picnic style lunch. 
  • Campers should arrive at camp with a full water bottle that can be easily refilled throughout the day.
  • On colder, rainy days please send your camper in with a sweatshirt or jacket in case they are getting too cold. 
  • Complete the COVID Self-Screening each day before leaving for camp. It can be found on page 13 of the parent handbook

See you tomorrow,

Sarah, Erin, and Joe

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Week 1-Camp Starts Under the Sea!

We were so happy to be back for Summer 2021 at Lincoln Summer Camp! Staff had a great time catching up with old faces and meeting new ones. It felt incredible to be back in the swing of things. Here’s what we were up to throughout our water-themed week.


Music & Drama

Music and Drama went under the sea this week and did some team building activities. The Pioneers went on a pirate themed scavenger hunt early in the week and even learned a dance to the song “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid. The Ramblers this week worked on their improv skills with a One Word Story game set at the beach and had many sea themed dance parties. Finally, the Pathfinders had a blast playing Captain Want a Corner and Pass the Clap (one group did it in 3 seconds!!). All the groups got right back into the camp spirit singing and learning cheers too.

Sports & Games

To start the summer off with Sports and Games, the Pioneers channeled their inner sea monster by playing octopus tag and an ocean animal themed relay race! The Ramblers tried to sink each other’s ships with cannonball bowling and chased around playing shark-fish-crab tag. The Pathfinders visited treasure island as they tried to capture all the different colored gems and every group had a chance to play the classic sharks and minnows!


This week in STEM, we dove right in to camp activities! All the groups began with chalk drawings of a sea creature they designed, and we got really creative. The Pioneers made slime later in the week, and then had a scavenger hunt for some missing candy on Friday. The Ramblers designed boats and then had a float test, where they got to see if their boats floated in the water! Some Ramblers groups also made slime. Finally, the Pathfinders designed and tested their boats, and then planted sunflower seeds on Friday as the start of our growing project.

Arts & Crafts

Arts and Crafts started off with a splash during our under the sea themed week! The Pioneers and Ramblers created a crayon and watercolor under the sea painting. The Pathfinders chose a sea animal and created a picture using watercolor and sharpie to look like stain glass. To finish out the week, the Ramblers and Pioneers created an underwater spy scene with a gallon bag and sharpies and also created sea animals out of pipe cleaners.


As you can SEA, our campers are amazing archers already! WAVES of campers are already hitting bullseyes! The campers are really enjoying archery and they can’t wait for more!


Pioneers got to enjoy story time in the Book Nook tent this week. We read What Are Your Words? to learn about ways we can describe ourselves with adjectives and pronouns. Next, we read Detective LaRue: Letters from the Investigation to become better detectives ourselves. We ended the week by reading The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor to learn about animals in the deep blue ocean! These stellar starfish really enjoyed the first week of camp!


With the heat this week, we were all feeling grateful for the Codman Pool! Between swim lessons and free swim, we got to spend lots of time jumping in, splashing around, and swimming until we had to leave. Check out some of the pool fun we had!

Epic Adventures

This week at Epic Adventures campers had an exciting start to the summer swooshing down a giant slip n’ slide! Campers enjoyed sliding down one at a time to see if they could make it to the bottom. Some campers tested out the inflatable snow tubes to sled down fast. Campers cooled off from the heat by having water competitions with water balloons and water blasters. It really helped us cool down to have an epic battle with the counselors!!


We are happy to say that Ms. Jennifer, gymnastic teacher extraordinaire, is back at Lincoln Summer Camp this year! She sees all Pioneers and Ramblers groups twice each week out under our Arena tent. This week, campers showed off their skills by dipping their feet off the balance beam as they walked across and using mats to practice cartwheels. They “swam” through parachutes and dove in the somersault mats. Ask your camper about their favorite tumbling activities from this week!

LSC Mystery #1

As you may have heard, we had a bit of a mystery on our hands this week. After surviving a very hot first day of camp, we wanted to surprise campers with some freeze pops, but when we went to hand them out, they had been stolen! Luckily for us, the thief left behind some clues to figure out their identity. After earning clues during their activity blocks, all campers suspected Tim, our Archery and Story specialist, of taking the freeze pops. As it turns out, we have a camp full of detectives because this morning Tim confessed! As a reward, campers received the freeze pops they were promised earlier in the week and Tim got a bucket of water on his head. 

Costume Contest

There were creatures galore filling the camp ocean this week. From mermaids to jellyfish and yellow submarines to lobsters, choosing finalists for our weekly costume contest was a real challenge. In the end, it came down to oyster Charlotte versus pirate ship Nicholas. With our traditional loudest cheers win, oyster Charlotte came out on top. We can’t wait to see what the campers creativity shows next week for Superhero Dress-up Week next Thursday!



