Lincoln Summer Camp

Lincoln Parks and Recreation – Lincoln, MA

Trailbreakers – Grades 8 and 9

This year we are excited to offer a brand new pilot program: Trailbreakers.

Trailbreakers is designed for our older Trailblazers who are ready to break out as they either enter their last year of middle school, or have just completed that year and are ready to break into high school.

This program, like the Trailblazer program that precedes it, focuses on off-campus activities that provide new experiences and challenges that continue to refresh and renew the camp experience for our older campers.

The Trailbreakers will head out on 4 trips each week. The schedule is designed to maximize campers time outdoors. Our focus is providing experiences that get these young teens unplugged and more connected to each other and nature. Three of the trips each week coincide with the Trailblazers and one trip each week will be a Trailbreakers exclusive.

During the one day each week campers spend on campus they will engage in recrations as part of a choice schedule similar to that of the Trailblazer program. If your camper enjoys the arts they will be able to select time in our Art Studio and Music and Drama class. If your camper loves sports than your camper will be able to select time at Sports and Games and at our Sports Court.

The day on campus will also feature a community service project. Campers will gather with our our C.I.T’s for one block to work on a project that gives back to our camp community while teaching them about work ethic and job responsibility.

About the Pilot 

Since this is a pilot program we need to ensure we have the number of campers needed to for it to run.

Registration will open on Wednesday, February 20th. We encourage all interested families to register as soon as they can so that make sure we have enough campers for the pilot to take off.

On Friday April, 20th we will be making the decision about whether or not we have enough campers for the program to run. If we do, we will send you an email confirming your registration.

If it turns out we do not have enough campers registered to make the program viable,

  • Parents of a rising eighth grader: your camper will be transferred into our Trailblazer program and you will receive email confirmation of the switch.
  • Parents of a rising ninth grader – you will receive an email with our regrets that the pilot won’t run. We will include information about how your camper could apply to be a C.I.T if they still wish to be part of the Lincoln Summer Camp family.

We want to make this decision early out of respect to all of you, to give you plenty of time to make alternate plans if need be, but of course our hope is that this pilot will be just a popular as our Trailblazer program and that it will become a fitting capstone of the Lincoln Summer Camp experience.

 If you have any questions about the new program please reach out to Camp Director Joe Colombo at