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A Message from Our Directors…

The year 2020 has brought many changes in the lead up to the camp season. The world is currently in a unique situation and we at Lincoln Summer Camp are thinking about how to accommodate the present needs of the camp community. On June 16th we presented a plan to the community to run a modified, traditional camp program that adhered to the guidelines and best practices set out by the State. Unfortunately, this new model did not garner enough interest from the community for us to run it. Therefore we are switching gears again, and have created a new set of programs that we hope keep camp alive and bring people together even in this trying time. 

Each week we will hold a set of events, seen on the calendar below, that offer traditional camp programs for either individual campers or families to sign up and attend. To learn more about these weekly events click the link below. 

We truly hope that these shorter programs allow everyone to get a taste of camp and get them excited for what we hope to be a full return to camp as we know it in 2021.

We so appreciate your patience and are looking forward to seeing some of you this summer.  

Stay Well,

Sarah Costa, Joe Colombo, and Erin Dotson 

p.s. Do know if you signed up for our modified program you will be receiving a full refund. 

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