On Monday Trailbreakers began with their community service project trip to Codman Farm where they helped harvest snap peas and currants, and removed buds from flowers to encourage more growth. It was hot, hard work, but it gave them great appreciation for the effort that goes into putting fresh food on the table. After the hike back to camp, they cooled down in the pool with some free swim time and enjoyed careening down our epicly giant slip n’ slide! They ended the day with a rousing game of Castle Ball for all important Ice Cream League points!


Trailbreakers started off their week of trips at Paradise Golf. They enjoyed friendly competitions on the mini-golf course and exploring all the different attractions. There was even one hole that had campers shooting into a river that carried their ball into a secret tube that landed them inches from the cup! Lunch on the pirate ship with ice cream was a great relief from the heat. 


Before we left for our trip today, we had Knockout Basketball competition for Ice Cream League points. Team Oreo put on a strong showing which helped them climb up the standings. Then we ventured to show-off our creativity by traveling to the Painting Place. At the Painting Place campers got to create real ceramic plates, dishes, and bowls, that, once fired in the kiln, are both microwave and dishwasher safe (we will be picking these up next week to return to campers). With their creations finished we set out for a nearby park for lunch and had a fun time competing in a Kan-Jam competition. Again, team Oreo came on strong with a first and second place finish. Then we headed back to the Painting Place for an ice cold slushie before getting back on the bus.


On Thursday we set out on our first high flying adventure of the year to Boundless Adventures. Once there and harnessed up, campers worked their way from yellow, to green, to blue courses, and a few campers even dared to tackle the black course. A big congratulations to Paul and Dany for completing the black course twice. Everyone pushed their individual limits and had a great time zipping through the air.


On Friday Trailbreakers headed north to La Vida Adventure Park at Gordon College. Once there, they hiked through wetlands to find their adventure site for the day. There they played a host of team building games that challenged them to improve their communication skills. The favorite by far was Swat Tag! Campers also worked to together to cross a rope portal and to balance a 360 degree titled spaceship. After lunch it was time to climb. Campers belayed each other as they climbed ladders and trees to cross the Slippery Log, Burma Bridge, and scale the Fallen Tree. Each camper pushed themselves out their own personal comfort zone and to the growth/challenge zone and accomplished so amazing things.

Bus Rides and Ice Cream League

Ice Cream League, our session-long competition, is back with teams Ice Cream, Oreo, Twinkies, and Rocky Mountain, all competing for the coveted pints of ice cream that await the winners. This week teams Ice Cream and Twinkies started out strong but Oreo and Rocky Mountain came back later in the week. We had some great bus ride competitions playing Wits and Wagers, Family Feud, Buzz Word, That’s It, Over Under, 20 Questions, Brain Quest, Name That Tune, and Name That Tune Movie Addition. Right now the scores are close as we head into the second week of the competition.

See You Next Week

Be on the lookout for an email from us on Tuesday with reminders for the upcoming week! We cannot wait to continue session one with the campers next week! (Remember there is no camp Monday in observance of July 4th.)

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Welcome to Lincoln Summer Camp 2021 – Session 1!

Hello Camp Families!

We at Lincoln Summer Camp are so ready and excited to welcome you back to camp this year and start the summer tomorrow! The staff has been hard at work this past week, setting up and preparing to welcome campers. Here are a few things to keep in mind as we head into session 1 of camp:

  • Remember to wear sunscreen and bug spray daily. Campers should come with both already applied and have more in their bags to reapply throughout the day. We will spend almost 100% of our time outdoors so this is crucial!
  • Complete the COVID Self-Screening each day before leaving for camp. It can be found on page 13 of the parent handbook.
  • Please make sure that you pack multiple masks/face coverings for your camper daily. While most of our days will be spent outdoors where masks/face coverings are not required, if the weather necessitates a move indoors, masks are required for all campers.
  • All campers must come to camp prepared to swim and for water games daily! This means either wearing or packing a bathing suit and towel.
  • Campers need to carry their own personal belongings throughout the day. Please keep this in mind when selecting and packing their bag.
  • There is time for a morning snack and lunch at camp. These are not provided. Please pack your child with nonperishable items; we eat a picnic style lunch.
  • Campers should arrive at camp with a full water bottle that can be easily refilled throughout the day.

This Week In Focus:

Tuesday is Bring a Joke to camp day. Does your child have a favorite joke to tell? Write it down, or know it by heart, and bring it with you to camp to share!

Wednesday and Friday are Pizza Days! Pizza is on sale for $2 for one slice and $3 for two slices. Please make sure your camper knows where their pizza money is if they want to order! Please note Trailbreakers are not on campus for Pizza Day.

