Lincoln Summer Camp

Lincoln Parks and Recreation – Lincoln, MA

Upper Camp – Entering Grades 5-9

Upper Camp is for campers entering grades 5-9. It will run from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm daily.

Upper Camp families will be assigned a drop off time of 11:50 am to 12:10 pm or 12:10 pm to 12:30 pm.

Each 2 week session will cost $600

A Typical Day in Upper Camp

Upper Campers will start their day with a blast of music as they roll through our drop off line with windows up, and face coverings on ready for their daily health screening.  After the screening is complete campers will hop out of the car, head to a hand washing station and then join their group in a socially distant circle. While they wait for others to arrive counselors will keep them entertained with trivia contests and get to know you games. Then at 12:30 it is off to the group’s first two special choices of the day. Today campers are choosing from S.T.E.M. and Sports & Games. For campers who choose S.T.E.M they will gather around socially distant tables, slip off their face coverings and peer into the bag of supplies at their station waiting for the day’s challenge. The S.T.E.M specialists from their socially distant station will announce that today campers will build penny launching catapults using the supplies in their bag. Campers will design, build and test their creations, to see who can launch the penny the furthest and earn all important points for their Ice Cream League Team. For the campers who chose sports, today is a basketball Around the World competition. Campers will line up by a cone in a socially distant line and each be given their own basketball to dribble with while they slip off their face covering. When the game begins one camper will come out on the court and attempt to make their way “Around the World” by completing a series of shots from the baseline, to the foul line, from the 3 point line etc. If a camper misses they pause their trip and a popsicle stick with their name is dropped at where they were on their journey. Then the next camper is up. The campers keep cycling through until one completes all the shots and earns the points for their Ice Cream league team.

When the specials are over, campers will slip their face coverings back on, head to a handwashing station, and then head over to a designated group space tent for snack. Once in their spaces, campers can again slip off their masks, to enjoy their snacks and conversation. When snack is over it’s masks back on, and off to their next two special choices of Arts & Crafts or Music & Drama. For those who chose art, today is Graffiti, each camper will learn how to make Graffiti letters and will design a cool wooden name plate. They will take their places at socially distant tables under outdoor tents, take down their face coverings and get creative! For those who choose Music & Drama today they will enter Minute to Win It games. As they come into the tent and head to a station they will find materials for the day’s challenges. Who can stack the most hex nuts on top of one another using only a pencil? Who can roll a potato down a straight line? Who can make a cup tower? And all in one minute? Winning campers will earn points for Ice Cream League! After specials its face coverings on, another stop by the outdoor hand washing stations, and then it’s off to a group time space for Bus Ride games. While we won’t be taking any trips this summer, Upper Camp is famous for it’s Bus Ride games: Name That Tune, Wits and Wagers, That’s It, Joe Name It, Last Word, and so many more. This year these competitions will take place under the tents, and we know the competition for Ice Cream League points will be as fierce as always! When the games are done its sunscreen application, water bottle refills, another handwash and then it’s time for campers to head for their final fun outside. Whether it be a giant slip and slide, or getting drenched in a game of kiddie pool kickball, Epic Adventures will be all about the water games this summer! Of course social distancing will still be observed with lines, positions, and stations keeping the activities safe and fun for all. When Epic Adventure ends, campers will wash-up one last time, change, pack-up, and head to the Camp Tent for Closing Meeting. At Closing Meeting highlights from the day’s challenges will play on the big screen, so campers can see how their Ice Cream League teammates in different groups performed. As the highlight reel comes to an end, camper names will begin to be called for pick up at 3:30.    

While each day the activities will be a little different so campers have the opportunity to visit all of our specialists, we hope this gives you a good overview of what your camper will experience at Lincoln Summer Camp this summer.