Lincoln Summer Camp

Lincoln Parks and Recreation – Lincoln, MA

C.I.T. Program Grades 9, 10, & 11

The Lincoln Summer Camp offers a Counselor-In-Training program for three, 2-week sessions for teens entering grades 9, 10 and 11. The program is designed to help CITs develop leadership skills, work in a cooperative group setting, and have fun while learning what it takes to work with children.

The program contains 3 Core Elements:

  • Working with Children

    • Each CIT will be paired with one of our Pioneers or Ramblers groups. Throughout the day they will have the hands-on experience of being a leader and role model to these children.
    • CITs will work with the group head counselor, receiving guidance and support in developing a repertoire of skills for working with children.
    • At the end of each session, CITs will be given a written evaluation with feedback to help spur their growth in the field. 
  • Explicit Instruction:

    • Our aim is to help all CITs become not only successful camp counselors, but successful employees no matter where their future leads. Each day at camp, CITs will spend at least one block in a meeting with camp directors. During these meetings CITs will:
      • Learn strategies for interacting with campers.
      • How to resolve conflicts between campers.
      • How to address problems with staff.
      • Learn tips for employment including interviewing, resume writing, etc.
      • Learn quick games, camp cheers, and other aspects of camp culture.
      • Have the opportunity to ask questions that arise throughout the camp day.
      • Practice camp decision-making.
  • Service

    • In addition to their work with campers in camp groups, CITs will take part in weekly service projects.
      • Some service projects will service our program. CITs will be tasked with helping run our weekly variety show, Lincoln Live, and other camp wide events like Color Wars.
      • Other service projects will serve our physical camp grounds. This may include projects such as organizing equipment, building benches, and painting signs just to name a few!
      • Some afternoon CITS will leave campus to service the community at large. We work with Codman Farm, the Rural Land Foundation, Lincoln Conservation Department, and St. Vincent’s Food Pantry.
    • At the end of each session, CITs will receive a certificate documenting their community service time.

When teens are entering 10th and 11th grade they are eligible to apply to join our team as a counselor (age 16+) or junior counselor (age 15). Completion of the CIT program is a great preparation for counselor positions. While this does not guarantee a position as a camp counselor at LSC, successful participants are given priority in our interviewing process. However, in the event no positions are available, teens are welcome to join us as 2nd or 3rd Year CIT’s. These CIT’s will take on even more of a leadership role on campus while strengthening their abilities in working with children. 2nd and 3rd year CIT roles are also a good choice if teens cannot commit to the full 6 weeks of work at camp.

To become a CIT, candidates must fill out the application below and you will be contacted by the camp directors to set up an interview. If selected, the program fee is $100 per session.

If selected, CITs will be required to attend the Pre-Camp Staff Training.

Find information about CIT Expectations in the handbook below.