Lincoln Summer Camp

Lincoln Parks and Recreation – Lincoln, MA

Information for Boston Resident Families

Lincoln Summer Camp is delighted that through the support of the Lincoln School M.E.T.C.O program we are able to offer free busing to and from camp for our K-5 Campers.

There are 2 options available to sign up for camp. Please read both options before deciding which one is the best option for you.

Option 1: Click here and go to our online registration platform and sign your campers up for your desired sessions at our standard rate. If you do not have an account already you can begin by creating one, and then click register, programs, and click on Lincoln Summer Camp.

Option 2: Apply for camp by filling out our financial aid form and emailing it to our office manager Laurie Dumont at by April 14th (applications will be accepted after the 14th and aid will be given based on available funds, and enrollment will be determined by space available). If you would like a paper copy of the form mailed to you, you can also email Laurie or call her at 781-259-0784. Additionally, you can return the form by mailing it to Lincoln Parks and Recreation, 16 Lincoln Rd. Lincoln, MA 01773.

Please note due to the generosity of the M.E.T.C.O Coordinating Committee the Lincoln Parks and Recreation committee has additional financial aid available to help support families coming to camp. Do not hesitate to apply!

Here is some helpful information for filling out the form:

Pioneers – Entering Grades K-1 – Session 1 7/3/23-7/14/23 $605 – Session 2 7/17/23 – 7/28/23 $670 – Session 3 7/31/23 – 8/11/23 $670

Ramblers – Entering Grades 2-3 – Session 1 7/3/23-7/14/23 $605 – Session 2 7/17/23 – 7/28/23 $670 – Session 3 7/31/23 – 8/11/23 $670

Pathfinders – Entering Grades 4-5 – Session 1 7/3/23-7/14/23 $605 – Session 2 7/17/23 – 7/28/23 $670 – Session 3 7/31/23 – 8/11/23 $670

Trailblazers – Entering Grades 6-7* – Session 1 7/3/23-7/14/23 $820 – Session 2 7/17/23 – 7/28/23 $910 – Session 3 7/31/23 – 8/11/23 $910

Trailbreakers- Entering Grades 7-8* – Session 1 7/3/23-7/14/23 $845 – Session 2 7/17/23 – 7/28/23 $940 – Session 3 7/31/23 – 8/11/23 $940

*Before applying for the middle school programs see the information below about busing. Busing home from camp is not offered everyday due to field trip return times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: You said free busing is available for K-5 campers what about middle school campers?

A: The middle school Trailblazer and Trailbreaker camp programs are primarily traveling camps with campers going on 3 or 4 trips weekly. Many of the trips get back past the K-5 dismissal time of 3:00 pm. Middle school campers who live in Boston are welcome to take the bus to camp in the morning and back to Boston in the afternoon on days we do not go on trips, or on days that the trips get back before 3:00 pm. However, they will need their own transportation back to Boston on the trip days that get back after 3:00pm. Click here to see a schedule of trips with expected return times. We would love to see more middle school campers join us this summer!

Q: This process seems different than how I signed my camper up in the past. Can you explain the change?

A: In the past, there was a separate link to sign up for the M.E.T.C.O Collaboration with Lincoln Summer Camp. This program ran for 4 out of our 6 weeks of camp and was subsidized by the M.E.T.C.O Coordinating Committee. We have discontinued this program in order to make camp available to families for all 3 sessions (6 weeks) and to give families more flexibility in the sessions they sign up for. Please note that the MCC is still providing funding to help offset costs, so all families who need assistance are encouraged to apply for financial aid.

Q: Where does my camper get the bus?

A: The bus picks campers up at the Franklin Park Zoo at 7:45 am. There, campers will be greeted by a Lincoln Summer Camp staff member who will ride the bus with them to camp. The bus will return to the Zoo at 4:00 pm.

Q: Who do I contact with questions about camp?

A: Great question! We at Lincoln Summer Camp are always here to help. If you have questions about registration email or call our Office Manager Laurie Dumont at If you have questions about the camp program or need to discuss anything that comes up at camp, contact our camp directors at or by calling 781-728-9125.

Please note that while we coordinate with the Lincoln School M.E.T.C.O. office, all questions about camp should be directed to us.