This Thursday is Under the Sea Dress Up Day! Campers can choose a deep sea ocean creature, a mermaid, surfer, or anything else related to the water – the world is your oyster! We can’t wait to see the ocean come to life at camp on Thursday!

Make sure you check the blog frequently throughout the summer for updates, special events, and all the fun we are having at camp! You can follow the blog by entering your email on the sidebar and clicking “follow”  – it is a great way to stay informed!

We also invite you to follow Parks and Recreation on Facebook and Instagram. Just click on the links in the sidebar —->

Additional information about camp can be found in the Parent Handbook and on the Frequently Asked Questions page. We encourage you to review these resources and feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

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Trailbreakers Schedule Arrives

Hello Camp Families,

We are pleased to announce that our schedule for Trailbreakers Camp has arrived!

For more information about each trip head over to our program page at

If you have any questions about any of the trips please do not hesitate to reach out to Director Joe Colombo at Each trip has been carefully planned and arranged to maximize fun and safety this year.

K-6 Camp Slots are Filling

We have so much fun planned for our day camp and spots are filling up! Want to hear what we have in store? Check out the video below featuring our Directors, Sarah, Erin, and Joe!

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Registration for K-5 Camp Opens Today

Registration open for Medtec China 2020 - Med-Tech Innovation | Latest news  for the medical device industry

Hello Lincoln Summer Camp Families,

We are so excited that registration for summer 2021 is now underway. We can’t wait to welcome our campers back this summer!

Lincoln Parks and Recreation has switched to a new more user friendly registration platform so when you register for camp you will have to create a new account even if you are a returning family. You can find the link to the registration site here.

For a full description of what this summer will look like visit our homepage, individual program pages, and our frequently asked question page. Of course you can always email us with any questions or if you would like to know more about an aspect of this summer’s program.

We also want you all to know we have not forgotten about our 6-9 campers! The state released some new guidance this past week and we are awaiting further guidelines on field trips. We have some great things planned and a draft of what we anticipate the program looking like that will be out in April. We appreciate your patience!

Looking forward to summer,

Erin Dotson, Sarah Costa, and Joe Colombo

Lincoln Summer Camp Directors

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A New Name

Back in 2015 Lincoln Summer Camp went under a revitalization. What was formally known as Lincoln Summer Day Camp, became Lincoln Summer Camp. A new director was brought in and the camp headed in a new direction with new structures. It was this year that our Pioneers, Ramblers, Crusaders, and Trailblazers were introduced. In deciding on these names the the team at the time wanted to capture the adventure and discovery that happens at summer camp; from making new friends, to trying new activities, to visiting new places, summer camp embodies this spirit.

For our youngest campers they choose Pioneers – which is defined by Merriam Webster “as a person or group that originates or helps open up a new line of thought or activity or a new method.” It was the perfect name for these campers who are just starting out, who are pioneering new friendships, new preferences, and new skills in their first two years at camp.

For our second and third grade campers they choose Ramblers – Ramblers is a word of British origin that refers to walking, wondering, and enjoying the outdoors. Ramblers organizations across the pond are champions of preserving green spaces and of getting outside to explore the natural world. This name felt like a great name for our second and third graders who are ready to travel further, try new things that older kids can do, and of course aligns with our values of spending time outdoors and off screens.

For our fourth and fifth graders they selected the Crusaders. Below are the definitions from Merriam Webster.

When they selected this name, they were of course thinking of “definition b” as these older campers are ready to be the leaders of our K-5 camp, and are becoming more aware of the world around them. And while their intention was for the name to refer to “definition b” the reality is this is a multiple meaning word, and “definition a” refers to conquest perpetrated against another group because of their religion.

At Lincoln Summer Camp two of our Core Camp Philosophies are:

  • Summer camp should be a place where ALL campers feel free to express themselves and celebrate all the joys of childhood.
  • Camper safety, both physical and emotional, should always come first.

And, put simply, the name Crusaders has the potential to make some campers feel unsafe, uncomfortable, and therefore unable to express themselves fully. It is with this in mind that we are happy to announce a brand new name for our fourth and fifth graders…

The Pathfinders

Pathfinders are defined as those who are “discovering a new way.” As our fourth and fifth graders get older they are learning more about who they are as people and are becoming more firm in their preferences. It is why at this age we begin to offer some choice blocks in their schedule to help them chart their own paths. At camp we hope by continuing to expose these campers to a variety of activities and experiences they will continue their journey of self discovery and embody the spirit of Pathfinders. And when they are ready, they will move on to our Trailblazers (grades 6 & 7) and Trailbreakers (Grades 8 & 9) where they will accelerate down their paths.

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Welcome to Summer 2021

Hello LSC Families and Welcome to Summer 2021!

We are pleased to announce that planning for Summer 2021 is underway and our website now reflects our most current thinking about what camp will look like this summer.

