Lincoln Summer Camp

Lincoln Parks and Recreation – Lincoln, MA

Our Activities

Arts and Crafts 

A perennial camp favorite, Arts and Crafts is a bustling alley of excitement! Campers show off their creative side using a wide variety of media: from paint to glue, from t-shirts to clay, and from feathers to tiles – everything is a possibility. Campers will come home with fabulous projects that we hope will be keepsakes for years.

Cooperative Games

In Cooperative Games our Ramblers, Pathfinders, and Trailblazers will take part in a host of activities designed to get them problem solving together. How do you make it across the gym when the floor is lava? How can you get your entire team through a giant spider spiderweb? Is your team Smarter Than a 5th Grader? The fun never stops when you are completing awesome tasks with friends.


Gymnastics lessons will be enjoyed by our Pioneer, Rambler, and Pathfinder campers. Campers of all proficiency levels learn and practice different gymnastic skills like walking across a balance beam, flipping over bars, proper tumbling form and how to do cartwheels. Under careful supervision, campers challenge themselves to try new things and expand what they think they can do.

Music and Drama

Campers get the opportunity to step out of their shells and perform for each other during Music and Drama. Campers of all ages will use musical instruments and their bodies to create all kinds of rhythms, rhymes, and songs. Additionally, campers will play a variety of drama and dance games like charades, freeze dance, and shadow dancing. This low-risk environment brings out the performer in our campers!

Sports and Games  

Movement and engagement run high at our Sports and Games activity. Campers take part in a plethora of team building and challenge activities in addition to team games that help them develop a wide range of abilities. Campers learn the gross-motor and cooperative skills behind playing classic team games like soccer and kickball. Friendly competition has campers learning and practicing working together and sportsmanship that can carry over to their daily lives.


Learning about and exploring the world is the focal point of this activity. Campers perform hands-on, often messy, experiments to learn about scientific, technological, and mathematical concepts in a way that doesn’t even feel like learning! Past experiments include volcano making, density jars, raising caterpillars, and making ice cream without a machine!

Story Time 

Campers in our Pioneers program get a chance to unwind and hear wonderful tales that align with our weekly themes. In addition, pioneers will have the chance to complete an activity that matches the story. Look out for campers to share the exciting tales they hear.


Campers in our Pioneers, Ramblers, and Pathfinders groups have swim lessons at Codman Pool. Swim lessons are led by certified lifeguards following the American Red Cross swim lessons. Campers are tested at the start of the session and sorted into ability-level groups. All campers have also have a free swim block. Campers who pass the Codman Pool swim test are allowed in all areas of the pool, while others are to remain in the shallow end. Only Pioneers are allowed in the splash pool.

Our days at camp are filled with more than just our activities. Everyday also has special events.

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