Lincoln Summer Camp

Lincoln Parks and Recreation – Lincoln, MA

Trailbreakers Camp Grades 8 – 9

Trailbreakers is designed for our oldest campers who are ready to break out as they either enter their last year of middle school, or have just completed that year and are ready to break into high school.

This program, like the Trailblazer program that precedes it, typically focuses on off-campus activities that provide new experiences and challenges that continue to refresh and renew the camp experience for our older campers. However due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Trailbreakers Camp will be located on the Ballfield Rd. campus this summer. Campers will follow a daily schedule of activities ranging from the Arts to Sports and Games.

Our Trailbreakes also tpically gather with our our C.I.T’s for one block to work on a project that gives back to our community while teaching them about work ethic and job responsibility. We partner with local organizations such as Codman Farm, St Vincent’s Food Pantry, The Lincoln Rural Land Foundation, and the Conservation Department to scale our impact. We hope to keep this component of the program intact while maintaining proper social distancing protocols.

Typical Day 2020