Obviously no one knows for sure how the pandemic will play out in the coming months but we believe we have designed a model that can work under more restrictive times, and can easily be expanded if we are fortunate enough to find ourselves in less restrictive times.

Please visit us at for more information and feel free to contact us at with any questions.

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CampTivites have begun!

Hello Everyone,

This week we began CampTivites at Lincoln Summer Camp. While we are still disappointed we could not oppertate our traditional camp this summer, we have been having a blast getting to see some familiar faces, while doing some of our very favorite camp activities.

On Monday we had an Egg Drop Challenge! There were so many creative designs. A special shout out to Lucy for her parachute design that saved her egg from the high drop AND the SUPER HIGH DROP!

Today we held a Mini Color War Competition! The competition was tight as teams played sponge and broken cup relay, target toss, and of course, socially distant tug-o-war. Congratulations to Nicholas and Nicklaus of the Red team for their big win!

The Winners with the Color War Cup!

Tomorrow we have a great group of campers coming down for Kiddie Pool Kickball and we can’t wait for the fun! If you missed out on tomorrow’s game don’t worry we are playing again on August 5th!

Here’s a sneak peak at what the game looks like!

On Thursday we are holding FAMILY FEUD matches on the big screen!

Bring your family down to challenge our house team or encourage another family to sign up with you! Campers enter grades 5 and up can also sign up to come down and form teams with friends.

Be sure to check back on the blog at the end of the week to more of the fun we had! We hope to see you all this summer at a CampTivity!

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Updates and Information and Lincoln Summer Camp 2020


The world has changed, and our camp program has changed with it. We have worked with updated State Requirements for Camper Health and Safety to develop a program that maximizes safety for all, while maintaining high quality, age-appropriate programming.

Camp will run in three, 2-week sessions:  
Session 1 runs July 6 – July 17 
Session 2 runs July 20 – July 31
Session 3 runs August 3 – August 14. 
Campers entering Gr 2-4 attend from 9-12 noon and campers entering Gr 5-9 attend from 12:30-3:30 pm. 

Due to the stringent requirements for social distancing and mask wearing, we are not offering programs for our campers entering Gr K – 1 this summer.

Our website explains the rest. Our Frequently Asked Questions provides a high level answer to your most common questions, while our new family handbook provides the details… we strongly encourage you to review it, so you understand what you are agreeing to when you register for camp! Tired of reading?  Let our directors talk you through the program!

Please understand that, although we have made significant modifications to reduce the risk of COVID spread through camp, there is no way to remove all risk. Please consider the risk to your camper, your household and anyone in your life who may be considered high-risk prior to making this decision.


Online registration is highly recommended, but you can download a registration form to mail in as well.

LINCOLN RESIDENT REGISTRATION will begin tomorrow morning, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17 at 9:00 am. For more information visit our Registration Information page.

LINCOLN COMMUNITY MEMBERS that do not reside in the 01773-zip code 

(METCO Families, Hanscom Families, Birches Families, Carroll school Families, Town Employees, etc.) will also begin registration tomorrow morning, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17 at 9:00 am. Please email Laurie Dumont and provide your camper name, fall 2020 Grade, and which session(s) you would like to attend.

NON-RESIDENT REGISTRATION will begin FRIDAY, JUNE 19 at 12:00 NOON. For more information visit our Registration Information page.

Because we need to ensure a minimum number of campers in attendance each week, ALL CAMP REGISTRATIONS CLOSE NEXT WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24 AT 5 PM

At that time, we will decide if we are financially able to run camp this summer!


We will do our best to assist, but aid is limited this year. Download a financial aid form and return it to us (email is fine) no later than WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24 AT 5 PM.  Final notification of the program, as well as any financial aid awards, will be made by Friday, June 26.


Anyone who had already registered for Lincoln Summer Camp will find a credit in their account for any fees you paid. You may apply these fees towards your new camp registration or any Parks and Recreation Department programs going forward, OR you may request a refund check. 

Please email Office Manager Laurie Dumont ( or call 781-259-0784 to request a refund or if you need assistance in accessing your credit.


Public health indicators at the National, State, or Local level may necessitate changes to our camp program at any point. If indicators improve and Massachusetts moves into phase 3, protocols may relax, and camp programming may be able to expand. 

If indicators decline and Massachusetts moves BACKWARDS into phase 1, or we see concerning trends at a local level, the camp may need to close entirely. In that instance, families would receive a refund for any missed days of camp. We always need to prioritize personal safety and public health. 


Your camper will be cared for and nurtured! Your camper will have the opportunity to bond with peers and staff! Your camper will get to join a vibrant camp community with all its cheers, songs, and traditions! Safety will be our top priority!

Once you have reviewed the information please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. We are happy to answer them and hope you decide to join us this summer… we miss you!